All the bad San Diego State teams never had a lower-scoring game than the current Aztecs

Posted: 12/08/2014 in college basketball
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Just think of all the really bad San Diego State basketball teams I covered over the years.

Picture the horrible teams under Jim Brandenburg and the terrible teams put together by Fred Trenkle.

Remember all those junior-college guys and high school guys that had no business being on the roster? Guys pinching themselves that they were actually part of a Division I program.

Oh yeah, we can’t forget Steve Fisher’s first season as San Diego State coach. You know, when he didn’t win a single conference game.

After that season, junior-college star Randy Holcomb orally committed to the Aztecs and during a phone conversation, he asked me to tell him exactly how bad it was.

I told him I was an expert at writing 20-loss stories. He responded that his junior-college team would have routed the Aztecs.

So think of all that and then let it sink in that San Diego State gave its worst performance as a Division I program on Sunday. Yes, the worst.

Worst ever.

Washington punished the Aztecs 49-36 and the putrid 36 points are San Diego State’s fewest since turning Division I in 1969. (see stellar recap here –

Yeah, the No. 13 team in the nation – the Aztecs ought to free fall down the rankings on Monday – just gave a scoring effort worse than all the bad teams in program history.

San Diego State shot 20.4 percent and let’s just say it was a good thing that its last shot – a 3-pointer by Matt Shrigley – went through the nylon or otherwise the Aztecs shoot less than 20 percent.

That’s a pretty low percentage for scholarship players. A collection of cooks, bus drivers and welders might be able to do that.

These Aztecs missed their first 10 shots, were 5-for-30 at halftime and 7-for-47 late in the game en route to the program’s worst shooting percentage since 1996. (Naturally, a team coached by Trenkle). Oh yeah, the starting five was 4-of-36.


“Our offense was bad and that’s the only way you could put it, and they had a lot to do with that,” Fisher said afterwards. “We had a lot to do with that also. They gave us nothing easy until the very end.”

The previous low for a San Diego State team was 38 points in 1999 — an 86-38 loss at Utah. The next morning, Trenkle announced his resignation. Fisher gets to keep on working.

The scary part is that this San Diego State team has already shot less than 25 percent twice this season in eight games – the other in a win over Cal State Bakersfield (24.6).

Overall, the Aztecs are shooting 39.3 percent from the field and 28.6 percent from 3-point range. Forward Winston Shepard, with a skimpy 10.3 average, is the only player averaging double digits.

Unless freshman Trey Kell (7.8) emerges as a bona fide threat, San Diego State might go the entire season without a go-to player.

Playing stellar defense is great and will win the Aztecs numerous conference games. Could win them the conference tournament too.

But here is one fact that always holds true: If you can’t score points, you can’t advance far during March Madness.

Right now, these Aztecs struggle to score and don’t shoot well.

And also are the unhappy owners of the most inept scoring performance in 45 years as a Division I program.


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