Control-freak Boeheim the latest coach to get caught and become a national disgrace

Posted: 03/10/2015 in college basketball
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One of the things about college athletics is that it never fails to remind us that there are some real jerks involved.

Not talking about the players – you’re off the hook on this one, Jameis Winston – but the adults.

And sometimes the arrogant buffoon involved has won a national championship – supposedly won by the rules but who really knows.

Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim is the latest to remind us that a powerful control-freak coach will do whatever he wants. Nobody on campus wants to challenge the guy with a ton of victories who also happens to be the most famous person in the city.

Who wants to mix it up with the guy who won the national championship if it means their own job might be lost?

But the NCAA brought the hammer down on Syracuse’s program last week and the allegations included academic fraud and failure to follow the drug-testing policy among other things. Those two claims alone show there was a lack of control in the program.

Academic fraud always comes across as extra scummy. Especially in this case since Boeheim is such a powerful figure and has been the head coach since 1976.

Nothing goes on in that program without him saying so. Nobody he hired is just going to start writing papers for players for the fun of it. It happens because Boeheim tells them to write them.

Nobody decides to skirt the regulations of the drug-testing procedures on their own. It happens because Boeheim directs them to do so.

Syracuse’s penalties include a nine-game suspension for Boeheim – to be enforced next season during ACC play – the loss of 12 scholarships and 108 vacated victories.

The latter sets Boeheim back on his quest to become the second coach to ever reach 1,000 wins. Let’s hope he retires before he gets there.

But worse than reaching the milestone for Boeheim is this:

He will never restore his reputation. His integrity is gone forever.


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