It’s time to get ready for the inaugural College Football Playoff national championship game on Monday night.

Of course, the first thing you have to do is make sure you know which teams are playing. So I will just rely on the banter that went on throughout season and do the obvious thing.

Check to see which SEC school is playing in the big game.

You know, because the lame banter on ESPN all season told us how the SEC West was the greatest division of all-time. Not just better than other college divisions but better than the meek NFC South and perhaps as good as the NFC West.

So gosh, I can’t wait to see which SEC West team is playing in the big game. (see stellar preview here —

OK, ridiculously high-paid Nick Saban, is your Alabama squad playing in the title game?

I don’t hear anything, Nick. Oh yeah, silence. Kind of like when you walk down the halls and can’t acknowledge the lowly support people.

So sounds like no Alabama in the title game.

How about Mississippi State? Are the Bulldogs in the national title game?

Wait, did I just mention the Mississippi State Bulldogs and national title game in the same sentence? About 100 LOLs are in order for that.

We know playing in a Starkville city league title game would be a high-water mark for Mississippi State so, yeah, we know the Bulldogs aren’t in the most important game of the season. Duh.

Sure was a lot of television hype about Mississippi State, as there was for the school right down the road.

Wait, now we’re checking to see if another Mississippi school reached the title game. Ummmmmm, what was the name of that song by The Who?

Won’t Get Fooled Again?

Yeah, no surprise to see the Ole Miss Rebels nowhere near a big game. They pay their way in to see big games, they sure don’t play in them.

Well, at least since Archie Manning ended his college career in 1970.

Hmmmm, Auburn maybe? No. This year’s edition of the team wasn’t anywhere as fearsome as last year’s squad, which did reach the title game before losing to Florida State.

OK, how about LSU? No chance. Les Miles has lost the touch and he’s on his way to being a Mack Brown – someone that never recovers after losing it and eventually the school pushes out.

Oh yeah, Texas A&M. Oh no, Johnny Football is not there. That means Kevin Sumlin is back to being an OK coach and not wearing the genius tag the college football media wanted to put on him the past two seasons.

Perhaps it was all Johnny Manziel’s doing after all.

That leaves Arkansas. OK, that’s not happening. More of a chance of Bobby Petrino crashing the venue with a motorcycle than the Razorbacks being in the title game.

Hey, maybe it is an SEC East team then.

Florida used to play in big games, right? Oh, not anymore. Tennessee used to be a power. Oh, it hasn’t been good in more than a decade.

Looks like Missouri was the top team in the East. Wait, the Tigers just showed up and remember, they were supposed to get crushed because they were joining a more stout conference. Starting to realize the SEC isn’t all that tough, huh?

How about Steve Spurrier and South Carolina? Looks like the Gamecocks weren’t all that potent. And not Georgia either. The Bulldogs seem to win a lot of games but fail often when it comes to winning important contests.

We won’t discuss Vanderbilt or Kentucky. We’re trying to pinpoint a team making the national championship game, not one that would be a middle-of-the-pack team in the Mid-American Conference.

What do you know – it turns out the Big Ten has a team in the game. A conference criticized for underachievement over the past decade. And Ohio State got to the title game by beating Alabama.

Uh oh, little Nicky is going to be terror back on campus.

The other team is Oregon of the Pac-12 so it is official. The SEC was shut out of the national championship game.

All the worthless chatter, all the meaningless hype, all the shameless promotion … it all meant nothing.

The SEC wasn’t the best conference, it was the most overhyped and underachieving.

They will be watching the big game on TV – just like the common folk.

And the common folk can use the following info as a lesson: Nothing the college football talking heads say mean a thing. Nothing. Nada.


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