Padres’ decision to honor Bud Selig makes me want to dig up this brick and throw it

Posted: 08/27/2014 in baseball
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There is a brick that honors my late father in the courtyard behind and below the Western Metal Building at Petco Park.

It is always an awesome feeling to go to this area when I visit San Diego. But unfortunately, I might have to throw up the next time I visit the stellar ballpark.

Because I will see this name adorned in the area: Selig Hall of Fame Plaza.

Really? Naming something after outgoing commissioner Bud Selig? Why?

Sounds like some sucking up by the latest ownership of the Padres – who might want to focus on putting a better product on the playing surface than naming something after the commissioner infamous for closing his eyes during baseball’s steroid era.

Selig has nothing to do with San Diego and there is no reason to name anything at Petco Park after this guy.

Just last month, the guy didn’t even feel honoring the late Tony Gwynn during the All-Star Game was a worthwhile thing to do.

And I saw some spin control saying Selig saved baseball in San Diego. Wow.

I was one of the reporters covering the process that got the downtown ballpark built and Larry Lucchino – with a decent amount of help from John Moores – saved baseball in San Diego.

And baseball fans in San Diego are very much aware of that.

To name something after Bud Selig is just further proof that the Padres are a franchise with no clue what the public or the fans think. Because this is one big swing-and-a-miss.

Take your own survey at the ballpark. Fans will suggest it be named after Gwynn or late broadcaster Jerry Coleman.

If you had asked this question last week and told fans it could be named after anybody in baseball, it’s hard to fathom even five people saying “Hey, name it after Bud Selig.”

It’s such a stupid notion that I wouldn’t mind digging up the brick to honor my father right now.

The problem with that is I would be tempted to throw it at either executive chairman Ron Fowler or CEO Mike Dee.

Then again, hitting them in the head with a brick might make them think more clearly.

  1. mrsportsblog says:

    Sooooo true, Gary. Sooooo true.

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