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The Weekly Sports Disgrace took some time off but returns this week with a much-deserving recipient.

Since Reggie Bush feels he did such a noble thing by giving up the 2005 Heisman Trophy, it’s only fair that he gets something in return.

So the Weekly Sports Disgrace is back from hiatus since there’s no bigger disgrace in the sports world right now than the out-of-touch Bush. Cherish this honor, Reggie, but sorry – there are no cash gifts that come with it nor does it provide free lodging for your parents.

There are a bunch of USC football players competing in a season right now with no tangible end-of-the-season prize on the horizon because of Bush’s selfish actions. An NCAA report unequivocally found that Bush and his family improperly accepted cash and gifts from sports agents, meaning Bush was technically ineligible during his splendid 2005 campaign.

USC has distanced itself from Bush, which tells you what the institution thinks of its former star running back. Universities normally go to great distances to keep intact relationships with former standout players who possess millions of dollars in the bank account in hopes of getting cash donations in the future.

Even as the evidence mounts against him, Bush continues to insist he isn’t guilty of wrongdoing. It’s pretty funny the length of denial some people will go through – sound familiar, Roger Clemens? – even after their public image has been destroyed.

More humorous was Bush’s published comments about how he was “showing respect to the Heisman Trophy itself” by giving it back. If the Heisman Trophy could talk, I’m sure it would express severe gratitude over the gesture.

The real truth is Bush gave the trophy back because it was a better alternative than having the Heisman Trophy Trust strip him of the award. And when Bush, now with the New Orleans Saints, makes comments about how it was the best decision because it will now allow himself to “focus,” it reminds us of one thing:

Reggie Bush is very, very selfish in an era where selfish athletes are the norm.

Bush doesn’t seem to get it that he wouldn’t be dealing with the distraction at all if he had lived up to the Heisman standards.

The saddest thing of all is that the career of a fabulous college running back has been forever tainted. Down the line, Bush will be known for being the only person stripped of the Heisman and not for any of his great touchdown runs.

But hey, he can always point to his latest well-earned prize – Weekly Sports Disgrace.

We at MrSportsBlog can’t foresee stripping him of this title.


JUNE — Albert Haynesworth, football player. Dishonorable mention –Koman Coulibaly, World Cup soccer referee.

MAY 24-31, 2010 – LenDale White, football player. Dishonorble mention — Jim Calhoun, Connecticut basketball coach.

MAY 16-23, 2010 – Floyd Landis, cyclist.

MAY 9-15, 2010 – Guerdwich Montimer, impostor basketball player. Dishonorable mention – Annie Brophy, Notre Dame women’s golfer.

MAY 1-8, 2010 – George Huguely, Virginia men’s lacrosse. Dishonorable mention –Lawrence Taylor, Hall of Fame football player.


Let’s begin this edition of MrSportsBlog’s Weekly Sports Disgrace by welcoming disgraced cyclist Floyd Landis back to the limelight.

Then let’s thank him for disgracing himself even further this week and making it easy to name him Weekly Sports Disgrace during a seven-day period where there wasn’t any other shameful candidate.

Hey, at least Landis didn’t need to cheat to win this competition. All he had to do was be himself.

And being his sad self made him a runaway winner in a quicker fashion than he’s ever descended Palomar Mountain in North San Diego County.

For four years, Landis swore up and down that he didn’t cheat while winning the 2006 Tour de France.

He even authored a book proclaiming his innocence and swindled supporters to donate more than $1 million for his defense. A manager of his even tried to intimidate cycling legend Greg LeMond on the eve of a hearing by anonymously calling and pretending to be the uncle that had molested LeMond as a child.

So earlier this week, Landis admitted he was a doper all along – hardly a shock to anyone possessing a brain. That would have been an insulting revelation standing on its own after all his vehement denials over the years.

But he also divulged numerous claims about cycling great Lance Armstrong in terms of all the cheating Armstrong has allegedly done. Landis even offered that Armstrong paid off a high-ranking official to hide a positive drug test.

The problem is Landis could call me on Monday and tell me that the day of the week is indeed Monday and I would have to double-check or triple-check the information to make sure he’s not lying.

In other words, Landis has no credibility. There are convicted felons living in prisons with more credibility than Floyd the Flake.

Anything Floyd Landis says can’t be taken at face value. With his reputation, we’re talking ankle level at best.

Landis accusing Armstrong of cheating is the best thing that can happen to Armstrong if the seven-time Tour de France winner really ever did cheat. That’s because nobody is going to believe anything Floyd Landis – The ‘L’ in his last name stands for Liar – ever says after his attempts to deceive everybody over his own cheating.

So in a slow week for sports figures acting like morons, let’s thank Floyd Landis for being himself

He’s the loser of this edition of MrSportsBlog’s Weekly Sports Disgrace — and he didn’t even have to be a doper. He truly earned this title.


MAY 9-15, 2009 — Guerdwich Montimer, impostor basketball player. Dishonorable mention – Annie Brophy, Notre Dame women’s golfer.

MAY 1-8, 2009 – George Huguely, Virginia men’s lacrosse. Dishonorable mention –Lawrence Taylor, Hall of Fame football player.

It’s nice to see that the University of Virginia women’s lacrosse team was back on the field Sunday and advanced to the quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament with a 14-12 victory over Towson.

The game was held on the school’s Charlottesville, Va., campus and carried a lot of emotion after the recent murder of Yeardley Love two weeks ago.

According to the Associated Press story (;_ylt=AlXFlQsyv0TXahLWciNJrIw5nYcB?slug=ap-towson-virginia), Love’s mother, Sharon, and sister, Lexie, were in attendance and ventured down to the field when the game was tied late in the contest.

Yeardley Love’s spirit must have been present because the Cavaliers soon upgraded their performance to beat Towson.

One of the late goals was scored by Caity Whiteley, who was Love’s roommate and had the very unfortunate experience of finding Love’s battered and bloody body during the early-morning hours of May 3.

Even the Towson women honored Love’s memory. They wore orange wristbands with Love’s initials – “Y.L.” – written in dark blue.  

Sounds like it was a scene that everybody among the record-crowd of 2,270 will always remember. And the performance was certainly a nice tribute to the memory of Love, who was allegedly beaten to death by Virginia men’s lacrosse player George Huguely.

Huguely has been charged with first-degree murder.

There were no killings of college lacrosse athletes or alleged rapes of teenage girls with bruises on their faces but there were two excellent candidates for MrSportsBlog’s Weekly Sports Disgrace.

Two people who cheated themselves and their sports. Two people old enough to know better but not smart enough and/or classy enough to care.

But since one of them has a prison sentence in their future and the other one will only be a lifetime laughingstock, the dishonorable Weekly Sports Disgrace loser is basketball impostor Guerdwich Montimer, who edged out Notre Dame women’s golfer Annie Brophy, who provided false scores during an NCAA regional tournament.

The 22-year-old Montimer was posing as a 16-year-old sophomore basketball player at Periman High School in Texas – yeah, the school famous for “Friday Night Lights.”

He was becoming quite the item as a player – too good for his own good in terms of protecting his little secret. Though he was posing under the name “Jerry Joseph,” three coaches from Florida recognized him at an AAU tournament in Little Rock, Ark. They knew he had graduated from a high school in Fort Lauderdale in 2007.

He somehow was originally able to convince Periman school officials that he truly was Jerry Joseph. A year earlier, he had been admitted to a middle school after producing documents showing he was a 15-year-old from Haiti.

The investigation continued and heated up when an anonymous e-mailer told Periman administrators all the dirt on Montimer’s real identity. This time, Montimer confessed.

He was first arrested Tuesday for failing to identify himself to police officers after eventually confirming his name wasn’t Jerry Joseph. A second arrest occurred Thursday when he was hit with a felony charge of tampering with government documents.

Things really got bad for him on Friday when Montimer was arrested on a second-degree felony sexual-assault charge for having sex with a 15-year-old girl in the summer of 2009. You see, the young girl thought he was 15 when he was actually 21 at the time.

That is truly one bad week – and a sad story that someone had to become an imposter in order to feel good about his life. Now he’s really made a mess that will take a long time to correct.

Brophy didn’t do anything criminal but certainly embarrassed herself and made a mockery of an NCAA golf competition that everyone else was taking seriously.

The night before the tournament started, all the golfers agreed to a code of conduct that warned against dishonest acts. That didn’t stop Brophy from reporting that she was shooting birdies – and even an eagle – during the third round when she really was slicing and hooking balls all over the course.

Brophy said she was just “goofing around” but NCAA officials didn’t find it so funny. They disqualified her after 14 holes because of her unsportsmanlike conduct.

Brophy’s false scores were making Notre Dame a surprise contender to be one of the eight teams that advanced. That kept the teams from Florida State, Oregon and Kent State at the course in case there needed to be a playoff to see which teams advanced.

Brophy’s season ended with the disqualification – and, thankfully, her career did too since she was a senior.

So congrats to Annie Brophy for now being known for something: Dishonorable mention of MrSportsBlog’s Weekly Sports Disgrace.


MAY 1-8, 2009 – Weekly Sports Disgrace Loser – George Huguely, Virginia men’s lacrosse. Dishonorable mention –Lawrence Taylor, Hall of Fame football player. (

MrSportsBlog is proud to announce a new weekly venture – Weekly Sports Disgrace.

I was double-dog dared by one of my Twitter pals (yeah, that means someone I have never met or even spoken with) to do something along these lines. So every Saturday, we’ll pick on the biggest disgrace in sports for the week and throw in an honorable mention or two.

During college football season, we may have to wait until late Saturday night to announce the Weekly Sports Disgrace. You just never know when a college football coach like Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy or Florida’s stressed out Urban Meyer is going to go nuts over what some harmless college football writer or columnist asks them.

Perhaps there will even be a week when no sports figures do something disgraceful. Now that would be truly amazing.

Anyway, let’s now move on to the first edition of Weekly Sports Disgrace.

In most weeks, Pro Football Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor would be an easy winner but the former New York Giants linebacker can only rate second-best this week. Getting arrested for allegedly having sex with an underage prostitute who was badly beaten by her pimp just minutes before is scummy stuff but at least Taylor refrained from killing someone.

The first-ever Weekly Sports Disgrace loser (nobody can be called a winner in this competition) is University of Virginia men’s lacrosse player George Huguely.

Huguely allegedly beat Virginia women’s lacrosse player Yeardley Love to death in the early hours of Monday morning. The horrific details include Love being found laying face down in her bed in a pool of blood with her face badly battered and her right eye swollen shut. According to the search warrant affidavit, Huguely said he kicked in the bedroom door to Love’s room and that Love’s head hit the wall several times.

Huguely’s lawyer said the death was “an accident.” Lawyer would have been better served remaining silent. That type of severe beating doesn’t mesh with the word “accident.”

Huguely and Love were previously in a relationship and published reports display that this wasn’t the first altercation between the pair. There are also reports of Huguely once breaking into a teammate’s room in the middle of the night and beating him because he suspected the teammate had some romantic interactions with Love.

See, Taylor’s transgressions were easily topped by Huguely, who has been charged with first-degree murder. We can only hope Huguely never spends another day as a free man.

George Huguely is a major sports disgrace and a loser of the highest order.