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Weekly links … NCAA Tournament style


Reminiscing about last week’s NCAA Tournament games and I can’t help but think how fun it was to watch South Carolina defeat Duke.

Of course, it is fun anytime Duke goes home the first week of the tourney but it was especially fun because all the Duke excuse makers were out in full force.

You see, it was somehow unfair for Duke to have to play South Carolina in the state of South Carolina.

But for some reason, it never is unfair for Duke opponents to have to play the Blue Devils in the state of North Carolina. How many times has Duke had two quasi-home games in the NCAA tourney?

Yet somehow it was really unfair for Coach K and his team to have to play in a different state.

Duke couldn’t play in the home state this year because the tournament was pulled from North Carolina due to that weirdo transgender bathroom law.

Do they have guards outside the bathroom checking your gender before you are allowed in? What a dumb law.

Anyway, South Carolina and star guard Sindarius Thornwell outclassed Duke. And Frank Martin outcoached Coach K.

South Carolina became America’s Team for a night as most people around the nation enjoyed watching another Duke early exit.

Go Mercer! Go Lehigh! Go South Carolina!

Isn’t Duke an elite program? Well, elite programs should be able to win anywhere.

End of story.


Interesting tidbit I dug up: Wisconsin has won more NCAA Tournament games than anyone else over the past four years.

The Badgers are looking for their 14th NCAA win in that time span when they face Florida on Friday.

Normally, I wouldn’t care who wins a game like this. Especially since my bracket has already met the shredder (thanks, Villanova).

Oh yeah, it was Wisconsin causing my bracket to become full of red ink with its impressive victory over Villanova.

But I now realize it is time for the Badgers to go home. Not their fault but I learned that the slimy politician guy named Paul Ryan is from Wisconsin.

Ryan is the dingbat who is somehow coming up with a worse health care plan than the disaster known as Obamacare (the one time Donald Trump is right). I wouldn’t trust that Ryan clown to correctly put English muffins in the toaster. Heck, my mom calls him a jackass.

Go Gators! Make Paul Ryan have a horrible Friday night.

Here is the stellar preview —


Thursday is the night that all of those Gonzaga fans will become really sad.

The Bulldogs don’t have enough ball-handlers to deal with the “Press Virginia” defense that West Virginia is famous for. The Mountaineers have forced 724 turnovers — nobody else even has 600 — and I see them creating havoc all game long.

Gonzaga also is the team with all the pressure on it. The Bulldogs have never reached a Final Four and even coach Mark Few admitted that the Final Four thing will continue to hang over the program until it reaches one.

Well, I don’t see Nigel Williams-Goss and his teammates even reaching the Elite Eight. I see Gonzaga’s season coming to an end on Thursday.

Here is the stellar preview —





Melvin Gordon wasn’t very impressive as a rookie so naturally a lot of people wondered whether he was on his way to being a bust.

Pretty sure that topic has been squashed by the performance of the San Diego Chargers running back this season.

Gordon has already passed last season’s total for rushing yards (646) and ranks third in the NFL with 768 yards entering Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins.

Even more eye-opening is that he leads the NFL in touchdowns with 11 (nine rushing, two receiving).

Do you remember all those touchdowns Gordon scored last season? Can you recall even one?

You certainly can’t because Gordon didn’t score a single one. It was like Donald Trump built a wall and nobody with the last name of Gordon was able to gain access to the end zone.

And he kept fumbling the ball to make matters worse.

But coach Mike McCoy has gone from being a doubter to a full-fledged supporter of Gordon, who announced his budding star status with 196 rushing yards against the Tennessee Titans last Sunday.

That output ranks ninth in Chargers’ history. The great LaDainian Tomlinson holds the single-game record of 243.

Speaking of 200-yard rushing performances, Miami has an emerging star as well in Jay Ajayi, also in his second season. Ajayi has a college-like 529 rushing yards over the past three games, including becoming just the fourth player in the NFL history to rush for 200 yards in back-to-back games.

Sure made an easy preview angle for me, I can say that. Here is the stellar Dolphins-Chargers preview (and let’s say that I had no idea my work was running in the New York Times. Wow.) —


 Feels weird to type this but the Los Angeles Clippers have been the most impressive team in the NBA over the first two-plus weeks of the season.

The Clippers (7-1) were hard-pressed to win seven games in two-plus months during most of their San Diego tenure.

But coach Doc Rivers has them playing superb defense and that is translating to victories heading into Friday’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Clippers are allowing just 88.3 points per game and everybody is buying in. Chris Paul is healthy and playing solid defense. Blake Griffin is healthy and enjoying playing defense. And DeAndre Jordan, of course, is playing superb defense.

Way too early to predict whether or not the Clippers are finally going to hurdle their playoff hiccups but know this: They routed the San Antonio Spurs by 24 points in San Antonio last Saturday. You might recall the Spurs went 40-1 at home this season.

The Clippers try to avenge their lone loss of the season when they visit Oklahoma City. Here is the stellar Clippers-Thunder preview —


Michigan has a promising quarterback in sophomore Wilton Speight and it is time to share an interesting story that I have heard a few times this season.

In the spring of 2015, shortly after Jim Harbaugh took over as coach, HBO was filming a special and Harbaugh brutally ripped one of the quarterbacks.

Oh, they blocked out the kid’s face and number but that didn’t help too much in this case. You see, Speight is 6-foot-6.

Michigan only had one tall quarterback like that.

The worst line from Harbaugh was this: “If you want to look at me with that look, go (expletive) somewhere else.”

Speight thought really hard about doing that all summer long. He eventually decided against transferring.

Now fast forward to 2016 and Speight is playing tremendous football for a 9-0 squad ranked third in the nation.

Sometimes the best move a kid can make is to, well, not make a move. He stayed put and it worked out well.

You can find more detail in the stellar Michigan-Iowa preview —


Somehow it is already college basketball season and the campaign commences on Friday night.

One of the numerous tip-offs involves No. 13 Gonzaga, a program that lost stars Kyle Wiltjer and Domantas Sabonis from a 28-8 team.

But no worries, the transfer wagon paid Spokane, Wash., a visit and dropped off three pretty good players. So instead of a transition season in which the Bulldogs would roll through their weak conference but stumble against more powerful foes, Gonzaga is in terrific shape.

Former Washington standout Nigel Williams-Goss is the new point guard, former California 3-pointer bomber Jordan Mathews will be the new shooting guard and former Missouri power forward Johnathan Williams will be a fierce inside threat.

I remember being surprised Williams-Goss was leaving Washington. He was one of the top players in Pac-12 as a sophomore. Point guards on overmatched opponents such as Pepperdine, Loyola Marymount and Portland are probably already worried about guarding him.

Then the Zags have 7-foot-2 center Przemek Karnowski back. His career was supposed to be over last season but a back injury that required surgery limited him to just five games and he received a medical redshirt season.

Those four players combine with sophomore guard Josh Perkins to give Gonzaga a pretty solid lineup. The Zags won’t be taking a step back this season. Mark Few will once again have a good team.

Here is the stellar Utah Valley-Gonzaga preview —

Hooray for Blake Griffin! He punched out an equipment man half his size.

But apparently the face of Matias Testi is pretty tough. Griffin broke his right hand and will be sidelined four to six weeks.

That’s a pretty dumb maneuver by Griffin, as the Los Angeles Clippers’ star has already been sidelined since Dec. 26 due to a quadriceps injury.

Now the big deal will be learning what led up to these punches at a Toronto restaurant. Testi is said to be a friend of Griffin and all I can say to that is this: Who needs a friend that is going to punch them in the face multiple times?

That’s no friend, folks. That’s a dude with anger management issues.

Doesn’t sound like the Clippers find this incident as simple fun between friends either.

“This conduct has no place in our organization and this incident does not represent who we are as a team,” the Clippers said in a statement. “We are conducting a full investigation with assistance from the NBA. At the conclusion of the investigation, appropriate action will be taken.”

Appropriate action will be taken?

In other words, Mr. Testi, you are no longer allowed to eat with the five-time NBA All-Star. The Clippers can’t afford to have Griffin break his other hand the next time he belts you.

Since details of the argument have yet to be leaked, here are three possible scenarios unearthed by the staff at MrSportsBlog.


Blake and Matias are sitting in a restaurant booth. Blake scans the eating area and sees a hockey game on the big screen.

BLAKE: These hockey nuts — love Canadiens.

MATIAS: Oh no, Blake. We’re in Toronto. They hate the Canadiens.

BLAKE: We’re in freaking Canada, Matias. These hockey nuts are Canadiens.

MATIAS: No, Blake. They are all about the Maple Leafs here.

Blake’s head begins to rise up and you can sense the steam pouring out of his ears as he cocks his fist and smacks Matias in the face.

A stunned Matias stumbles toward the door and yells “Maple Leafs” upon exiting. Blake rushes outside and delivers another ferocious punch. Seconds later, he notices his hand hurts.


Blake and Matias are sitting in a restaurant booth. Blake sees a big ‘O’ on a woman’s sweatshirt and this reminds him of his two seasons on the Oklahoma basketball team.

BLAKE: Oh, I miss my time at Oklahoma.

MATIAS: That football school you once went to?

BLAKE: It’s not a football school. We won 30 games my sophomore season.

MATIAS: And didn’t even reach the Final Four. LOL. C’mon Blake, everybody knows Oklahoma is a football school.

Blake cringes and his shoulders rise up and a very intense feeling comes over his body. “I’ll show you football school” yells Blake as he delivers a vicious punch to the face of Matias.

The equipment guy is momentarily stunned and heads outside. Blake arrives seconds later with another shot to the face. Seconds later, he notices his hand hurts.


Blake and Matias are sitting in a restaurant booth. Matias begins bragging about being a good free thrower and how he can make eight of 10 in his driveway. This irks Griffin, a career 66 percent free-throw shooter.

BLAKE: It is a little tougher during the game than shooting in your driveway.

MATIAS: Nobody is saying you shoot being able to shoot like Stephen Curry or J.J. Redick. But you’re closer to DeAndre Jordan range.

BLAKE: I’m significantly better than DeAndre. You don’t see teams going to the “Hack-A-Blake.”

MATIAS: Bragging about being better than DeAndre is like Derek Jeter bragging he’s classier than Donald Trump.

Blake pictures the time at practice when he missed four straight free throws and the entire team had to run. He recalled Matias grabbed a basketball and immediately swished seven in a row. And said ‘This is how it’s done, Blake.’

Blake snaps and throws a roundhouse right to Matias’ face and the equipment man tumbles out of the booth to the floor. He runs outside and Griffin is right behind him yelling “I’ll show you free throws” and delivers another punch in the face. Seconds later, he notices his hand hurts.


Matias wails in pain on the pavement and feels his jaw and nose to make sure they’re not broken. Meanwhile, Blake begins shrieking. His hand is in excruciating pain and it is starting to sink in that he is injured.

BLAKE: My hand is freaking on fire. Damn, it hurts!

MATIAS: You’ve got to call a doc.

BLAKE: I’m not going to call Doc. He’ll ask how I hurt it.

MATIAS: I said call a doc, not Doc Rivers.

BLAKE: Don’t make me punch you again. OK, I’ll call Doc.

Rivers answers the phone and Griffin lets him know he hurt his hand. And the obvious question soon follows.

DOC: How did you hurt the hand?

BLAKE: Helping Matias carrying all that heavy equipment.

A few hours pass and the truth leaks out. Blake and Matias are sent back to Los Angeles – hopefully on separate planes – and the Clippers can start preparing excuses for why the 2015-16 season will end in disappointing fashion.

Years from now, Rivers will bemoan how another opportunity to make the Clippers relevant slipped past. And he’ll sum it up with just one sentence.

“We were going pretty well until Blake Griffin punched an equipment man half his size.”


So I took a vacation to Drought Land and amazing amounts of rain fell from the sky.

Well, I did joke about taking a wheelbarrow full of water past security at the Boise airport so I’m guessing that the Weather Gods somehow learned of my zany request.

Regardless, I wasn’t expecting that a vacation home to San Diego would become memorable for crazy rainy weather. On one July day, it poured so hard that it set the record for most rain in the MONTH of July in San Diego history.

Then the record was broken the following day as it rained even harder and longer. And I recognized all the thunder and lightning as I seemingly brought it with me from seeing it for five straight nights in Boise.

Oh yeah, that thunder and lightning somehow followed me back to Boise too. I like being magical but this is a bit ridiculous.

Anyway, you surely recall the drill from past years. Vacation by tweets is back for another run and you can catch all the action of #VacationInDroughtLand below.




–Vacation to #DroughtLand begins tomorrow … my biggest concern is whether there is enough water left for me to take a shower.


#VacationToDroughtLand about to commence. Hope TSA doesn’t mind me checking in a wheelbarrow full of water.

#ThatProudMoment when other passengers gawk at Coronado Bridge & I’m staring down at cemetery where father is buried #VacationInDroughtLand

–No sound on for All-Star HR Derby … That means no Berman Buffoonery … Life is good. #VacationInDroughtLand


–Always fun to visit the cemetery and see my father’s tombstone. #VacationInDroughtLand

–OK, guess the tombstone is just coming in upsides down on Twitter. It is fine in my laptop & came in fine on Facebook. #UpsideDownUpsideDown

–Was feeling pretty young on my vacation. That ended when I saw Joe Morgan with a cane. #VacationInDroughtLand

–Pretty sure several All-Stars born in the 1990s just made fun of a lot of us. #RotaryPhone #CassetteTape #GoToBankToGetMoney #VCR

–Nothing like the cool breeze of a SoCal summer night. #SanDiego is known as paradise for a reason.


–Freeway traffic, ugh. Feel like I competed in NASCAR race & none of the other drivers had Dale Earnhardt Jr’s brain. #VacationInDroughtLand


–Great time at my sister’s house last two days. Eight-year-old niece didn’t want me to leave. Smart kid. Ha! #VacationInDroughtLand


–At CreamOfTheCrop elite hoops tourney in #GardenGrove. Cousin’s son is a prospect. #VacationInDroughtLand

–Look! Pay phones! Spotted in Orange County. The MLB All-Stars born in the 1990s don’t understand them either.

–Spoke to diehard #Cardinals fan today in Orange County. She was EXTREMELY BITTER about Albert Pujols. Told her he was just a few miles away.


–The #Padres have seats that cost $94. Outside of the very rare playoff game, who would pay $94 to see #Padres play?

–Rain in #SanDiego, where people have forgotten what it looks like. Must be that wheelbarrow full I brought on plane. #VacationInDroughtLand

–What good is having free #Padres tickets if it is raining yaks & mooses? Maybe go downtown & just watch it pour? #VacationInDroughtLand

–My buddy just asked me if I “packed rain gear.” Of course not, I traveled to #DroughtLand. #SanDiegoTorrentialDownpour

–There was a better chance of me packing reindeer than “rain gear.” #VacationInDroughtLand

–Lunch at Mona Lisa, the best pizza place in #SanDiego. Always a high point.

–We will be having baseball tonight based on the view from my free seats at #PetcoPark.

— Cleaned up my dad’s brick like any good son would. #VacationInDroughtLand

— Congrats to the Colorado #Rockies for getting two runners to third base. But having them get there at the same time isn’t good.

— What I learned tonight: Relatives of Colorado #Rockies players don’t pay attention to the game. Except when relative bats. #Weak #NoManners

— Said relative — Brandon Barnes — Ks to end game. #Rockies #Padres … His daughter stepped on my foot at least a dozen times. #NoControl

— Replica of PetcoPark was Saturday giveaway. #VacationInDroughtLand


–Nephew & niece want me to join them in pool — & now it is pouring mules & donkeys for second straight day. #VacationInDroughtLand

–Pretty sure the drought is over in #SoCal. Just spent more than an hour battling monsoon-like rain. More water on freeway than at Sea World.

— Being on vacation & not seeing any TV, I don’t know what all these Donald Trump comments are about. But isn’t he a dorky doofus every week?

— Thought I went on vacation to #SanDiego … apparently I’m in #Seattle … more rain in one day than entire month of July in history of SD.


Yep, two more In-N-Out burgers. Each bite feels like heaven. Last ones until next CA vacation. #VacationInDroughtLand

–Highest-priced ticket for #Padres game tonight is $122. As a kid, you could have gone to all 81 games for a buck & had $41 left over. #Sad

–The TV woman telling us about the weather is named Dagmar Midcap … got to be a real name cuz you wouldn’t make that up as a stage name.

–Taking trolley to #PetcoPark & worst nightmare occurs: Dude twice as big as seat sits next to me. How come 90-pound women don’t go to games?

–The famous Western Metal Supply Co. Building beyond LF at #PetcoPark. #VacationInDroughtLand

–So the #Padres can’t show a replay when the opposing team homers? Is that because they themselves hit so few? #VacationInDroughtLand

–Matt Kemp homers for the #Padres … Multiple replay angles … Maybe they can show it another 42 times.

–Gerald Dempsey Posey III just got an RBI single for the #Giants. … Sounds a lot less imposing than “Buster.”

–Speaking of athletes nicknamed “Buster,” how about that time #Chargers selected brittle bust Craig “Buster” Davis in the first round?

–Remember when there was no LOUD MUSIC every minute at #Padres game? Only Danny Topaz playing the Lowrey Organ. Can we go back to organ days?

#Padres unbeaten (2-0) with me in the ballpark in 2015. Some rich person ought to bankroll me an August vacation.


–Why are the lights on at Qualcomm Stadium? Did the field flood again?

–My mom has a phone book in her house. MLB All-Stars born in 1990s: Why doesn’t she just Google to find the number?

–Look what I brought from #SanDiego — lots of rain. Sorry #Boise, blame me. Pours wherever I am last 2 1/2 weeks. #VacationInDroughtLand

Raise your hand if you are surprised that the San Diego Chargers aren’t going to end up playing football games in Chula Vista.

Gee, don’t see any hands in sight, even when using the Palomar Observatory telescope.

I’ll say again now what I said within minutes after hearing that developer Ed Roski was planning to build a football stadium in the City of Industry: The Chargers will be playing there.

Just wait until two more seasons pass and the Chargers can buy out the Qualcomm Stadium lease for $26 million and you will see those moving vans load things up as quickly as possible and begin jetting up Interstate 15.

Even people with half a brain can figure that out.

But the charade must continue because the Chargers can’t afford to be viewed as a lame-duck franchise (see Houston Oilers, 1996, as a prime example of why). So suddenly, Oceanside is again being mentioned as a possible home — this time at a site that is worse than the previous Oceanside location that was deemed insufficient a few years back.

You see, until the Chargers move two hours to the north, they have to keep up the impression that they are trying to remain in San Diego. Trust me, Dean Spanos would sincerely like to keep the Chargers in San Diego but there comes a time when it’s clear that a relocation is going to occur.

That time actually arrived in 2008 but nobody wanted to say publicly that there was no way the Chula Vista power plant situation was going to be resolved. Pro sports teams always feel they can fool their fans with spin doctoring (can’t reveal the truth if it’s going to hurt the financial bottom line) and will go to great lengths to swear their intentions are true.

But there is as much chance of Donald Trump hiring me to clean up the Miss America pageant than there is of the Chargers sticking around San Diego. Look for the City of Industry Chargers to begin play in 2011.