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Disgraced Floyd Landis now admits he cheated after all. Raise your hands if you are surprised that Landis was doping during his cycling career.

I’m looking for miles and miles and don’t see any raised hands.

He also says cycling icon Lance Armstrong was doping too. Raise your hands if you are surprised about that.

OK – at least I see some hands raised.

The problem here is going to be credibility. More specifically – a lack of credibility on the part of Landis.

There have been numerous allegations over the years saying that Armstrong has cheated so it will not come as even a minor surprise if it is someday proven that Armstrong doped during a career that includes seven Tour de France victories.

However, citing anything a guy like Landis says as absolute proof that Armstrong cheated is absolutely stupid.

You may recall Landis insisted he didn’t cheat when test results showed he did while winning the 2006 Tour de France.

Landis fought the charges vehemently and his case eventually went to arbitration. He lost and the stripping of his Tour de France victory became official.

Yet now he’s telling us that he did indeed cheat and that he just wants to clear his conscience. Well, he had the chance to clear his conscience a few years ago and passed.

To put it simple: Floyd Landis lied.

So now we’re supposed to believe every word he says about Armstrong, his former cycling teammate. Landis said Armstrong doped along with him and taught other cyclists how to avoid testing positive for doping substances.

Landis even claims Armstrong once failed a test and paid off the president of the International Cycling Union to keep the failed test silent.

All of this could very well be true but there’s a major problem with the person revealing the claims. His name is Floyd Landis.

Like I said, I won’t be the least bit surprised if Armstrong is someday knocked off his throne with substantiated evidence that he’s a doper. But I need a person with at least a few ounces of credibility coming forward with the claims.

Floyd Landis is not that guy.

In fact, this round of allegations will be the easiest ones ever for the Armstrong camp to refute. And look at one of the comments he made after competing in the Tour of California on Thursday when asked about Landis’ charges.

“Credibility,” Armstrong said. “Floyd lost his credibility a long time ago.”

Bingo. And that’s why it is hard to take anything Landis says as the truth.

Raise your hands if you think Floyd Landis is an honorable person?

Hmmmm, looks like only Floyd himself has his hands raised.