I keep seeing references to what a bad World Series this is going to be. Even seen a few claiming it will be the worst World Series ever.

That’s the worst thing about the Internet age. All kinds of clowns who could’ve never written for a publication a decade ago can now act like they are experts.

All I know is I see an American League team in the World Series that hasn’t lost since September. You know, three whole weeks ago.

That would be the Kansas City Royals, who are an attention-getting 8-0 this postseason. And this is Kansas City’s first trip to the World Series since 1985.

Amazing story, no matter how you slice it.

Then I see a National League team that is in the World Series for the third time in five seasons. Repeat, three times in five seasons.

Heck, the San Diego Padres have only gone to the World Series twice in their entire history. Seems there shouldn’t be an issue with the Giants playing in late October.

Another solid story.

The Giants are managed by Bruce Bochy, who managed the Padres to one of their two World Series appearances. Bochy is four victories away from knowing he’s headed to the Hall of Fame.

San Francisco has solid hitters in catcher Buster Posey, third baseman Pablo Sandoval and right fielder Hunter Pence. The Giants surround them with role players, including Travis Ishikawa – now forever known for hitting the game-winning three-run homer to finish off the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Championship Series.

The Giants have a pretty solid bullpen – Santiago Casilla being the best of the bunch – but it is nothing like Kansas City’s collection of arms. The nation now understands why Royals closer Greg Holland is considered the best closer in the majors.

The Royals have some solid offensive players in first baseman Eric Hosmer, left fielder Alex Gordon and designated hitter Billy Butler. Then they have defensive stalwarts and fast pinch runners everywhere.

Manager Ned Yost isn’t considered as being on par with Bochy and he does some downright weird stuff. The funny thing is a lot of the wacky moves work. That’s actually amazing too.

The starting pitching will probably decide this series so one guy on the spot is Kansas City Game 1 starter James Shields. He somehow has landed the nickname “Big Game James” and nobody knows why.

He has a 5.63 ERA this postseason and only lasted 5 1/3 innings per start. Compare to that to San Francisco Game 1 starter Madison Bumgarner, who has a 1.42 ERA while averaging 7.9 innings. (See stellar Game 1 preview here — http://cbpost.sportsdirectinc.com/baseball/mlb-preview.aspx?page=/data/MLB/matchups/g4_preview_1.html)

What does this tell me? Look for “Big Game Mad Bum” to win Game 1 and then watch the Kansas City Royals do their thing.

Look for Kansas City to win the series in six games.


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