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It is time to do that new tradition — the weekly links thing.

I had the preview assignment for the San Diego Chargers versus the Indianapolis Colts and I kind of think you Chargers’ fans might be in store for a happy Sunday.

No, you won’t see rookie Joey Bosa in uniform for the first time. His hamstring is too sore — that’s what happens when you put a couple million dollars in your back pocket.

Um, no, I don’t know this from first-hand experience.

But the winless Colts are pretty banged up. Quarterback Andrew Luck has an achy shoulder and I lost count trying to figure out many Indianapolis defensive backs were injured.

OK, I got the abacus out — the number is six.

Philip Rivers has always enjoyed success against the Colts and it won’t surprise me at all to see him walking off the field giddy once again with Indianapolis having allowed a league-worst 73 points.

Here is the stellar preview —


Did you know Alabama coach Nick Saban attended Kent State? It is a fact.

He is helping his alma mater’s finances by bringing them to town for Saturday’s whipping. The upcoming victory will also be Saban’s 200th as a college coach.

Also saw during the week that Saban was on campus the day of the infamous Kent State shootings in 1970. He and a buddy stopped to eat and that kept them from being in the area when the tragedy unfolded and four college kids lost their lives.

Here is that preview —


Michigan’s all-purpose star Jabrill Peppers is now a Heisman Trophy candidate. How do I know?

Because I said so (or wrote so).

When someone with a national stage writes such a thing, it is out there forever and the legend begins to grow. He won’t win the trophy but he might be the best all-round player in the nation.

Here is the Michigan versus Penn State preview —


And how about those Padres? They have won seven of their past eight games against the San Francisco Giants and have even done the unthinkable — beaten Madison Bumgarner in each of last his two starts against them.

Bumgarner will try to beat those rookie-laden Padres and a victory would be the 100th of his career. Hard to believe he has already been around that long, isn’t it?

The 2014 World Series hero has been in a bad mood lately and it probably has to do with his sinking team. The Giants have lost eight of their past 12 games and are in danger of missing the postseason in an even-numbered year (they won the World Series in 2010, 2012 and 2014).

Here is the stellar baseball preview for you —

There were no killings of college lacrosse athletes or alleged rapes of teenage girls with bruises on their faces but there were two excellent candidates for MrSportsBlog’s Weekly Sports Disgrace.

Two people who cheated themselves and their sports. Two people old enough to know better but not smart enough and/or classy enough to care.

But since one of them has a prison sentence in their future and the other one will only be a lifetime laughingstock, the dishonorable Weekly Sports Disgrace loser is basketball impostor Guerdwich Montimer, who edged out Notre Dame women’s golfer Annie Brophy, who provided false scores during an NCAA regional tournament.

The 22-year-old Montimer was posing as a 16-year-old sophomore basketball player at Periman High School in Texas – yeah, the school famous for “Friday Night Lights.”

He was becoming quite the item as a player – too good for his own good in terms of protecting his little secret. Though he was posing under the name “Jerry Joseph,” three coaches from Florida recognized him at an AAU tournament in Little Rock, Ark. They knew he had graduated from a high school in Fort Lauderdale in 2007.

He somehow was originally able to convince Periman school officials that he truly was Jerry Joseph. A year earlier, he had been admitted to a middle school after producing documents showing he was a 15-year-old from Haiti.

The investigation continued and heated up when an anonymous e-mailer told Periman administrators all the dirt on Montimer’s real identity. This time, Montimer confessed.

He was first arrested Tuesday for failing to identify himself to police officers after eventually confirming his name wasn’t Jerry Joseph. A second arrest occurred Thursday when he was hit with a felony charge of tampering with government documents.

Things really got bad for him on Friday when Montimer was arrested on a second-degree felony sexual-assault charge for having sex with a 15-year-old girl in the summer of 2009. You see, the young girl thought he was 15 when he was actually 21 at the time.

That is truly one bad week – and a sad story that someone had to become an imposter in order to feel good about his life. Now he’s really made a mess that will take a long time to correct.

Brophy didn’t do anything criminal but certainly embarrassed herself and made a mockery of an NCAA golf competition that everyone else was taking seriously.

The night before the tournament started, all the golfers agreed to a code of conduct that warned against dishonest acts. That didn’t stop Brophy from reporting that she was shooting birdies – and even an eagle – during the third round when she really was slicing and hooking balls all over the course.

Brophy said she was just “goofing around” but NCAA officials didn’t find it so funny. They disqualified her after 14 holes because of her unsportsmanlike conduct.

Brophy’s false scores were making Notre Dame a surprise contender to be one of the eight teams that advanced. That kept the teams from Florida State, Oregon and Kent State at the course in case there needed to be a playoff to see which teams advanced.

Brophy’s season ended with the disqualification – and, thankfully, her career did too since she was a senior.

So congrats to Annie Brophy for now being known for something: Dishonorable mention of MrSportsBlog’s Weekly Sports Disgrace.


MAY 1-8, 2009 – Weekly Sports Disgrace Loser – George Huguely, Virginia men’s lacrosse. Dishonorable mention –Lawrence Taylor, Hall of Fame football player. (

He’s been such a great player for so many years now that it almost doesn’t seem possible. But I’ll say it anyway — Antonio Gates is now playing the best football of his life.

Hard to make that type of statement about a five-time Pro Bowler who just became the rare tight end to top 6,000 career receiving yards. But it’s true, the 29-year-old Gates is certainly better than ever.

Gates caught eight passes for a career-best 167 yards on Sunday to help the San Diego Chargers to a 30-23 victory over the Cleveland Browns. He now has 994 yards (sixth best in the NFL) and is on pace to shatter his previous high of 1,101 yards in 2005.

The toe injury that hampered him for much of last season is a thing of the past. You might recall Gates being the ultimate gamer in the 2007 postseason when he played two playoff games with a toe injury that would have sidelined nearly every other mortal.

He eventually had surgery and needed about six months to recover. He wasn’t the same Antonio Gates when the 2008 season started and he was frustrated that he couldn’t do some of the things he had done earlier in his career.

But now the seven-year veteran is able to all the things he used to do and he made a couple great catches during his splendid outing against the Browns.

With four games left, Gates has caught 67 passes — his sixth straight 60-catch season. He needs just six yards for his second career 1,000-yard receiving season.

Gates has a great rapport with quarterback Philip Rivers and it shows. Rivers has supreme trust in Gates, which was evident on two long plays (56 and 36) in which he was double covered and Rivers threw the ball up and trusted that Gates would come down with it.

Of course, the former college basketball star at Kent State did.   

“I kind of threw it up to give him a chance,” said Rivers in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I’m sure he’s gone up on the post or grabbed a rebound off the board like that back in the day. He was as ‘on’ as I’ve ever seen him, and that’s saying a lot.”

Rivers had another good game, going 18-of-25 for 373 yards and two touchdowns — a 66-yarder to Mike Tolbert and a 31-yarder to Darren Sproles.

Running back LaDainian Tomlinson rushed for 64 yards and passed Marshall Faulk and Jim Brown to move into eighth place on the career rushing list with 12,321 yards. Tomlinson also became the fastest player to score 150 career touchdowns. He did so in his 137th game; Emmitt Smith (160 games) was the previous fastest to 150 scores.

The Chargers (9-3) have won seven consecutive games and now enter a hard stretch — at the Dallas Cowboys, home against the Cincinnati Bengals and a Christmas night road game against the Tennessee Titans. They’ve now won 15 straight December games dating back to the 2005 season.

The Browns (1-11) played great in the first quarter and showed resiliency in the second half of the fourth quarter but lost their seventh straight game. Cleveland quarterback Brady Quinn had one of his better games, passing for 271 yards and three touchdowns.

But the Browns don’t have much talent — their receivers are horrible — and it’s going to take a long time for Cleveland to turn around its fortunes.

But this game belonged to the Chargers’ tight end. The Gates are always open when Rivers looks his way — double covered or not.