Kobe Bryant calls it a career by delivering one of the top farewell performances ever

Posted: 04/13/2016 in basketball
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Kobe Bryant sure knows how to put a punctuation mark on a career.

His final game was so amazing and so dramatic that nobody was talking about the Golden State Warriors setting the NBA single-season record of 73 victories.

The Warriors were relegated to secondary status as Bryant put on one of the best farewell performances you will ever see as he closed out his 20-year NBA career by dropping 60 points against the Utah Jazz on Wednesday.

He was vintage Bryant in the final quarter as he scored 23 points and knocked in the go-ahead jumper with 31.6 seconds remaining as Los Angeles registered a 101-96 victory. It was easy the highlight of the season for the Lakers, who endured a franchise-worst 17-65 record.

The performance was so superb that you had to wonder if Bryant might unretire before he even begins his retirement.

“I’m sure, I’m sure, I’m absolutely sure,” Bryant said of his career being over during the on-court postgame festivities.

Regardless, it was one of those rare sporting events in which you will always remember where you were or what you were doing as it unfolded.

Bryant ended his night with a baseball-pass assist and couldn’t resist discussing the irony of what unfolded in his last game. You know, the fact that he hoisted a career-most 50 shots.

“What’s funny, the thing that had me cracking up all night long is the fact that I go through 20 years of everybody screaming to pass the ball and then the last night, they’re like ‘don’t pass it,’ ” Bryant said.

Bryant won five championships with the Lakers and finishes his career with 33,643 points, which ranks third in NBA history.

He will always be remembered as one of the top players ever – and that would have been true even if he had scored 5 points on 2-of-13 shooting against the Jazz.

But instead he went out the way most athletes don’t get to do. That was by putting on a memorable show.

And it certainly was a performance that will be remembered forever.


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