Can’t find anyone to root for in CFP title game but since they pay me to make predictions …

Posted: 01/07/2018 in college football
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Good thing I took that vow of objectivity a quarter century ago and don’t have to root for teams.

Because it would be really hard to choose a team to cheer for in Monday’s College Football Playoff title game.

Pretty sure most people who don’t live in the South are tired of having how great the SEC teams are. Unfortunately, the conference will be able to claim a national championship no matter who wins Monday when Alabama and Georgia meet in Atlanta.

It will be the SEC’s ninth national championship in the past 12 seasons.

The Crimson Tide are striving to win their fifth title during Nick Saban’s 11 seasons as coach.

Hey, not impressed? How about this: They beat Mercer by eight touchdowns.

Of course, most major-college programs wouldn’t play Mercer. (Wait, we LOVE Mercer, the basketball program that sent Duke home in 2014!)

And what about Georgia? The Bulldogs beat Samford by four touchdowns this season. OK, so nobody knows if Samford (and Son?) has ever accomplished anything big on the athletic stage.

But yeah, they still pay me to make a prediction so I do have a winner for you. Right here inside the stellar preview —

Both Georgia and Alabama lost one game this season and it was to the same team — Auburn.

That makes things a little dicey because Auburn lost to FOUR other teams.

Of course, Georgia got revenge by defeating Auburn in the SEC championship game but the Tigers lost their Peach Bowl matchup with Central Florida.

Unbeaten Central Florida … a school that has declared itself national champions and will hold a parade on Monday afternoon.

Might as well name yourself the national champion when you consider the fact that the chairman of the CFP committee is the athletic director at Texas Tech.

Um, yeah, nobody who is serious about identifying who the best college football teams are would ever choose the Texas Tech AD to play the leading role. Doesn’t look like Kirby Hocutt knows football that well when his own program has experienced three losing campaigns in the past four seasons.

Just think, Kirby’s committee lists Central Florida at No. 12. Yes, No. 12!

So the school that named itself national champs wouldn’t even have been part of an eight-team playoff. Now that is ridiculous.

But on Monday night, we put all this nonsense aside.

And we wait to see if playing Mercer helped prepare Alabama to win another crown. Or if that tussle with Samford was that piece of the puzzle Georgia desperately needed.

Hard to root for either team when you break it down like that.


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