While everyone else was watching the NBA Draft, I was writing my first WNBA preview

Posted: 06/24/2016 in basketball, women's sports
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Last week I wrote a soccer preview and hinted that something even more stunning could be on the horizon.

And that more astonishing thing did indeed happen on Thursday evening.

While most people were tuned into the NBA Draft and wondering if any of those foreign players they’ve never heard of are any good, I was writing the first WNBA preview of my career.

Yeah, look closely, there was a W there in front of NBA.

Wow, the things I do for money.

There it is right there on FoxSports.com with my byline nowhere to be found — foxsports.com/sun-storm-preview.

Don’t have a lot of personal tidbits for you on this front but I have seen a WNBA game in person at a once-famous venue.

Yep, I made the drive to Los Angeles to write a story on Vanessa Nygaard – a former Carlsbad High star – when she played for Portland. Met her at the team hotel in Marina Del Rey and then cruised over to the Fabulous Forum in Inglewood for the game.

The preview I wrote is for Friday’s game between the Connecticut Sun and Seattle Storm.

Seattle guard Sue Bird – one of the all-time WNBA greats – was once in the same arena as me.

I was in Viejas Arena covering San Diego State men’s basketball practice and then the women’s team took the floor. Bird was there visiting a San Diego State women’s assistant coach who was a former WNBA teammate — and now I will leave that topic alone.

Also on the Seattle roster is Breanna Stewart, the No. 1 overall pick who just got done winning four consecutive national titles at Connecticut.

That pretty much empties my WNBA tidbits’ file.

First MLS, now WNBA.

What’s next?

Indoor lacrosse? Rowing? Fencing?

Yeah, I better be careful what I wish for.


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