Nick Saban is a big-time jerk, a great coach and he was a savior during tornadoes

Posted: 01/11/2016 in college football
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The national championship game was going so well on Monday night when Clemson was ahead but there was a reversal and it started to sink in midway through the fourth quarter.

Grumpy mean bully Nick Saban is going to win another national title.

One of the most miserable sports figures of our era has won four national crowns in nine seasons at Alabama after the Crimson Tide posted a 45-40 victory over Clemson in the College Football Playoff title game.

Counting a national crown at LSU, Saban has won five national titles.

That is kind of remarkable.

The overall number of titles is also just one less than the total won by Alabama icon Bear Bryant – universally accepted as perhaps the best college football coach in the history of the world.

Just having your name written in the same sentence as Bryant when the subject is football is a real solid accomplishment.

But wait, let’s not celebrate somebody who is a total jerk. Let’s ignore that Saban is a pretty darn good coach.

Let’s feel sorry for the human beings that have to deal with him on a daily basis. You know, the little people who have to put up with that control freak.

I’ll always remember the story a member of the Miami Dolphins organization told me when I was in Miami covering a football game between the Dolphins and the San Diego Chargers.

Saban, you might recall, wasn’t so successful when he was head coach of professional football players. He lasted just two seasons in Miami – he went 6-10 in Year 2 – before finding his ticket out of town by accepting the Alabama gig.

But his bully tactics were in All-Pro form while working for the Dolphins.

As the story goes, Saban got a haircut one day and returned to the facility.

He crossed paths with a female employee of the Dolphins and she said “Nice haircut.”

Saban ignored her the same way he ignored most people in the organization. A few minutes later, the woman was called into a meeting.

She was dressed down and told to never, ever speak to Saban again.

There is something off-kilter about a person who can’t accept a “nice haircut” compliment from a fellow employee.

Anyway, you can only imagine what kind of asinine acts of dictatorship he has engaged in at Alabama.

His manipulation score has to have been perfected to a 10.0 with all the power he has at the school.

Oh yeah, he can coach a bit, can’t he?

Absolutely. Nick Saban is a terrific college coach. Great motivator. Smart tactician. Superb leader.

I hope Saban finishes his career at Alabama. There is no sense in him going somewhere in need of his skills – that’s you, Texas – at the age of 64.

Plus, Saban belongs at Alabama.

Do you remember the spring of 2011 when tornadoes ravaged Tuscaloosa, the city where Alabama is located?

Do you remember what person stood up in the middle of that storm and provided superb leadership in a huge time of need?

Well, it was one Nick Saban. I remember thinking at the time just how lucky those folks were to have Saban providing leadership during a major crisis.

Saban the jerk was Saban the savior.

While everybody was dealing with uncertainty and fear, Saban was stepping up to help the populace.

He donated money to help people. He gave his time and met with countless people. He helped the city and state rebuild out of the rubble.

Dang, this Nick Saban guy suddenly doesn’t sound so bad.

And on Monday he once again proved he’s an outstanding coach.

That part isn’t debatable.


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