Who let UCLA in tourney? Tired of the Texas talk and Colorado State’s coach messed up

Posted: 03/16/2015 in college basketball
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Studying the NCAA tournament bracket so I can fill it out before Thursday and I can’t believe who I see as an 11 seed.

Is that UCLA? The underachieving Bruins? … hold on a second while I LOL about 1,000 times.

Wait, selection committee chairman Scott Barnes says UCLA passed the eye test?

Most people’s retinas want nothing to do with seeing these Bruins and chronically cranky coach Steve Alford.

Let me guess, Barnes had his eyes closed when Kentucky held UCLA to just seven first-half points in an 83-44 trouncing.

Perhaps that tape didn’t get to Barnes. Or maybe he watched it to see if the Bruins passed the smell test.

Who knows if Barnes truly has much knowledge about basketball. His day job is athletic director at Utah State, which tells me he better had been doing a lot of networking with the other committee members in hopes of landing a much better job.

The Bruins aren’t even Dayton bound and that means they didn’t sneak in. Sorry, this UCLA team shouldn’t be leaving Los Angeles.


Sooooooooo, there is Texas sitting there as an 11 seed as well. The Longhorns definitely pass the eye test with some of the physical specimens on the squad so that makes you wonder about a few things.

Texas went just 3-12 against Top 50 teams. Tells me the Longhorns are not a Top 50 team if they could only win 20 percent of their games against good teams. I think the correct term is underachievers.

Think about this, give snubbed Colorado State 15 games against Top 50 teams and maybe they go 5-10 against them. Heck, let’s give UC Santa Barbara 15 such games and maybe the Gauchos go 4-11.

So when the ESPN clowns kept pointing out the record against the Top 50, the more sense it made that Texas belonged in the NIT. Then it led Iowa State by double digits in the type of win that could seal a bid and the Longhorns watched the Cyclones score the final 12 points and win on a game-winning shot.

Texas never trailed in the game until it ended … and that choke job didn’t hurt. The Longhorns were easily in.

The other thing I wonder is this – if Texas has so much talent and all it can do is beat equal or lesser teams, what does that say about coach Rick Barnes? He obviously isn’t connecting with this year’s Longhorns for them to be such underachievers.

Hey, maybe Scott Barnes and Rick Barnes are related! Now things finally add up.


Ummmmmmmm, the second Wyoming won the Mountain West tournament title, I knew either Boise State or Colorado State was in big trouble.

No way the Mountain West was getting four teams in when the conference had an average season. Remember some of those seasons the Mountain West was stacked and only got three teams in? So four this year made no sense.

Turns out Boise State had a lot of sweating to do as a 12 seed sent to Dayton. Heard some complaining about Boise State having to play on Dayton’s homecourt in the play-in round and I have a few thoughts.

–Don’t exit the Mountain West postseason tournament in the semifinals when you are the No. 1 seed. Get to the title game or win the tourney and you get a higher seed and you go to a real NCAA tournament site.

–Play a better schedule. Having Adams State, Northwest Nazarene, Southern Utah and Abilene Christian on the home slate does nothing for you. There are five Pac-12 teams in close proximity. Figure out how to play at least one of them each season.

–And don’t lose to Loyola-Chicago. Ever.

Colorado State coach Larry Eustachy was apparently too confident that his team was getting in and didn’t play star forward J.J. Avila (ankle) in the Mountain West semifinals against San Diego State.

Holding out your best player when he actually can play is silly in the month of March. Guys tough it up in December against the Akrons and UNC-Wilmingtons of the world when there is little at stake so Eustachy’s decision was pretty poor.

And making it because you think your team is in is doubly silly.

Sooooo, Colorado State, enjoy the NIT. And thank your coach for that.

I really couldn’t tell you who will win the game between San Diego State and St. John’s. Either team can win the game and either team can lose it.

The Red Storm lost shot-blocker supreme Chris Obekpa to a suspension so perhaps the Aztecs will find success driving to the hoop instead of having the ball slapped into the third row.

On the other hand, San Diego State can’t score. And that surely includes practice.

The winner of the game probably gets to play Duke. You need to have the potential to score 75 points to upset Duke.

It is terrific that San Diego State can play great defense. But this is March and the NCAA tournament.

If you can’t score, you will go home.


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