TMZ Sports comes through, shows disgraced puncher Ray Rice is face of domestic violence

Posted: 09/08/2014 in football
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It took video evidence for the NFL to get a clue per the Ray Rice situation.

Good thing the outlet TMZ Sports has better investigators than the NFL and were able to secure the video that shows Rice pummeling his then-fiancé, Janay, in the face.

Previously we saw Rice dragging Janay outside the elevator – which should have been damning enough evidence. Did NFL commissioner Roger Goodell think she stumbled playing hopscotch in the elevator? Maybe fell on her head counting her money?

Remember, the commish – well behind the times when it comes to domestic violence – gave Rice a two-game suspension.

So the guy that runs the NFL isn’t smart enough to know a woman doesn’t just fall unconscious for no reason in an elevator?

But once the video was seen on Monday, the NFL no longer could control the situation. Nor could the Baltimore Ravens engage in spin control – a favorite pastime of all 32 NFL teams.

The video was graphic as Rice delivered his best Mike Tyson punch and knocked out his then-fiance. It has given domestic violence a face – that of Ray Rice – moving forward.

The Ravens quickly did an about-face, going from supportive of Rice to releasing him with three years left on his contract. The NFL piled on and changed Rice’s suspension from two games to indefinite.

The NFL sure wanted it known that it had never seen the video prior to Monday. Who knows whether that is true or not. Sporting leagues and individual teams lie about minor things all the time. So a big deal like this is sure something worth trying to cover up.

Let’s assume the NFL never saw the video until Monday. In that case, how funny is it that TMZ can get its hands on a tape that the all-powerful NFL can’t. Makes you wonder a little, doesn’t it?

Perhaps the guy running the NFL is a bit over his head, huh? If not for TMZ, Rice would be completing a light suspension on Thursday and back on the field in Week 3.

Instead, Rice likely won’t play for any team in 2014. No organization will risk drawing the ire of its fan base by signing him this season.

Rice will likely be back on the field in 2015. But know this: that good-guy reputation he previously had will never return.

Rice is now the face of domestic violence – the type of person none of us like or want to be around. None of us.


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