U.S. women’s soccer team adds champions to list of names like arrogant and crybabies

Posted: 07/07/2019 in soccer, women's sports
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The least popular United States women’s national soccer team has deservedly been called a lot of names.

Add this one: World Cup champions.

Megan Rapinoe and Rose Lavelle scored the goals as the United States posted a 2-0 win over the Netherlands on Sunday in the World Cup final in Lyon, France.

Rapinoe scored on a penalty kick in the 61st minute and Lavelle added a conventional goal eight minutes later to lead the Americans to their fourth World Cup title.

“It’s surreal,” Rapinoe said during a postgame interview on FOX. “I don’t know how to feel right now. It’s so ridiculous.”

The 34-year-old Rapinoe, with her purple hair and feisty attitude, was named the top player of the World Cup. She also is the symbol of this team and even mixed it up with President Donald Trump over a possible White House invitation.

To sum it up: No chance in hell she’s hanging out with the reality show prez.

Hard to blame her for that stance.

Rapinoe was calm when she lined up for a penalty kick awarded after a high kick by Stefanie van der Graft of the Netherlands on Alex Morgan. She easily put the ball in the net for her sixth goal of the World Cup and 50th of her career.

Lavelle put on a show with a fantastic run to put the game away in the 69th minute. After the great run, she unleashed a stellar left-footed shot past Netherlands goalkeeper Sari van Veenendaal.

The most impressive thing is Lavelle doesn’t look big enough or strong enough to kick a ball downstairs. But she sure packed a nice hard shot while scoring her third goal of the World Cup.

“For her to get that reward tonight on the biggest stage that you possibly can, I am so proud of her,” Rapinoe told FOX. “She’s a superstar, not even in the making. She is straight up superstar at this point.”

However, there was an arrogance to this team that wasn’t always so pleasant.

Other teams around the world — heck, even Americans — weren’t impressed by some of the nonsense.

Pouring it on in a record 13-0 win over Thailand was silly. And celebrating goals 11, 12 and 13 like they were game-winners was flat-out embarrassing. The dogs should have been called off when it was 10-0.

And the whining after the game by coach Jill Ellis that men’s soccer players wouldn’t have come under the same scrutiny was lame.

Wow. Just wow.

Does Ellis not pay attention to men’s sports? Ever heard of the NFL or NBA or MLB? Guys in those sports are shredded all the time for their actions. Ask any NFL player who makes a huge mistake to cost his team a game what happens.

Then there was Alex Morgan’s taunting of England with the cup of tea celebration after scoring a goal. She had the nerve to say it was a double standard that she was being criticized.

Um, no Alex, you were criticized because it was a stupid maneuver. Were you going to break out the chopsticks if the opponent was China or Japan?

What is comes down to is this: These women get attention just once every four years. The rest of the time they are under very little scrutiny.

So when they are on the big stage and suddenly under the microscope, they don’t know how to handle it. They want their usual little cheerleader following but struggle to deal with the pressure that comes with the territory.

You know, the stuff male athletes deal with all the time.

So four years from now, please leave the double standard crybaby stuff at home. If you want to be treated like male athletes, then that means dealing with both good and bad developments.

So not the most likable women’s soccer team we’ve seen. But certainly a very good one as they set a record with 26 goals while winning their second straight World Cup.

And one that will be remembered for years.

“We’re crazy,” Rapinoe said. “That’s what makes us special. We just have no quit in us. We’re just so tight and we will do anything to win.”

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