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John Isner finally completed an 11-hour, five-minute first-round victory over three days that represents his first-ever Wimbledon victory.

His reward?

A second-round match on Friday.

Good luck.

Actually, it doesn’t matter how Isner fares in the second-round against Thiemo De Bakker. He and Nicolas Mahut have already made the 2010 version of Wimbledon a tournament to remember.

About the only thing that could top their five-set marathon – Isner won the final set, 70-68 – would be another classic title match like last year’s 30-game final set between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick.

I don’t want to jinx Isner and cause another marathon match but I did notice that De Bakker also was involved in a pretty lengthy first-round match. He defeated Santiago Giraldo 16-14 in the final set of a match featuring 74 games.

Of course, that falls far short of the record 183 games it took Isner to edge Mahut. The previous record for games played was 112. The match lasted 4 1/2 hours longer than the previous record long match of six hours, 33 minutes.

The more I think about it, Isner and De Bakker could be playing for a long time if neither one is out of gas.

Here are some of the “vital statistics” provided by

Match duration: 11 hours, five minutes
Fifth set duration: Eight hours, 11 minutes
Total number of games: 183
Fifth set number of games: 138
Total number of points: 980
Isner aces: 112
Mahut aces: 103
Combined aces: 215
Isner winners: 246
Mahut winners: 244

Here’s Wednesday’s MrSportsBlog report that chronicled the first 10 hours of the match: