First of the month rant — July: Anthony verdict is O.J. Simpson all over again

Posted: 07/05/2011 in first of the month rant
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Casey Anthony – not guilty of first-degree murder.

Not guilty of manslaughter or child abuse, either.

Yeah, it was one complete stunner of a verdict to me on Tuesday afternoon. The most surprising verdict to me since O.J. Simpson was acquitted of murder in 1995.

The way the young woman acted after her daughter, Caylee, disappeared in June of 2008 was overly suspicious and gave every impression she was guilty of her daughter’s death.

By all accounts, Casey Anthony was the last person to see her daughter alive.

Who else would know what happened to her?

Seems like quite the injustice that she is likely a free woman come Thursday when she is sentenced on lesser charges.

But the 12 people instructed to decide her guilt or innocence weighed the facts and determined Casey Anthony was not guilty of Caylee’s murder.

The verdict created quite the uproar nationally as more people reportedly commented about it on social media sites than the recent Super Bowl.

That is quite impressive when you understand how many tweets are sent out on Twitter after every single play of the Super Bowl.

The sad thing, of course, is one precious little girl never got a chance to live her life. Somebody somewhere let her down. Somebody somewhere threw her dead body into the woods.

Simply put, somebody killed the little girl. Caylee didn’t take her own life.

What in the name of Nancy Grace is going on here?

One thing rings clear to me – the next time someone says there’s no way a person will receive a fair trial, we can point to this decision.

Obviously, Casey Anthony received a fair trial despite all the publicity and cable television outlets that convicted her in 2008.

Defense team attorney Cheney Mason scorched the media coverage after the verdict for a pattern of “media assassination,” and sharply criticized the number of lawyers who eagerly went on television over the past few years to discuss the case.

Lead defense attorney Jose Baez was beaming about how he could go home and tell his daughter that he “saved a life.”

All good and well I suppose but where is the justice for little Caylee?

Yeah, this is definitely O.J. Simpson all over again.

It was stunning when the former football star was acquitted of killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. That verdict didn’t make sense at the time and still doesn’t 16 years later.

One thing people don’t understand with these famous trials is how there are other victims strewn along the way. The focus will be on Casey Anthony getting away with murder, but few people will wonder how some of the others who became involved are faring down the line.

How about “Zanny the nanny?” A woman named Zenaida Gonzalez was dragged into it due to Casey Anthony’s fictional dreamland and is suing Anthony for defamation. Who will be wondering how she is coping in 2016?

Personally, I think of having had the pleasure of meeting Tanya Brown – the younger sister of Nicole Brown Simpson – at a California beach party in 2008. Those pesky journalistic instincts of mine picked up on something that was said and before long I was having a very intense, emotional conversation with Tanya.

The stuff she shared with me was incredible and we shared a few emotional hugs. It stands as one of the top conversations I’ve ever had with someone in my life – particularly for her being someone I had just met.

A week or so later, Tanya emailed out a story from the Orange County Register about her path in life, how she came dangerously close to killing herself in 2004. She now is a life coach who speaks out about domestic violence and helps others deal with issues (

It goes without saying that I spent some time thinking of Tanya Brown on Tuesday afternoon.

The point is life goes on for everybody involved in the Casey Anthony trial.

But it never returns for Caylee Anthony.

That’s why her mother walking free on murder charges stings so bad. It is O.J. Simpson all over again.

I’m sure Casey Anthony will soon be looking for the real killers. Yeah, right.

How did that work out for O.J?


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