Nick Foles is in the history books as a Super Bowl hero, meaning the Patriots, Brady, Belichick and football experts are losers

Posted: 02/04/2018 in football
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We received a spectacular Super Bowl to enjoy and the ending was even better.

We saw Tom Brady and Bill Belichick walking off the field as losers.

Oh yeah, if a “football expert” tells you a guy can’t play, just assume that he actually can.

On a day when not much defense was played, it was a huge strip-sack by Philadelphia defensive end Brandon Graham that was the biggest play as the Eagles recorded a 41-33 victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis.

Now we only hope that the city of Philadelphia still exists once the celebrating ends — or at least dies down.

The title is the Eagles’ first since 1960 — before the Super Bowl era — and quarterback Nick Foles gets to go through the rest of his life as a Super Bowl hero and Philadelphia sports legend.

Foles — you know, the guy that can’t play — was named Super Bowl MVP after passing for 373 yards and three touchdowns and also CATCHING one.

Remember that infamous time when Brady’s supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, complained that her husband can’t throw and catch the ball?

Wow, did she turn out right.

Brady dropped a big gainer when he went out for a pass in the right flat. So point made — he can’t both throw and catch.

But Foles can as he caught a scoring pass from tight end Trey Burton on a play that was superbly designed by the Philadelphia offensive coaches. It even included Foles wandering to his right guard and right tackle as if he is about to audible or adjust a blocking call as the ball gets snapped to running back Corey Clement who pitches it to Burton, who expertly hits Foles for the score.

That play will be the signature moment of the Eagles’ victory as time goes on. But the most important one was Graham forcing Brady to fumble with 2:09 left. That allowed the Eagles to kill time and tack on a field goal with 58 seconds left to leave Brady a lot less time to operate.

The Patriots helped out by calling for a poorly devised kickoff reverse that cost them both yards and time. And eventually Brady’s final last-second heave into the end zone came up empty and it seemed like 90 percent of the nation was happy.

Of course, we couldn’t get through the Super Bowl without some controversial ‘Is that a catch?’ moments and both went the way of the Eagles — one involving Clement and the other being the go-ahead score to tight end Zach Ertz with 2:21 left.

But the right team won this game, no question about that.

If you recall, the Eagles’ chances of winning a Super Bowl ended when star quarterback Carson Wentz suffered a season-ending knee injury. The football experts — a term that should be used loosely as ever — said no way a guy like Foles could guide a team to a Super Bowl.

But there was Foles competing with Brady (503 yards, three touchdowns) and coming up with the clutch throws and displaying incredible poise.

Hey football experts, there is a reason why they play the games. And there is also a reason why most regular people around the country have little regard for “experts.”

So the Eagles are Super Bowl champions and now we wonder what happens to the Patriots. Defensive coordinator Matt Patricia is off to coach the Detroit Lions, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is expected to become coach of the Indianapolis Colts and Brady will turn 41 before next season starts.

Bill Belichick, who turns 66 in April, doesn’t seem like a guy who wants to go through breaking in a new quarterback. So let’s say Brady plays two more seasons, I say Belichick coaches two more seasons.

If Brady plays just one more, I say Belichick coaches just one more.

So we are close to the end of the Patriots’ dynasty and that can only come as great news to most of the nation. New England has won five Super Bowl crowns in the Belichick/Brady era but the franchise is strongly disliked by outsiders.

That is kind of what makes Sunday’s outcome so delightful — a journeyman like Foles shot down the big bad Patriots and shut the mouths of the annoying experts.

Super day indeed.


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