Meeting the Commissioner’s Trophy was cool but it sure would’ve been nice to touch

Posted: 07/12/2016 in baseball
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commissioner's trophy 2016I got friendly with a famous trophy on Monday — it was my second time.

Oh, no no no. Not THAT kind of a trophy. I was at famous Mission Beach on Saturday night but there were no attempts to secure any blonde trophy catches. I was just out having a good time with family and friends.

But while prowling around the grounds of the San Diego Convention Center on Monday, I got friendly with the type of trophy that I was not allowed to touch. Yikes, I need to clarify that sentence too.

I was getting friendly with my second sports trophy.

I met the Commissioner’s Trophy at the baseball celebration FanFest and, yeah, it was pretty disappointing to be told I couldn’t touch. So you can see by the photo that my hands kept their distance.

No touching. No caressing. No fondling.

When I was fortunate enough to meet the most famous trophy in sports history — hockey’s Stanley Cup — I was allowed to touch. If you look on my main page, you will see me resting my left arm on the Stanley Cup with my tape recorder and notebook in my right hand.

Getting cozy with the Stanley Cup is certainly much, much better than only getting to look at the Commissioner’s Trophy, which is given to the World Series champion (the Kansas City Royals currently own it).

I can’t imagine ever meeting whatever the NBA trophy is called or the NFL’s Lombardi Trophy. Heck, I have covered three Super Bowls and been to the Commissioner’s Party and countless other events in conjunction with the Super Bowl and never recall the Lombardi Trophy being around.

Hmmm, does Major League Soccer have a trophy? How about the indoor lacrosse league? Fencing? Roller Derby?

So yeah, I just may have met my final trophy.

Anyway, my time with baseball’s trophy lasted about three seconds. I didn’t really get much of a close-up look either as the trophy’s guard snapped my photo and quickly shooed me away.

But still, I met another well-known trophy. Not many people can say they have met the championship trophy of two different sports’ leagues.

Even if the trophy will never recall my name.


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