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#SeaPort #WithoutTheVillage was a tremendous vacation.

But it is now over and will be forever remembered by Tweets.

I learned I could never live in cities like Seattle and Portland and that Eastern Oregon is a complete wasteland of nothingness. I found out Seaside is the best place on the Oregon Coast and that the Haystack Rock is pretty impressive in real life as well as pictures.

I learned the Seattle Mariners aren’t very good. Oh wait, I already knew that.

And I anointed Fernando Tatis Jr. as the second-best player in San Diego Padres’ history. Behind some guy called Gwynn.

There was lots of driving as I put nearly 1,800 miles on the car after putting up just 1,700 over the first seven months of the year. That is one of the perks of being talented enough to be your own entity and work from home.

Five hotels in seven nights and there is nothing like that situation to make you appreciate the bed at home.

And my pillows! Why are all the hotel pillows so soft? You pile up four on top of each other and you still sink to the bed. Had to put a blanket in a pillowcase to get sleep at one of the hotels.

And casino smoke … it is still the worst.

What a great vacation … let’s enjoy the latest version of Vacation by Tweets:

August 1


August 2

 August 3

August 4


August 5

August 6


August 7

August 8

August 9


Vacations come by seldom and speed by quickly.

What lasts for years is the famous Vacation by Tweets.

This is the seventh annual version of the tradition, which chronicles all the fun I have when I return home to the paradise of San Diego.

Should I forget what year Tim Lincecum no-hit the Padres, all I have to do is sort through past versions of Vacation by Tweets on this stellar website.

Of course, I never forget that I have witnessed two no-hitters. One by Lincecum in 2013 and one by Bud Smith in 2001.

I did see some history on the latest vacation — nicknamed #heatwave for the hot temps awaiting me — as Albert Pujols of the Angels homered twice to tie Ken Griffey Jr. for sixth place on the all-time list.

That night also meant Mike Trout and I were in the same ballpark at the same time. As far as I know, that is just the second time that happened — the other being the 2016 All-Star Game in San Diego.

As for the Padres, they went 0-3 on my visits to Petco Park. They are not very good. But we all kind of knew that before I arrived in San Diego.

Anyway, it is time to sit back and enjoy the fun as we relive the fun and hot #heatwave vacation.



Night before vacation and don’t have a name for it … but people in SoCal keep saying I am bringing a #Heatwave with me so perhaps we are on to something. 


My vacation officially named #Heatwave … going to be like traveling to Phoenix in March as opposed to summer in San Diego.

A rambunctious 2-year-old next to me on the plane. Only a matter of time before I get hit in the face with something. #heatwave

Congrats to @AlaskaAir for my flight landing 11 minutes early. #Heatwave vacation.

105 degrees & out-of-control wildfire in Alpine … #heatwave vacation living up to its name.

Great to watch well-done TV wildfire coverage. The #SanDiego media are well too familiar with covering these events. Heck, I am a two-time evacuee from my #SoCal days. Scary stuff. #heatwave vacation

Wow, reports of LOOTERS invading houses burned down by wildfire in Alpine … Who even thinks of looting homes ravaged by fire. Not good. #heatwave vacation

Wait, I’m on vacation home & @DagmarNBCSD is OFF? During a heatwave? Nooooooooo. Every July, I look forward to her terrific weather segments. No cookie cutter stuff. Great personality. Hope to catch her on TV next week. #heatwave vacation


The #Padres have allowed 20 runs tonight … I am soooooo looking forward to making it to Petco Park during the #heatwave vacation … #SaidNoOne


Had famous #MonaLisa pizza Sunday night for dinner. Another traditional highlight of a trip home. #heatwave vacation

Four Sunday deaths make the TV news … five people rescued at sea … big wildfire almost out … just another day in the Big City … #heatwave vacation


Apparently I didn’t do anything too exciting as there are no tweets to be found.


Almost got smacked in face by disc frisbee here on #heatwave vacation. Felt like the three close calls in #Boise … except this time there was an apology.


Good time at Petco Park but the wrong team won: #Dodgers 4, Padres 2 … More baseball to come … #heatwave vacation

Hey, there we go, the amazing @DagmarNBCSD doing the weather. Annual vacation must-watch segment … #heatwave vacation


Road trip tonight on the #heatwave vacation … let’s see where I end up.

Give me a bat. James Paxton has zero on those pitches. Pretty sure I could take him deep at Angel Stadium… #heatwave vacation

Feel blessed to have made it back to #SanDiego from Orange County … 90-minute period from 11 p.m-12:30 a.m. PT was crazy on the highways, feel like I just raced Daytona, Indy & 24 hours of LeMans back-to-back-to-back.


#Padres were playing the infield in … in the second inning … to protect a 1-0 lead … very odd.

Eric Hosmer is 0-for-4 to drop to .247 … and single digits in homers (nine) … lot of money being paid for that non-production.

Going to be a lot of unhappy fans leaving Petco Park tonight at this rate — because 75 percent of people here are #Cubs fans.

#Padres put their best player in the game. #BradHand

Crowd so loud you’d think #Cubs just won World Series as opposed to tying #Padres

#Padres best player doesn’t deserve a #Hand tonight

This pro-Cubs crowd is kinda of like half the #Chargers games their last few years in San Diego. Noise was deafening when #Cubs just went ahead.

Do I have to give up my #NativeSanDiego card if somebody recognized me while leaving Petco Park & said: “I know you. You’re from my neck of the woods in Boise, Idaho?” 


You kind of forget how early all the MLB games end on the West Coast … until you are back on the West Coast.


Congrats to me for missing the #WorldCup final! Sleeping in on the West Coast comes through with an extra benefit. #heatwave vacation

#Padres are another way of saying Little Leaguers

OMG … someone just said this to him: “That’s an awesome jersey.”

Congrats #Padres … worst record in NL at the All-Star break!

Peak #Cubs immaturity on the trolley … might be time for the famous “How did the 1984 NLCS go for you guys?”


Parking ranges from $22 to $50 at Sea World. Assuming one of the attractions is an #NFL game. … #heatwave vacation

OK, on my timeline of 90-percent sports people and can’t find any sports. All politics. So I know from past experiences that this means Trump was once again a dumb-dumb without even looking for a news story.


Third In-N-Out visit on one vacation … sorry, no burger pics this time.

Interview translation: Bryce Harper isn’t returning to the #Nationals

Players can take their cell phones on the field at All-Star Game?

“Keep the mic on, Matt” … “have some guts” … Geez, Joe Buck sounds like a 9-year-old attending his first game.

Joe Buck with the “I don’t think I’ve seen anybody in the last 15 years …” … #DRINK

Guess I need to search “Josh Hader” to see why people are mad at him. I just thought it was for blowing an exhibition game.

“I’ll murder your family!” Josh Hader once proudly exclaimed. Dude might be the next Charles Manson.

How can there only be one day left in the #heatwave vacation?
It was just July 6 about 36 hours or so ago.


90 degrees & high humidity here on final day of #heatwave vacation

#Heatwave vacation … over.

 JULY 19

 JULY 20

The MLB games tonight aren’t cooperating so the annual Vacation by Tweets won’t be circulated until Saturday. The management apologizes. 

It was the eighth night of my trip called #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) and everything was superb.

I made an impulse decision to stop at the Walmart in Murphy Canyon and things disintegrated quickly.

I was in the men’s department checking out sports’ hats when a cute young lady was suddenly standing next to me. Before I looked at her, she spoke and asked “Who is your team?”

I looked at her and said “probably Padres” and she nodded. I returned serve and she offered a horrible answer.

“CHARGERS,” she said proudly.

She certainly saw my face turn to a look of disgust and I’m sure my tone of voice wasn’t so friendly as I interrogated her.

She blabbered something about how Chargers are like family and you have to stick with family.

The woman knew it was time to depart and said “Have a good night.”

Really? How am I possibly going to have a good night when I just encountered someone in San Diego being perfectly fine with the team no longer being in SAN DIEGO?

Vacation ruined.

For most of my 11 days in my hometown, there were very few signs the Chargers even exist. Nobody was talking about them and it was like out of sight, out of mind.

Which is exactly what the Chargers deserve.

So now that you know the lowlight of my vacation, check out all the highlights. The best thing for you is you don’t even have to talk to me to learn how awesome my latest vacation went.

Welcome to the latest version of Vacation by Tweets:



I don’t have a name for my vacation and I will be at the airport in less than 11 hours. … this is officially a problem.



At Boise Airport… #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) is official name of vacation

#BoiseState gear already on clearance — before the first loss that empties the bandwagon. #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) picture link –

Outside the awesome San Diego airport … vacation is real … #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) picture link —

Really? The Today Show didn’t know if it was Idaho or Iowa? No problem – I didn’t even know the show still exists. #NonFactorThisCentury … The Great American Eclipse is coming: How to catch the best views

Walking through the old neighborhood … and this appears … #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) picture link —



Hey, the recently unveiled Tony Gwynn statue at Lake Poway. … #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) picture link —

Great collection of Tony Gwynn memorabilia at AleSmith Brewing … would show you but no photos/video allowed … #VacationWithNoCharge(rs)

Sources say this legend has a gig at the #BellyUp on Wed while I am in #SanDiego … talk about good fortune … #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) …



That highlight point of any vacation home has arrived … #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) … picture link —



Sure looks like I am sitting front row for free for Mets vs Padres … #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) … picture link —

Some 30-year-old guy named Dusty Coleman with ZERO MLB hits is playing shortstop for #Padres#MiserableFailures #VacationWithNoCharge(rs)

Cleaned my dad’s brick as people trampled to the exits at Petco Park … #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) … picture link —

Watching news & the weather person goes by Dagmar Midcap – @DagmarNBCSD – & she is all kinds of amazing & fabulous #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) … copy of Dagmar’s reply: Thanks but turtles make the best forecasters



Hey, Mona Lisa pizza. The absolute best in San Diego … #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) … picture link —

Traditional visit to my dad’s gravesite … #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) … picture link —

Thanks iPhone & Twitter for conspiring to post this picture upside down … no doctoring photos scandal here … #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) … picture link —

Odds are high that I’m getting exercise at Lake Murray. #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) … picture link —



What great fortune that legendary John Waite plays the BellyUp tonight. You know where to find me later tonight. #VacationWithNoCharge(rs)

The great John Waite signing the former No. 1 hit When I See You Smile at the Belly Up. #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) … picture link —



Qualcomm stadium looking lonely and rundown. Will be lonely all football season. #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) … picture link —

Apparently, CA beginning push to secede from Union. Hmm, would I need passport for future travel? Swear I didn’t vote for Trump? Or just LOL

High atop famous Cowles Mountain. If it weren’t overcast, we would see downtown San Diego. #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) … picture link —

Concluding my seventh night in San Diego & haven’t seen one “Chargers” cap or shirt. Good riddance Spanos clowns. #VacationWithNoCharge(rs)



Who allowed this inside the Mission Valley Target? Rest of the row (14 more) San Diego State. #VacationWithNoCharge … picture link —

Sources say a tire shop & Albertsons among first commits for prime corner at Eagle & Fairview. What a waste. Should build ballpark for Hawks

More In-N-Out!! #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) … picture link —

Cute girl at store asks me “Who is your team?” When I return serve, she says CHARGERS. Terrible. Vacation ruined. #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) … OH SORRY, didn’t take a picture of said cute girl

Guess some people didn’t get the message the first time: Quit writing about Lonzo’s dad. Don’t answer his calls. Don’t think about him.



Barely hanging on Qualcomm through trolley window. #VacationWithNoChargers … picture link —

Beyond RCF at Petco Park. #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) … picture link —

Starling Marte, PED user, up at the plate. #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) … picture link —

Padres win. Putting heat on the Dodgers. #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) … picture link —

Ugh. Just saw old dude wearing a CHARGERS hat. In downtown San Diego. Must have CTE. This on Night Nine of #VacationWithNoCharge(rs)

Dang, someone just came on trolley wearing a Ryan Mathews Chargers jersey. Ouch. #VacationWithNoCharge(rs)



A second Mona Lisa pizza on one vacation! Being me rules! #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) … picture link —

Remember, #Dodgers haven’t been to #WorldSeries since 1988 despite tons of big trades & billions spent. #Padres were in WS in 1998. #Facts

Gone from 70-degree paradise to 100-degree sauna. #VacationWithNoCharge(rs) is over.

The latest vacation home to San Diego was nicknamed #AllStarVacay the night before I departed and it sure became a fitting name.

San Diego was playing host to the baseball All-Star Game for the third time. I had attended the previous two but had no aspirations of being at Petco Park for the 2016 midsummer classic.

But a big sporting event in San Diego can’t go on without me inside the venue. I believe it is a rule if you are bored enough to sift through the City Charter.

Less than 48 hours before the start of the game, there was my mother on her computer buying two tickets.

One for her … one for me.

She requested I buy her a ballpark soda.

Yeah, no problem … might even twist my arm enough to get me to buy two … so yeah, thanks mom!

Being in attendance certainly became the highlight of the vacation. The American League won the game and Kansas City first baseman Eric Hosmer was the MVP. It was a terrific evening at the ballpark.

Oh yeah, can’t forget that the Padres were 0-9 against the San Francisco Giants this season before I arrived in town.

I show up to the ballpark and the fortunes reversed — the Padres beat Madison Bumgarner the first night I attended and won on a walk-off balk the next night.

There are many other highlights to share so now it’s time to get to the latest edition of vacation by tweets:



–Been so busy & never got around to naming this year’s vacation. Starts tomorrow. Let’s go with #AllStarVacay since a little game is in SD.



–Security checkpoint totally empty at #Boise airport. Sorry, not taking photos of TSA. #AllStarVacay

–Am I back on an #NFL beat? Flight delay … Will miss connection & sit in #Seattle airport for four-plus hours. Bad start to #AllStarVacay

–Wow, @AlaskaAir has rude baggage worker on tarmac at #SeaTac. Now I hang in airport for four hours due to missed connection. #AllStarVacay

–Have passed more people in #SeaTac over past hour than I have seen in #Boise all year long. Not Boise airport, but whole city. #AllStarVacay

–Not a single sighting of a #Mariners hat yet at this airport. Perhaps I’m in Tucson airport & not Tacoma. #AllStarVacay

–OK, old-school #Mariners T-shirt from Mark Langston era spotted. Or Alvin Davis if you prefer. #AllStarVacay

–Actually made it to #SanDiego … Doesn’t seem real … #AllStarVacay



–Famous Belmont Park roller coaster. #AllStarVacay

–Sunset at Famous Mission Beach #AllStarVacay



–Apparently, I’m going to All-Star FanFest for free. And, um, to the All-Star Game for the price of a ballpark soda. #AllStarVacay

–A must visit on #AllStarVacay — my dad’s grave site.

–Delicious pizza at famous Mona Lisa … #AllStarVacay



–Nutty woman yelling all kinds of stuff on trolley. Not sure what her deal is. Just yelled about sodomy with a child. #AllStarVacay

–At Fan Fest … Sure there will be some cool things to see #AllStarVacay

–Apparently I’m suiting up. Might be playing in the game. #AllStarVacay

–Hey, Jim Leyland & Tony La Russa. Should I ask for the microphone & throw out some steroid questions?

–Met another sports trophy. Not as famous as the Stanley Cup. #AllStarVacay

–Rollie Fingers & Gaylord Perry.

–Here is why #MLB teams can pay players $25 mil a year. Fans paying $40 for caps. #CanBeHadFor20BucksOnFriday

–Tim Raines … A couple baseball fans just said “Who?” #ummmmmm

–Wish I could unhear Berman saying “Let’s get ready to Trumbo.”

–Love all the replay shots where people sitting close at the #HomeRunDerby aren’t watching. One brunette seen texting multiple times. #Weak

–Pretty sure Pokemon Go is as dumb as The Macarena & as bad as the Philadelphia 76ers. And I won’t Google to see if I’m wrong. #PokemonGoAway



–On trolley. This #AllStarGame thing is really happening. For price of ballpark soda.

–Proof you can get into the #AllStarGame for the price of a ballpark soda!

–View from the outfield where Giancarlo Stanton was launching homers last night. #AllStarGame

–Joe Paterno lies! Duh. All college football & basketball coaches lie. And ADs. The hire the stakes, the greater the level of deception.

–My view at #AllStarGame#AllStarVacay

–Randy Jones still has better control than most current MLB pitchers. #AllStarVacay

–Looks like Miguel Cabrera was only person in ballpark not holding up a #StandUpForCancer sign. Not surprised. #AllStarVacay

–Fans in #SanDiego got really excited last inning because… They were doing The Wave … HELP … #AllStarVacay



–Wow, really bad error by @USATODAYsports “Cubs All-Star third baseman Kris Bryant, who grew up in San Diego …” #RealAnswerIsLasVegas

–The highlight of every trip home — first In-N-Out burger of the year. #AllStarVacay

–Oh #Deflategate is back in the news? Sooo thankful to be on vacation & not having to waste carpal tunnel energy on that junk. #AllStarVacay



–Kept streak of not watching #ESPYs alive. So proud. Swimming in pool & watching The Lion King (Go Simba) with 9-year-old niece much better.

–No longer see #Chargers gear at the #Target in Murrieta. All #Rams now.

–If you start to become good & you’re on the #Padres, you must be traded. #MiserableFailures #PomeranzGiveaway

–Who the heck is Mike Pence? … Related to Hunter Pence? Bassist for SixPence None the Richer? Someone involved in SusPenseful marble games?



–If you fall off a cliff playing silly Pokemon Go, I sure hope you are wearing a helmet. Just sayin’.

–Glad to reveal I survived 70 miles of driving chaos on I-15. One woman cut me off & returned to her lane just in time to avoid contact.

–Hard to believe I used to drive in that junk daily. Don’t ever see real traffic where I live now. What they call traffic isn’t traffic.

–Got email from @SouthwestAir about $59 one-way #SanDiego sale. Um, this is like SIX one-ways. LOL Trip Total $344.45

@MrSportsBlog Hey, Mike. We fight tooth-and-nail to have the lowest fares. But due to demand, it can’t be every seat, every time.

Except it is every seat, every time NOT for sale from #SanDiego to #Boise. Every single flight. #NotFightingForBoise

#Deflategate is over? Like really over? Not pretend over? Not Brady faking us over? Like over over OVER? Now let’s end #PokemonGO

Live at #PetcoPark … Could see my third no-hitter … Madison Bumgarner vs #Padres … Aka #MiserableFailures

–Fan sitting next to my friend asked who is #Giants pitcher. My pal said Bumgarner. Fan asked “Is he good?” Ummmm, kinda sir. Kinda.

–Read the “Fun Fact” for Christian Bethancourt. Would rank as embarrassing fact for most MLB teams. #Padres

–Not making this up — Brandon Maurer is the #Padres closer. No grand entrance necessary.

–Yangervis Solarte dives into stands to catch foul pop. Ball had nacho cheese on it when he emerged. #Padres

#Padres win … 1-9 vs #Giants this season.

–This was awesome. Great play and even better emergence from stands. #ThirdBasemanInMyNachos



–@TerryBlas If you’re sick of hearing about Pokemon Go for the past week let me tell you what hearing about sports is like for the past three decades.

Wait? This person doesn’t like sports? Ummmmm.

–They somehow still let me on the #SanDiegoState campus. #SchoolLegend

–My college geology teacher used to insist “Earthquakes don’t kill people. Buildings do.” I think he works for NRA. #ApplyNRALogicToAnything

–Back at Petco Park with the much-appreciated free tickets & preferred parking. Can #Padres beat #Giants again?

–Some guy named Schimpf owns Samardzija … SCHIMPF … Might have been found in a rec baseball league. #Padres #Giants

–Pitching isn’t working out for this Villanueva guy. Serving up BP homers. #Padres #Giants

–Buster Posey just homered in 10th & I realized I actually went to a game in #SanFrancisco tonight, not #SanDiego. #Padres #Giants

–Walk-off balk. Seen it all. #Padres beat #Giants again.

–Dang, my research displays #Dodgers won on walkoff balk just last season. Would’ve thought a longer span since it happened. #Padres #Giants



–Police killed in #BatonRouge? Night of Dallas shooting I saw dude on #CNN saying, “Why Dallas? Why not Baton Rouge?” Got your way, sir.

–Nearing the point where people in this country who want to live will never again go outside — except the folks playing #PokemonGO.

–Starting to sink in that #AllStarVacay ends tomorrow. Will miss highs of 72 & lows of 64 every day. Not ready to get back in mid-90s furnace.

–Not watching #Obama speech. More entertaining just to type in Obama in Twitter search & watch people go nutso in both directions. #FreeFun

–The #Padres have never thrown a no-hitter. Nobody anywhere wants that first guy to be Edwin Jackson. Nobody.

–Getting exercise at #LakeMurray. Gal just stopped a guy & asked if he was playing #Pokemon. She then told him where one is located. #Absurd

–Whoa! I just witnessed two people who didn’t know each other talking in SoCal. Used to go months without someone exchanging hellos. #Pokemon

–Dear Lake Murray, want to move to #Boise? The Idaho natives are threatened by Californians but they would like you.

–People at Lake Murray all have the Madison Bumgarner look going — lot of glares, no smiles or friendliness. #AllStarVacay

–OMG … Just passed a DAD & 20ish son & Dad said “Do you see that #Pokemon over there?” Both had faces in phones & we’re in sheer delight.

–3.51 miles of exercise at #LakeMurray … Matched a personal record with 0 hello exchanges. Exchanged eye contact with 1 person (20ish gal)

–Vacation ends tomorrow. Seems like it just started. Why does it have to go so quick? Then football starts & boom, year over. #AllStarVacay



–I hope I don’t accidentally find out what Kardashian/Kanye/Taylor Swift junk is about. Pretty sure I’d rather get run over by a bus Monday.

–Just saw this brouhaha about the Salt Lake soccer team & a columnist nobody outside of Utah knows. It reminds me M in #MLS stands for minor.

–Suitcase packed. #AllStarVacay nearly over. Going to be hard to leave the land of 72-high, 64-low every day for the #Boise furnace.

–@mshusa New post: “Astros hacker sentenced to 46 months in prison”

He got a much stiffer sentence than those female school teachers get for having sex with 14-year-old boys.

–Three people in front of me at TSA at SanDiego airport – repeat THREE – instead of the usual 300. This doesn’t even seem real. #AllStarVacay

–Hey, my flight isn’t going to depart on time. Knew there would be price to pay for there being only three people at TSA.

–Know I am back in #Boise. Copper Toyota LP 1A 7831G swerved to right four times in less than a mile on Chinden. Drunk, texting or #PokemonGo

So I took a vacation to Drought Land and amazing amounts of rain fell from the sky.

Well, I did joke about taking a wheelbarrow full of water past security at the Boise airport so I’m guessing that the Weather Gods somehow learned of my zany request.

Regardless, I wasn’t expecting that a vacation home to San Diego would become memorable for crazy rainy weather. On one July day, it poured so hard that it set the record for most rain in the MONTH of July in San Diego history.

Then the record was broken the following day as it rained even harder and longer. And I recognized all the thunder and lightning as I seemingly brought it with me from seeing it for five straight nights in Boise.

Oh yeah, that thunder and lightning somehow followed me back to Boise too. I like being magical but this is a bit ridiculous.

Anyway, you surely recall the drill from past years. Vacation by tweets is back for another run and you can catch all the action of #VacationInDroughtLand below.




–Vacation to #DroughtLand begins tomorrow … my biggest concern is whether there is enough water left for me to take a shower.


#VacationToDroughtLand about to commence. Hope TSA doesn’t mind me checking in a wheelbarrow full of water.

#ThatProudMoment when other passengers gawk at Coronado Bridge & I’m staring down at cemetery where father is buried #VacationInDroughtLand

–No sound on for All-Star HR Derby … That means no Berman Buffoonery … Life is good. #VacationInDroughtLand


–Always fun to visit the cemetery and see my father’s tombstone. #VacationInDroughtLand

–OK, guess the tombstone is just coming in upsides down on Twitter. It is fine in my laptop & came in fine on Facebook. #UpsideDownUpsideDown

–Was feeling pretty young on my vacation. That ended when I saw Joe Morgan with a cane. #VacationInDroughtLand

–Pretty sure several All-Stars born in the 1990s just made fun of a lot of us. #RotaryPhone #CassetteTape #GoToBankToGetMoney #VCR

–Nothing like the cool breeze of a SoCal summer night. #SanDiego is known as paradise for a reason.


–Freeway traffic, ugh. Feel like I competed in NASCAR race & none of the other drivers had Dale Earnhardt Jr’s brain. #VacationInDroughtLand


–Great time at my sister’s house last two days. Eight-year-old niece didn’t want me to leave. Smart kid. Ha! #VacationInDroughtLand


–At CreamOfTheCrop elite hoops tourney in #GardenGrove. Cousin’s son is a prospect. #VacationInDroughtLand

–Look! Pay phones! Spotted in Orange County. The MLB All-Stars born in the 1990s don’t understand them either.

–Spoke to diehard #Cardinals fan today in Orange County. She was EXTREMELY BITTER about Albert Pujols. Told her he was just a few miles away.


–The #Padres have seats that cost $94. Outside of the very rare playoff game, who would pay $94 to see #Padres play?

–Rain in #SanDiego, where people have forgotten what it looks like. Must be that wheelbarrow full I brought on plane. #VacationInDroughtLand

–What good is having free #Padres tickets if it is raining yaks & mooses? Maybe go downtown & just watch it pour? #VacationInDroughtLand

–My buddy just asked me if I “packed rain gear.” Of course not, I traveled to #DroughtLand. #SanDiegoTorrentialDownpour

–There was a better chance of me packing reindeer than “rain gear.” #VacationInDroughtLand

–Lunch at Mona Lisa, the best pizza place in #SanDiego. Always a high point.

–We will be having baseball tonight based on the view from my free seats at #PetcoPark.

— Cleaned up my dad’s brick like any good son would. #VacationInDroughtLand

— Congrats to the Colorado #Rockies for getting two runners to third base. But having them get there at the same time isn’t good.

— What I learned tonight: Relatives of Colorado #Rockies players don’t pay attention to the game. Except when relative bats. #Weak #NoManners

— Said relative — Brandon Barnes — Ks to end game. #Rockies #Padres … His daughter stepped on my foot at least a dozen times. #NoControl

— Replica of PetcoPark was Saturday giveaway. #VacationInDroughtLand


–Nephew & niece want me to join them in pool — & now it is pouring mules & donkeys for second straight day. #VacationInDroughtLand

–Pretty sure the drought is over in #SoCal. Just spent more than an hour battling monsoon-like rain. More water on freeway than at Sea World.

— Being on vacation & not seeing any TV, I don’t know what all these Donald Trump comments are about. But isn’t he a dorky doofus every week?

— Thought I went on vacation to #SanDiego … apparently I’m in #Seattle … more rain in one day than entire month of July in history of SD.


Yep, two more In-N-Out burgers. Each bite feels like heaven. Last ones until next CA vacation. #VacationInDroughtLand

–Highest-priced ticket for #Padres game tonight is $122. As a kid, you could have gone to all 81 games for a buck & had $41 left over. #Sad

–The TV woman telling us about the weather is named Dagmar Midcap … got to be a real name cuz you wouldn’t make that up as a stage name.

–Taking trolley to #PetcoPark & worst nightmare occurs: Dude twice as big as seat sits next to me. How come 90-pound women don’t go to games?

–The famous Western Metal Supply Co. Building beyond LF at #PetcoPark. #VacationInDroughtLand

–So the #Padres can’t show a replay when the opposing team homers? Is that because they themselves hit so few? #VacationInDroughtLand

–Matt Kemp homers for the #Padres … Multiple replay angles … Maybe they can show it another 42 times.

–Gerald Dempsey Posey III just got an RBI single for the #Giants. … Sounds a lot less imposing than “Buster.”

–Speaking of athletes nicknamed “Buster,” how about that time #Chargers selected brittle bust Craig “Buster” Davis in the first round?

–Remember when there was no LOUD MUSIC every minute at #Padres game? Only Danny Topaz playing the Lowrey Organ. Can we go back to organ days?

#Padres unbeaten (2-0) with me in the ballpark in 2015. Some rich person ought to bankroll me an August vacation.


–Why are the lights on at Qualcomm Stadium? Did the field flood again?

–My mom has a phone book in her house. MLB All-Stars born in 1990s: Why doesn’t she just Google to find the number?

–Look what I brought from #SanDiego — lots of rain. Sorry #Boise, blame me. Pours wherever I am last 2 1/2 weeks. #VacationInDroughtLand

The third version of vacation via tweets has hit the cyber world.

My latest return to my awesome hometown of San Diego was wonderful and here is the tweet-by-tweet blow of what kind of became known as #VacationSanDiego.

It was only my fourth time home since I moved from the paradise of Southern California to the fine city of Boise, Idaho. And, of course, there was one dorky woman who screeched “Potatoes!” when finding out where I live.

So I now kind of know what it feels like when native “Idahoans” – what a dumb term – experience it.

At heart, I will always be a San Diego guy. Time to enjoy the 2014 version of vacation via tweets. Enjoy.


–The suitcase is packed so the #SanDiego vacation is about to commence. So you may see me somewhere around #SoCal through July 21.

–Just getting off plane in #SanDiego … Did LeBron sign with anyone yet? … Nice ocean breeze too. #ahhhhhhhhh

–I’m on trolley. Two guys talking about #Padres & #Dodgers tied 1-1. Then I hear this: “I sure hope we can go to the World Series (cont)

–this year. We haven’t been since ’98.” … Yep, they are talking about the PADRES playing in the 2014 World Series. #ummmmmmmmmm


–Got into San Diego & wanted to get online at my mom’s house. She called @CoxComm for help & it was a two-plus hour nightmare. The support

–people @CoxComm couldn’t have been more inept & didn’t come close to resolving the issues or even discussing it. Just as bad was their phone

–reps as you sat on hold for 30-plus minutes & then got transferred again without help. @CoxComm needs to look up what “customer support”

–means as I am appalled at the waste of time without any meaningful effort to solve the issues. Shame on you @CoxComm

–Oh delicious chicken at #ElPolloLoco … How I have missed you. #Succulent#VacationSanDiego

–Look what was found in my mom’s garage: 1978 commemorative 7up San Diego All-Star game bottles.

–Dinner at delicious Tio Leo’s during #VacationSanDiego

–I’m on the #SanDiegoState campus & not being paid to be on it. And not here digging up dirt. Weird feeling.

–The plaque at Tony Gwynn Stadium.


–Vacation hijinks — locked out of house for 90 minutes with phone inside & no shoes on. Hard to break into my mom’s house I have learned.

–Great night on Coronado Island watching a band with my brother, my sister-in-law & her best friend since forever. #VacationSanDiego rocks.


–Can’t wait until the #WorldCupFinal is settled by penalty kicks. #SaidNoOneEver

–We shall be forever thankful to Mario Gotze for saving us from penalty-kick conclusion  via @wordpressdotcom

–If you know what #MonaLisa pizza is in #SanDiego then you know my family and I did dinner correctly (and awesomely) on Sunday night.


–I’m at famous South Mission Beach in #SanDiego. About 68 degrees in mid-July.

–Have reached the Pacific Beach boardwalk — about two miles north of where I started. #VacationSanDiego #VacationSanDiego

–This dude just caught a mackerel off PB Pier. Says he nearly reeled in a 140-pound mako shark two days ago.

–Just rode the old rickety Belmont Park roller coaster — my chiropractor will be happy to see me. #VacationSanDiego

–No trip home to #SanDiego is complete without a stop at my dad’s gravesite.

–So glad I’m on vacation and enjoying the #SanDiego summer awesomeness. Do not miss the #Boise sauna at all. #SanDiegoVacation

–One of my cousins says I shouldn’t use social media while on vacation. Can the would-be robber please turn on my air conditioner on July 21?

–Out exercising at #LakeMurray & there are copters making some type of rescue high atop #CowlesMountain. Fire crews also involved. #SanDiego


–High of 75 today in #SanDiego. Overnight low will be 69. #AwesomenessNeverEndsInMyBelovedHometown

–About to move my vacation base to Murrieta, CA for next three days. If you’re near that vicinity or LA, this is your time to meet up with me.

–So are they waiting for Huston Street to come into game to acknowledge Tony Gwynn? And if Street doesn’t come in, then … *crickets* …

#Fox swings and misses on All-Star Game telecast by failing to tribute Tony Gwynn  via @wordpressdotcom #MLB


–This is when a #SoCal vacation reaches its zenith — a visit to #InNOutBurger. Sooooooooo delicious.


–Just saw the infamous #Murrieta border patrol protest site. All of three protestors there. #NothingToSeeHere


–Qualcomm Stadium in #SanDiego, where I attended a ton of sporting events as a kid & covered games as a sportswriter.

–Here is my view from #PetcoPark for #Padres vs #Mets. Free, of course. Always good to go to ballpark in my hometown.

–I’m at Petco Park & am told by reliable #Padres source that Huston Street has been traded to #Angels.

–Just witnessed the #Padres score four runs in a single inning. The #SanDiego Padres. Of 2014. #ThisCantBeRealLife

–Maybe I will address this on my website on Saturday but I will kind of miss Huston Street not being on #Padres. Outstanding 2 1/2 seasons.

–My sister told some random gal on the trolley that I moved from San Diego to #Boise & the predictably silly response happened: “Potatoes!”

–Random trolley gal plans to move back to CA after seven years in Minnesota because it gets “too cold.” Um, pretty sure that wasn’t a secret.


–It is 73 right now in #SanDiego … The high will be 74 … Overnight low will be 68 … #MightBeTimeToMoveBack

–Dealing Huston Street another reminder that #Padres remain on road to nowhere  via @wordpressdotcom

–For those keeping track, June 18, 2010 is last time #Padres won with me inside Petco Park. So you know what’s coming. …

–OK, here is my Petco Park view on Saturday per #Padres vs #Mets. Yes, of course, free again. #StillOwnSanDiego #LOL

–People to my right — and 15 seconds later to my left — we’re shown on #PetcoPark scoreboard & I think it was the highlight of their lives.

–Some miserable people are trying to get the wave going. Over & over. Apparently baseball is boring when the #Padres score runs.

–Seth Smith homers & dude is back to trying to start wave. He also announced loudly: “I don’t even like baseball!” Really now — who knew?

–Here is the statue of Jerry Coleman at Petco Park.

#Padres defeat #Mets 6-0 — first time they’ve won with me inside #PetcoPark since June 18, 2010 when they beat the #Orioles.


–Why yes, I did attend mass at the legendary Mission San Diego de Alcala, founded in 1769 by Junipero Serra. #Vacation

–Take that as a reminder why nobody takes a #Padres no-hit attempt seriously until game reaches ninth. #SanDiegoDoesntDoNoHitters

–Hard to believe #VacationSanDiego ends tomorrow. Why does time fly so fast when you’re on vacation? #NotFairAtAll


–This can’t be real — @AlaskaAir sends email NOW that flight will depart 3 1/2 HOURS LATE. When confirming, it lists my scheduled (cont)

–flight of 2:55 still. My flight number (3483) is not listed ANYWHERE on @AlaskaAir website. Do they have nobody who updates website? (cont)

–Knowing when your flight departs is kind of important @AlaskaAir … or did Russell Wilson need the plane for himself?

–I avoided #Southwest & picked a nonstop flight on #Alaska to avoid travel issues and what do I get — travel issues! … #VacationSanDiego

–End result — I have 3 1/2 hours of extra time to spend in #SanDiego … better than an airport delay in Boston, Washington or Jacksonville.

–My view of downtown #SanDiego from Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma.

–The last of five outstanding pieces of halibut at Point Loma Seafoods. Scrumptious. #VacationSanDiego

–Have reached the airport — way early so my mom doesn’t have to drive in 5 o’clock traffic. #VacationSanDiegoNearsAnEnd

–Finally landed in #Boise — 3 hours, 43 minutes later than scheduled. #VacationSanDiegoOver

–So the robber didn’t break in & turn on my air conditioner after all — 82 degrees and like a sauna in my place. #VacationOver #BackInBoise


–It must be noted that Customer Care at has given me a $100 travel voucher due to Monday’s travel nightmare.

Welcome to the second lifetime edition of vacation via tweets.

My recent vacation to Southern California and Las Vegas was by far the most enjoyable of the three vacations I have taken since moving from the paradise known as San Diego to another solid place to live in Boise, Idaho.

Perhaps it was because it was my first vacation in 25 months, but the trip I dubbed “Vacation, All I Ever Wanted” (yes, stolen from the former hit song by The Go-Gos) was refreshing, relaxing and quite fun.

The overwhelming highlight was attending the Padres’ game (with free tickets) at Petco Park on Saturday, July 13 when San Francisco’s Tim Lincecum threw a no-hitter against San Diego. It was my second lifetime no-hitter, the other being the one Bud Smith of the St. Louis Cardinals tossed against the Padres in 2001.

Chronicling a vacation in 140 characters or less through Twitter is certainly the 21st century way to do things. So here you go – all the highlights of “Vacation, All I Ever Wanted” are below.


–“Vacation, all I ever wanted; Vacation, had to get away.” It’s sinking in: Suitcase packed — first #vacation in 25 months about to start.

–The #Boise airport is so empty we could play a football game by Southwest boarding gates. Tile changes colors every 10 yards too. Perfect.

–Ducked into restaurant/bar at #Boise airport. Sit down, look up at TV & see the plane from the #SanFrancisco flight crashing & burning. #Umm

–Two men & two women sat at table next to me. One man is telling a woman, “It’s not a bad idea to leave newspapers.” #WowMustBiteToungeHere

–I want to yell sooooooo loud — if you have ANY talent or smarts, leave the newspaper NOW. Don’t stay in dying industry. #AirportConvos

–So apparently saving rows of seats is now a thing on #Southwest Airlines flights. So why is it called general boarding then?

–Long line of people heading from back of plane toward front looking for seats, #Southwest needs to stop saving seats stuff.

–Safe landing — always a good way to end a flight. #LasVegas sun looks like a cherry tomato. Big fire in hills west of town.


–Hey #LasVegas hooker, try disguising yourself better. No other women are saying “Hey, hey” in desperate manner as I walk by. #vacation

–It is 91 degrees at 1:20 a.m. in #LasVegas. People live here too. Really. #vacation

–Good part of bus trip across desert — I’m not driving. … Bad part — about 10 different people listening to music WITHOUT headphones.

–Hearing way too much jive talk on this bus ride. Will never understand black females referring to their man as the N-word. Lot of B-word too.


–Big Moment in vacation — about to eat first In-N-Out burger in 25 months. Been way too long.

–Hey #PetcoPark long time no see. First #Padres game in 25 months. #vacation

–Based on loud crowd reaction on #Giants game-tying single, perhaps I went to #SanFrancisco by mistake & not #SanDiego#PadresAtHome

–Might grab a bat & see if they will let me take swings against #Padres Luke Gregerson. Don’t know if I will get a hit but will hit a liner.

–The #Padres’ loss to the #Giants was nowhere near as painful as squeezing on trolley afterwards. Um MTS, it’s OK to add cars on game nights.


–Just walked through open gate to check out re-done #UniversityOfSanDiego baseball stadium.

–Just got done climbing over fence to get out of USD baseball stadium. Somebody locked gate during the 3 minutes I was inside. #TimingAlert

–It is such a joy to be driving in #California — where there is no texting while driving going on. Everybody looks at the road. #Amazing

–Actual conversation at #PetcoPark: Guy1: “Dude, that guy’s wife is here.” Guy2: “Who?” Guy1: “Alexi, the guy that just scored.” #OKStalker

–This Tony Gwynn has never cussed me out like the #SanDiegoState baseball coach version. #vacation

–Amazing the thousands of people who don’t watch the game after paying crazy #PetcoPark ticket prices to get inside ballpark. #MakesZeroSense

–Wow, #Giants runner was so far out of baseline that customs at Mexican border was about to inspect him. What an awful call. #Padres

–That ol’ you never leave a baseball game early law is about to be tested. #Padres might be having position player pitch 9th if this keeps up.

–If I understand correctly, when Pablo Sandoval’s average goes up, so does his cholesterol level & weight.

–Dumb conversation of night: Guy says a kid from Rancho Bernardo HS went straight to majors & is playing 2B for #Yankees …Other guy says …

–Robinson Cano plays 2B for #Yankees … First guy says not so, this kid now does and is batting over .400 with two homers. Other dude …

–says he probably is Cano’s backup … First guy says no — kid’s mom says her son is #Yankees 2B, then he asks his wife “What’s his name?”

— I didn’t have the heart to enter convo & let them know nobody has gone directly from HS to majors since 1970s. #MoronsAtPetcoParkAlert

–OK, got the name of the kid the one guy insists supplanted Robinson Cano as #Yankees 2B immediately upon being drafted… it is Gosuke Katoh

–Katoh is playing in the Florida Gulf Coast League — the lowest affiliate of the #Yankees organization. Cano can show to ballpark Saturday.


–Hey #SanDiego is trending. Probably because I’m in town? No. Got to be the slimy mayor who won’t step down despite sexual harassment issues.

–Oh @ElPolloLoco how I have missed you. Awesome chicken on Mission Gorge Road in #SanDiego … Please come to #Boise ASAP

–Just saw guy walking down Mission Gorge Road wearing hoodie … In middle of day during summer … Kind of suspicious. #WhatWouldZimmermanDo

–Always an honor to visit my dad’s gravesite. Yep — blame him for my presence on Earth … 🙂

–Dinner at @souplantation another place that needs to get itself to #Boise … there are zero top-flight salad/soup places in #TreasureValley

–Yikes! Can we at least send Zimmerman to jail for 18 months for Buffoonery? When 911 tells you to stop & innocent kid dies you are a buffoon.

–Wow … the #Giants now call #SanDiego home. Pretty embarrassing that two-thirds of a Saturday night crowd is rooting for visitors. #PetcoPark

–Expressed my disappointment on Monday that Edinson Volquez would be pitching for #Padres tonight. He’s even more awful than I feared.

#Padres are so awful tonight that perhaps I can see my second lifetime no-hitter. Lincecum is dealing like his former self.

–Tim Lincecum has six outs to go to join Bud Smith (2001) as only pitchers to throw no-hitters with me in attendance. #Padres #Giants

–My second lifetime no-hitter … Giants 9, Padres 0 … Tim Lincecum joins Bud Smith as pitchers to throw no-hitters with me in ballpark.


–Have text from person who gave me free tickets to Lincecum no-hitter vs. #Padres saying I owe him one. So true.

–While I am ecstatic to see a no-hitter on July 13, I will also remember that George Zimmerman was acquitted on same day. RIP Trayvon Martin

–Johnny Manziel sent home from Manning camp? Hmmmm, my prediction of him becoming this decade’s Ryan Leaf gets another huge boost.

–Went to three games at #PetcoPark and #Padres were outscored 23-3 & got no-hit by Tim Lincecum. I believe I wrecked the franchise by myself.

–So I’m not at #PetcoPark & Padres have eight runs in four innings. They were outscored 23-3 the three nights I was there. #SoItWasMyFault

–Having superb time at beer tasting party at sister’s house. Just heard 7-year-old girl tell another “It’s your sister from another mister.”

–My sister throws better parties than your sister. #VacationIsAllEyeEverWanted


–My highly intelligent 6-year-old niece told me I am the best uncle ever. Day complete. #vacation

–Was stunned last week to learn Filner was mayor of #SanDiego … Now reports of him groping women & forcibly kissing them. #AndHeWontResign

–Hmmm … pizza with sister’s family & cool niece and nephew … or Home Run Derby with Chris Berman speaking … #NoContestOnWhatIWillBeDoing

–So why are there riots in Los Angeles & Oakland on the third night after the #Zimmerman verdict? That makes zero sense to me. #GoHome


–Here’s how I know I am in #SanDiego — 73, sunny & breezy in middle of day in July & I can actually go outside before 9 p.m. #Paradise

–The house I grew up in as a kid in “Allied Gardens” community of #SanDiego#vacation

–Am leaving awesome #MonaLisa — the best Italian place in #SanDiego history. Miss their awesome pizza sooooo much. #vacation

–Wow … what an all-time baseball moment … Mariano Rivera taking mound in final #AllStarGame

–NL now trying the hit the ball near Nelson Cruz strategy. #AllStarGame


–How is it that my #vacation is already on its ninth day? I simply don’t understand. Will be three-fourths over later today. Ugh. #TooMuchFun

–Can’t see Lake Hodges without thinking of Chelsea King, the HS student raped & killed in 2010 while jogging on the trails. #vacation #RIP

–So people actually watch the @ESPYS?? Yikes.


–Making way back to #LasVegas on Interstate 15. Sounds like an #InNOut burger is in my immediate future. #vacation

–Yum … second @innoutburger stop during CA #vacation … In-N-Out needs to get itself to #Boise ASAP, where it would own the burger market.

–View of pool from room at the #MonteCarlo in #LasVegas#vacation

–For the #NFL gambling folks — #Chargers are 3-point home underdogs vs #Texans in primetime opener Week 1. With new head coach. #Hmmmmmmm

–Wow … 101 degrees at 10:20 pm outside in Vegas. Can almost feel pavement burning through shoes. #AndPeopleLiveHere #vacation


–Struggling with the thought that I have to return to work in less than 48 hours. Why can’t I be on #vacation forever?

#LasVegas trying to sucker me into baseball betting. Well aware that #Rays P David Price owns the #BlueJays. But the PRICE isn’t right. #LOL

–Hey, #BoiseState hats on clearance at Lids hat store in #LasVegas … Didn’t see any BCS schools on the clearance shelves. #JustTheFactsHere

–Do these #LasVegas people who thrust the cards in your face every 20 feet on the sidewalk really work outside all day in 115-degree heat?

–About to eat #Hooters wings & I have six different baseball games on awesome TVs within 10 feet of me. #VacationIsAllEyeEverWanted

–It is thunder & lightening so hard that the satellite TVs have frozen. You can hear #LasVegas thunder from inside #Hooters#Vacation

–Wow, my sister & her family had water up to their knees at #LasVegas stoplight? As for me, I am stranded at #Hooters for now. #Vacation

–Have made it back to #LasVegas hotel without drowning. Crazy jagged lightning bolts in the sky. Unreal thunder that shakes ground.

–Time to put social media pressure on #LasVegas hotels — going home with more money than I came with due to slots at #NewYorkNewYork

–I stayed at #MonteCarlo & never once got a single winner on the slots. Yes, not even ONE. So do your gambling at #NewYorkNewYork.

–Very impressed with my restraint tonight. Turned $6 into $37.50, turned $5 into $25. Lose $5 another time, walk away.


–Sadly, I am about to check out of hotel. #Vacation2013 will end later today. Apparently, I need to take four-week vacations in the future.

–Got home to #Boise & sunglasses were nowhere to be found. Then I remembered I took them off outside @LASairport (McCarran Airport) to pose …

–for pictures outside @SouthwestAir & never saw them again. So called Lost & Found at @LASairport & described them & awesome woman on the …

–line said “I’m looking right at them.” So @LASairport is going to FedEx them to me!! Great work McCarran Airport Lost & Found!

–Clarify that I was posing for pictures with nephew & niece and not because I have an infatuation with @SouthwestAir airport entrances!

–Got to say #VacationAllEyeEverWanted was a great success. Great time in #SanDiego, saw 2nd lifetime no-hitter, saw good friends & family.

My biggest accomplishment during my just-concluded vacation in Southern California and Las Vegas is that I became an expert at using mobile Twitter and tweeting what was going on during my 12-day excursion.

So when somebody asks how my vacation was, I now don’t have to give them a complete blow-by-blow. Just e-mail them the link or direct them to my Web site and there’s the recap.

Perhaps the only thing of note not found below was learning that two of my cousin Mike’s children are now in their 30s. Yeah, Ammon is now 30 too. That was not a good feeling.

But if that’s the most stressful occurrence of a vacation, I can live with that.

Here is the tweet-by-tweet look at my 2011 vacation:

–Shaquille O’Neal retiring doesn’t make me feel good. Kind of like when Nolan Ryan retired, it is the type of news that makes you feel old.
–On positive note, looking forward to TWO WHOLE WEEKS without work. San Diego, Las Vegas & Southern California in general on my June radar.
–Time to board flight to lovely San Diego. That tells me it is now #vacation time.
–Mona Lisa has best pizza in San Diego. Been way too long since I had that scrumptious pizza. Get to see my sisters’ kids Friday! #vacation
–Sharp rally by #Mavericks in huge victory over #Heat. I’m the guy saying series pressure is on Dallas, not Miami.
–@JenelynRusso Thanks! … and thanks for setting up the good weather … 🙂
–Great weather in San Diego on Friday. Had a blast with my sister’s awesome kids. #Padres game on Saturday night agenda.
–At #Padres vs #Astros game at Petco Park. Great seats — first base in Field Level. Aaron Harang pitching.
–Speaking of #Padres Harang, same Little League that has Award named after my dad has one named after a relative of Harang. I presented the sportsmanship award named after my dad.
#Astros Carlos Lee (335) has more career HRs than anyone from Panama. #Padres scoreboard butchered last name of second-place Ben Oglivie (235). Spelled it “Oglive” #PadresNeedAFactChecker
–Sun finally dips below Western Metal Supply building at #Padres game #HeardManyFansSayDislike5:30Start
–Everybody in section laughing that #Padres just announced attendance of 28,000. Low 20s more accurate.
–Saw #Padres win a second straight home game for first time all year. Then great wings at downtown Hooters.
–Just saw redesigned San Diego Union-Tribune. Awful. I thought it was a free weekly at first. I’ve seen better-looking junior college papers.
–Amazing all the info on Twitter about #Padres. Haven’t seen TV or read a newspaper Web site in 3 days. Fans delivering all the info.
–Grossmont Center looks much different. Burger at place that USED TO BE Trophy’s was great. Thanks Barnes & Nobles for free wifi.
–San Diego Union-Tribune story on #Padres first-round picks says Karsten Whitson was No. 8 overall, chart says No. 9 #DoTheyEvenProofPages?
–Had my first In-N-Out Burger today in 2 years & felt like I had gone to heaven. Company ignored my pleas to put one in #Boise #BigJuddsRules
–Having trouble accepting that I’m about to go to sleep for 5th night of my vacation already. Miss Southern CA a bunch. In Vegas tomorrow.
–Had lunch with a top-flight SoCal sports journalist & then had peaceful drive across desert. Now in Las Vegas #VacationsGetRollingThere
–Just looked out window of 22nd floor hotel room at New York New York in Las Vegas & see I’m equal to highest point of the roller coaster.
–I’ll never understand how people live in Las Vegas. It is nearly 1 am & it is hotter than lava outside. #AndItIsntEvenLateJulyOrAugust
–Lunch buffet at Mandalay Bay is $20. Burger at “cheap” place across from it is $14 #LasVegasFoodPricesGoneWild
–Baja Fresh at Excalibur won out. Awesome chicken burrito, chips & drink for $10 #AlsoHealthier
–Heard cheering – turns out a hockey game is on casino big screen. Guess Versus does exist somewhere. #NHL
–Stray woman from Canada approached me & wanted to know why she can’t watch game. Told her cuz it is on Versus.
–Gal spent 20 minutes checking every channel in her room multiple times. She’s not happy about US TV not embracing #NHL
–Oh my! They have a Rubio’s in Monte Carlo food court. Lunch there Thursday #FoundedBySanDiegoStateGrad
–Getting harder to enjoy strolls on Las Vegas strip. These guys & gals are 20 deep on every corner trying to hand out escort girl cards & pamphlets. Um, if I wanted one, wouldn’t I already have a handful from the 20 of you at the previous block? #TakeControlOfYourTownLasVegas
–Oh, one more thing on the annoying folks snapping escort cards at every Las Vegas strip corner: These dang things are LITTERED EVERYWHERE.
BreezyInBoiseBri Eggers to @MrSportsBlog take them!  They’re free vegas trading cards! They can’t legally talk to you, but they would say, “collect them all!”
–To @BreezyInBoise Oh my!! That was hilarious! I busted out laughing! So if I get duplicates of buxom blonde, I can trade for petite Asian! #LOL
BreezyInBoiseBri Eggers to @MrSportsBlog exactly, but keep in mind Ashley with the big stars is worth TWO twin cards.  She’s bustier.
–Terrelle Pryor isn’t interested in the CFL? Too bad, I’ve always had him penned as a third-down WR in that league. #GoingWayOfEricCrouchSoon
–The Rubios in the Monte Carlo hotel is calling my name. On goes the sunscreen & out the door I go.
–Those Rubios tacos were delicious! #Boise needs one of those, along with In-N-Out & sports bars that don’t close before games end.
–About to use that second free New York New York roller coaster pass, then time to figure out where to watch #Heat vs #Mavericks
–Survived New York New York roller coaster again today. Girl behind me must have vomited cuz she needed towel when ride ended & was woozy.
–Now going to go offstrip to watch #Mavericks & #Heat. Casino smoke was gagging me badly Tuesday night. I’m from CA where it’s not allowed.
–No sound here per #Mavericks & #Heat… just music … I see Wade has returned to the court but still don’t why he left.
–Hmmmm – the tradeoff of not having to listen to Van Gundy means I will be wondering what Wade hurt for next 2 hours.
–A woman just asked me if Wade returned to game. I said yes. She tells me Wade injured his hip. #MysterySolved
–Commercial NBA playoffs – look at #Padres game & see some lefty hit a triple. Must be the new guy — Rizzo.
–Don’t tell Tony Gwynn about Taco Bell’s 12 tacos for $10.  He’s been known to devour a family’s worth of Taco Bell food.
–King With No Rings doing what he does best — coming up empty with game on line.
–If I lived in Las Vegas, I would have to make weekly visits to New York New York just to eat pizza at place across from Times Square Bar.
–Packing suitcase. Actually must leave Las Vegas. Heading back to Southern CA. First stop, sister’s house. Later tonight — Hangover 2.
–In-N-Out Burger in desert town of Barstow is insanely busy. I’m order 80 … they just called 33 & 37. #PatienceNeededForMyStomach
–Smog in SoCal brutal today. Can’t believe I used to breathe in this junk. Only clean, fresh air in #Boise
–Some rough traffic through Riverside area & San Diego. Those 3 hours were 2 hours, 57 minutes more traffic than #Boise has in six months.
–Thanks for MP3 shuffle for lively songs at key times: “Little Suzi” (Tesla), “You Wrecked Me” (Tom Petty) & “Little Goodbyes (SheDaisy).
–MP3 shuffle final song before reaching San Diego destination — “Good Girls Don’t” (The Knack). #ItHurts
–Just got done seeing Hangover II. Good movie but not as good as first one. Guess there will be divorce & 3rd movie in 2013.
–Enjoyed sleeping in. Will visit Dad’s gravesite later today, quickie lunch with #Padres radio engineer & see Padres vs #Nationals tonight.
–At Petco Park. Going to be chilly on the bay. Thanks to #Padres radio engineer Dave Marcus for lunch. Dave hangs the star. Good guy.
–#Nationals Jim Riggleman has officially gone nuts. Jayson Werth leading off, pitcher hitting 8th, Bixler batting 9th. #Padres
–Of course #Padres keep batting Chase Headley 3rd & wonder why they can’t score runs. #HeadleyWouldBatSixthInRealMLBLineup
–Amazed that so many fans didn’t take off hats for national anthem for #Padres vs #Nationals. San Diegans or transplants?
–Jacket on before first pitch for 5:35 start for #Padres & #Nationals. SD for South Dakota tonight?
–I just witnessed Anthony Rizzo’s first career homer. Kid has a nice stroke. #Padres #Nationals
–Petco Park still has 19″ TVs from its opening so nobody in seating area could tell if Ludwick HR was fair or foul. #PadresBuyBiggerTVs
–Picked great time to check out LF bleachers view: back-to-back diving catches by #Padres Chris Denorfia & Ryan Ludwick.
–Haven’t seen a fan yet with name of current #Padres player on back: Seen Winfield & Fingers from 70s, AGone & even Kouzmanoff.
–Calling on Will Venable & Kyle Phillips to pinch hit with two outs left in a one-run game means #Padres have a pathetic bench. #Nationals
–Poor Bud Black. #Padres manager had to explain to a sportswriter that you can’t argue HR replay review. As if replay lied. #DoYourHomework
–Only one more full day left per my #vacation. Looking forward to seeing sister’s kids Sunday.Will always love San Diego. Paradise on earth.
–LeBron James not a big-time player when pressure is involved. #Heat close to losing to #Dirk Nowitzki & #Mavericks
–That was me saying LeBron James isn’t a pressure player. He’s off to good start in Game 6 #Heat #Mavericks
–#Mavericks lead at halftime with Dirk being 1-for-12. Yeah, that makes sense. King James slowed down after hot start for #Heat. #NBAFinals
–Masterful substitution job by #Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle with Dirk. Dallas up nine on #Heat entering final quarter. Nowitzki well rested
–King With No Rings LeBron James 9 points first four-plus minutes; 5 points since. Now comes 4th qtr and his 2.2 average.
–Must be 4th quarter. Short bank shot by LeBron James landed closer to Key West than going into basket. #Mavericks up a dozen over #Heat.
–#Mavericks up 10 with 2:27 left. Guessing LeBron James either has already left the building or has someone starting up his car.
–King With No Rings LeBron James comes up empty just like with #Cavaliers. #Mavericks the better team. #Heat not cohesive.Dirk gets last word.
–Where did my #vacation go? Hard to believe Monday is last day in Southern CA. Flight in afternoon. Back to the mostly work grind Wednesday.
–About to head to airport. #Vacation sprinted by faster than Usain Bolt running with the wind. Why does leisure time go so fast?
–Flight delayed so I haven’t gotten rid of my airline travel jinx yet (2007 NFL season was the worst of several bad runs). Free wifi helps.
–I have to say I became good at posting through mobile twitter during #vacation. Not so good at reading & searching was huge waste of time.
–My flight was delayed because a jetway in Albuquerque. That’s Southwest Airlines for you! My flight has stop in Oakland.
–The word “broke” was missing in tweet about jetway in Albuquerque. Pilot claims he can make up some time in air.
–Interesting — pilot change … the delay is now due to “weather back east” & not Albuquerque jetway. Which is it Southwest Airlines??
–Plane left San Diego 35 minutes late. Pilot said he would make up some of that time. Instead, I got into Boise 70 minutes late. #TookLonger