Proof I wrote about women’s basketball – Auriemma doesn’t care if you watch or not

Posted: 03/27/2016 in college basketball, women's sports
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It was kind of fun to post the Matt Bush story on my website the other day so how about we do this again with a subject you won’t see me tackle very often:

Women’s basketball.

Yep, it’s true, I wrote a women’s basketball story during Sunday’s workday. And I can’t deny it because they put my name on top of the article.

So there you go, full-on proof that I don’t ignore women’s basketball.

The topic was Is UConn’s dominance bad for women’s basketball? and that is actually a decent thing to debate.

Connecticut coach Geno Auriemma isn’t so thrilled to have to defend his team’s success. But wow, his team won its first three NCAA tournament games by margins of 52, 46 and 60 points.

The 60-point shellacking of Mississippi State came in the Sweet 16. That is astounding.

The Huskies have won 72 consecutive games and they should advance to another Final Four when they meet Texas on Monday. I suppose I can take out the word “should” since they lambasted the Longhorns by 51 points in last year’s Sweet 16 en route to winning their third consecutive national title.

That was a record margin of victory for the Sweet 16 — and was broken with the 60-point win over Mississippi State.

Anyway, people are now wondering whether UConn’s dominance is a bad thing for women’s basketball. And guess what? Auriemma doesn’t care what you, your doctor, a welder or anybody else thinks.

Here’s his advice:

“Don’t watch. Nobody’s putting a gun to your head to watch,” Auriemma said. “So don’t watch, and don’t write about it. Spend your time on things that you think are important. If you don’t think this is important, don’t pay any attention to it.”

I will have to think about this — should I turn on a UConn game once the Final Four arrives? Is it worth watching if the Huskies rout another Final Four team by 40 or 50 points? Will anyone even remotely give them a game?

Huskies star Breanna Stewart isn’t sure how the players are supposed to respond to this outcry.

And you know what, I don’t blame her. Players play the game and the ones who play for the Huskies just happen to be really, really good.

OK, now don’t get used to me writing about women’s basketball.


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