Philip Rivers signs extension, leaving impression he’s OK with playing in L.A.

Posted: 08/15/2015 in football
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Philip Rivers is apparently fine with the possibility of being quarterback of the Los Angeles Chargers.

The veteran signal caller inked a four-year contract extension with the organization on Saturday night as speculation continues that the club is entering its final season in San Diego.

Rivers wasn’t all that thrilled with the idea of moving to Smogville several months ago but dollar signs have been known to change a player’s mind on numerous fronts. And landing a contract reportedly worth more than $83 million – with $65 million of it guaranteed – sounds like a good reason to embrace the idea of playing in Los Angeles.

Besides, nobody says Rivers has to move there. He can commute from his home in 4S Ranch, located in the northern part of San Diego County.

Rivers is 33 years ago as he enters the 2015 season so it is likely his last big-money deal. A player has to cash in while he can and a poor campaign this season – or one in which he suffered a devastating injury – could have cost Rivers tens of millions of dollars.

And the Chargers badly need Rivers on board when they make their move. Arriving in Los Angeles with an established veteran who has 10 years of starting experience surely beats showing up with an unproven rookie or a journeyman behind center.

The Chargers will also be fighting for headlines once they move north so it helps immensely on the public relations front.

Of course, San Diegans aren’t so thrilled with the prospects of this being the last season of the Chargers in Qualcomm Stadium.

That’s no fault of Rivers, who has 252 career touchdown passes and will break the franchise mark set by Hall of Famer Dan Fouts (254) early this season.

Rivers passed for 4,286 yards and 31 touchdowns last season so he’s certainly still at the top of his game. With this extension, the club is gambling that he will still be a top-flight quarterback through 2019.

The only unknown is this: How will Rivers like playing in L.A?


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