Life spirals in odd directions because this sportswriter actually wrote an MLS preview

Posted: 06/17/2016 in soccer
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Life is getting weirder all the time.

I know this because I did something Friday evening that I once would have laughed at if it were suggested by someone.

I wrote a preview about an MLS game.

Wait, did everyone just collapse in bewilderment?

Let me repeat myself, I previewed an MLS game between the Philadelphia Union and New York City FC.

Making it doubly weirder is Saturday’s game will be played in Yankee Stadium.

So I guess it isn’t the House that Ruth Built after all. Is it the House that Pele Built?

Go ahead, read the preview — it can be found lots of places. I personally like that it somehow landed on Yahoo! Sports and gives credit to an organization that I didn’t write it for. (My first ever MLS preview … OMG).

Yeah, the Internet keeps getting weirder too.

The best thing is I never heard of any of those players or coaches I mentioned in the preview. Nope, not even David Villa, the MLS’ leading goal scorer.

It’s true, never heard of David Villa.

Guess he must be kind of good.

It’s not that I am against soccer – I watch the World Cup games every four years and I once covered the U.S. team for a couple weeks while it was training in San Diego. Oh yeah, I covered future World Cup stalwarts Marcelo Balboa and Eric Wynalda for two seasons as a student beat reporter at San Diego State.

I even attended indoor soccer games when the San Diego Sockers were winning titles faster than Donald Trump ships out immigrants.

But I typically rake in the big dough by writing about NFL, NBA and MLB teams and college football and basketball programs.

This is definitely a whole new world to be paid to write about soccer.

Geez, what’s next? Writing about WNBA teams?

Uh oh, I hear that might happen next.

Stay tuned.


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