I will remember writing the story of Tiger Woods meets Shane Caldwell, a tale made possible by the power of social media

Posted: 04/07/2018 in golf
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I write between 10 to 15 stories a day depending on the length of my shift and how much breaking news erupts.

The only problem with such a heavy dose of assignments is I couldn’t tell you what stories I wrote two weeks ago today without looking them up.

NFL signings, college basketball players applying for the NBA draft, baseball players getting injured, tennis recaps … they just seem to blend in.

Then every once in a while, there is something that stands out.

Like Tiger Woods taking a moment to offer support to lung cancer fighter Shane Caldwell.

Woods met up with Caldwell before Thursday’s opening round of the Masters after finishing up some practice shots on the driving range. He approached with his trademark smile, signed a golf glove and wished the 52-year-old Caldwell the best.

But it didn’t feel like just another story to me as I knew some of the background behind it — due to the power of social media.

A couple tweets from a young lady named Jordan Miller came through my timeline earlier this week and they were really quite impressive. Miller was working Twitter hard to get the word out that it was her stepfather’s dream to meet Woods.

And since her stepfather has stage 4 lung cancer, the one thing repeatedly jumping out was this: This Masters might be Caldwell’s last chance to meet Tiger.

When you think of how many people reach out to Woods each year, the odds of such a meeting weren’t high. Then factor in that it is Masters week and it was super-duper clear that Jordan was tackling quite a task.

But she kept relentlessly working the scene and interacting with people who were all strangers to her just two and three days earlier. And finally, someone passed on word to the Tiger Woods Foundation, and a meeting was set up.

Think about how amazing that is.

A single individual like Jordan Miller never could have pulled this off 15 or 20 years ago. But in the social media age, a lot what used to be impossible is now very much possible.

And Shane Caldwell got to share a special moment with his idol due to his stepdaughter’s awesome perseverance.

So ask me in November if I recall any of the stories I wrote on the first Friday in April and I will know the answer, this one: http://fieldlevelmedia.com/latest-stories?storyId=7532


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