Funny how Roger Goodell is suddenly a huge booster of keeping Chargers in San Diego

Posted: 04/25/2016 in football
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Remember a few short months ago when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he expected the Chargers to move to Los Angeles?

Things surely have changed over the past few months. Goodell was live in San Diego for last Saturday’s downtown stadium rally, also known as the kickoff effort to gather signatures for a ballot initiative.

The commish has reversed field in impressive O.J. Simpson-like fashion – that’s the football player version, not the double murderer – since the Rams relocated to Los Angeles in mid-January.

When it became clear Chargers president Dean Spanos and Rams owner Stan Kroenke weren’t going to get along in terms of sharing a Los Angeles stadium, Goodell was suddenly all-in when it came to keeping the Chargers in San Diego.

His comments have repeatedly been pro-San Diego and there are three huge reasons for that: Money, lots of money and huge amounts of money.

The NFL will profit much more if the effort to build the Chargers a stadium passes. (Hey, I had to write a quick hitter on the rally on Saturday — Roger Goodell speaks in favor of downtown San Diego stadium).

Goodell will now continue to have his San Diego cheerleading uniform on during the rest of the process and is even talking about the Super Bowl returning to town if a new football stadium is approved.

Just know it’s never a bad thing when the guy who runs the NFL is in your corner.

“I think the Chargers belong in San Diego,” Goodell said. “I think this is a great community, a great fan base. Everyone has acknowledged that we need a new stadium.”

At least Goodell has acknowledged the Chargers belong in San Diego.

Better late than never.


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