Padres can’t help but do very stupid things — firing Bud Black after overhaul joins the list

Posted: 06/15/2015 in baseball
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After all those years of squeezing wins out of San Diego Padres teams with little talent, the 2015 season had a chance to be manager Bud Black’s time to shine.

Perhaps having a few players who can actually play would lead to more wins. Perhaps managing some postseason games was finally on the horizon. Perhaps people around the country would get a chance to see why Black has such a good reputation despite being stuck with a poor organization all these years.

Perhaps the Padres would forget they are the Padres and wouldn’t do something stupid.

Too late now — the stupid has been done.

Black was fired on Monday with the Padres sitting a game below .500. Kind of a poorly timed move considering the offseason overhaul that netted starting pitcher James Shields, closer Craig Kimbrel, outfielders Justin Upton, Matt Kemp and Wil Myers, catcher Derek Norris and third baseman Will Middlebrooks.

The plethora of new faces requires a bit of an adjustment period so possessing a 32-33 mark with 97 games remaining isn’t exactly an awful managerial performance. And who knew that Matt Kemp (two homers in 64 games) was really Carlos Quentin in disguise and will never again be the player who hit 39 homers and drove in 126 runs in 2011.

Good job getting the manager fired, Matt. Don’t be surprised if Black searches out Clayton Richard and sends him to the ballpark with a message — Google search near-fight between Kemp and Richard in 2013 if you need details.

Black was in his ninth season with the Padres and was the 2010 National League Manager of the Year. He wasn’t hired by new general manager A.J. Preller so there is no loyalty there and an organization always looks for scapegoats when a team is believed to be underachieving.

The Padres appointed bench coach Dave Roberts to be interim manager and are undergoing a search for a full-time manager. Triple-A manager Pat Murphy is among the candidates and perhaps a long-time manager such as Ron Gardenhire would be a good fit.

Preller came from the Rangers organization so let’s hope he has forgotten how to get a hold of former Texas manager Ron Washington.

There is still too much weirdness stemming over Washington’s sudden mysterious resignation from the Rangers late last season. He went into hiding for two weeks and emerged briefly to say he cheated on his wife.

Since people inside baseball cheat on their wives all the times, it is whatever Washington didn’t reveal publicly that is even more important. He needs to keep attending those marriage counseling sessions and allow more time for his image to be restored before he’s filling out lineup cards again.

Since Black was fired with a losing record — what would have happened if the Padres had defeated the Dodgers in Sunday’s 12-inning game? — his tenure ends with him tied with Bruce Bochy for the most losing seasons (seven) in franchise history.

We all saw what happened with Bochy once he left the poorly run San Diego organization: He began accumulating World Series rings — three in the last five years with San Francisco — and is now being mentioned him as a possible Hall of Famer.

I see Black having a similar renaissance once he joins a better organization. We will someday see him managing in the postseason and perhaps he does win a World Series title.

I mean, who would have ever forecasted Ned Yost managing in Game 7 of the World Series? You would have been laughed at for suggesting that one but there was Yost and the Kansas City Royals sitting one win away last October.

And you can laugh a lot at the notion of the 2015 Padres crashing the World Series as well. The Preller experiment definitely needs more time to develop.

San Diego took a step backward by unceremoniously making Black the first scapegoat.


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