Looks like we have the links tradition going — Colorado fans hate me and don’t know it

Posted: 09/16/2016 in baseball, college football, football, weekly links

Hey, we really might be starting this tradition after all.

Last week, I put out links to where some of my work ended up. It was a rousing success by the responses.

Those of you who assumed my articles just evaporated into thin air could see that they are actually on the websites of all the major players when it comes to sports content.

And if they want to strip bylines off the copy, no problem. Those days of getting mean emails from sports fans are over — nothing like some anonymous person calling you names because you predicted their school to lose a football game.

In fact, I stumbled on a Colorado football message board ripping ESPN for its “biased” preview of the Colorado at Michigan game on Saturday. Just sat there laughing because nobody employed by ESPN wrote that preview with some type of agenda.

Yours truly – with absolutely no agenda – wrote that preview and I’ve never once received a paycheck from ESPN.

So I guess I should start this week’s links with that preview — and this “biased” guy included that Colorado’s victory over Michigan in 1994 is one of the most famous endings in college football history.

Gee, there are probably Michigan fans everywhere calling my preview biased. LOL.

Here are the links:

Here is the much-discussed (at least by Colorado fans) preview of Saturday’s Colorado-Michigan game. … http://www.espn.com/college-football/preview?gameId=400869111

Did you know Ohio (not to be confused with Ohio State like Brady Hoke does) has never beaten a ranked team in its 122-year history? You will after reading the Ohio-Tennessee preview. … http://www.foxnews.com/sports/2016/09/13/cfb-preview-no-15-tennessee-vs-ohio0.html

Derek Carr is on his way to being an elite NFL quarterback and the Raiders haven’t started a season 2-0 since I had only one nephew (I have three nephews and three nieces now). Here’s the preview for the Falcons-Raiders game and of the dozens of sites you can find it on, I’m linking to upi.com since they didn’t strip my byline. … http://www.upi.com/Sports_News/2016/09/15/Derek-Carr-Oakland-Raiders-eye-2-0-start-vs-Atlanta-Falcons-in-Week-2/6471473916407/

14 of my MLB previews ran in USA Today this week — here’s Friday’s Toronto Blue Jays-Los Angeles Angels preview. … http://www.usatoday.com/sports/mlb/event/2016/397719/preview/

Remember how I said I run into my work everywhere and often unsuspected? The preview for the big tilt between top-ranked Alabama and No. 17 Ole Miss also can be found on the USA Today site. … Alabama has lost to Ole Miss in each of the past two seasons. … http://www.usatoday.com/sports/ncaaf/event/2016/52306/preview/top25/



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