The third version of vacation via tweets has hit the cyber world.

My latest return to my awesome hometown of San Diego was wonderful and here is the tweet-by-tweet blow of what kind of became known as #VacationSanDiego.

It was only my fourth time home since I moved from the paradise of Southern California to the fine city of Boise, Idaho. And, of course, there was one dorky woman who screeched “Potatoes!” when finding out where I live.

So I now kind of know what it feels like when native “Idahoans” – what a dumb term – experience it.

At heart, I will always be a San Diego guy. Time to enjoy the 2014 version of vacation via tweets. Enjoy.


–The suitcase is packed so the #SanDiego vacation is about to commence. So you may see me somewhere around #SoCal through July 21.

–Just getting off plane in #SanDiego … Did LeBron sign with anyone yet? … Nice ocean breeze too. #ahhhhhhhhh

–I’m on trolley. Two guys talking about #Padres & #Dodgers tied 1-1. Then I hear this: “I sure hope we can go to the World Series (cont)

–this year. We haven’t been since ’98.” … Yep, they are talking about the PADRES playing in the 2014 World Series. #ummmmmmmmmm


–Got into San Diego & wanted to get online at my mom’s house. She called @CoxComm for help & it was a two-plus hour nightmare. The support

–people @CoxComm couldn’t have been more inept & didn’t come close to resolving the issues or even discussing it. Just as bad was their phone

–reps as you sat on hold for 30-plus minutes & then got transferred again without help. @CoxComm needs to look up what “customer support”

–means as I am appalled at the waste of time without any meaningful effort to solve the issues. Shame on you @CoxComm

–Oh delicious chicken at #ElPolloLoco … How I have missed you. #Succulent#VacationSanDiego

–Look what was found in my mom’s garage: 1978 commemorative 7up San Diego All-Star game bottles.

–Dinner at delicious Tio Leo’s during #VacationSanDiego

–I’m on the #SanDiegoState campus & not being paid to be on it. And not here digging up dirt. Weird feeling.

–The plaque at Tony Gwynn Stadium.


–Vacation hijinks — locked out of house for 90 minutes with phone inside & no shoes on. Hard to break into my mom’s house I have learned.

–Great night on Coronado Island watching a band with my brother, my sister-in-law & her best friend since forever. #VacationSanDiego rocks.


–Can’t wait until the #WorldCupFinal is settled by penalty kicks. #SaidNoOneEver

–We shall be forever thankful to Mario Gotze for saving us from penalty-kick conclusion  via @wordpressdotcom

–If you know what #MonaLisa pizza is in #SanDiego then you know my family and I did dinner correctly (and awesomely) on Sunday night.


–I’m at famous South Mission Beach in #SanDiego. About 68 degrees in mid-July.

–Have reached the Pacific Beach boardwalk — about two miles north of where I started. #VacationSanDiego #VacationSanDiego

–This dude just caught a mackerel off PB Pier. Says he nearly reeled in a 140-pound mako shark two days ago.

–Just rode the old rickety Belmont Park roller coaster — my chiropractor will be happy to see me. #VacationSanDiego

–No trip home to #SanDiego is complete without a stop at my dad’s gravesite.

–So glad I’m on vacation and enjoying the #SanDiego summer awesomeness. Do not miss the #Boise sauna at all. #SanDiegoVacation

–One of my cousins says I shouldn’t use social media while on vacation. Can the would-be robber please turn on my air conditioner on July 21?

–Out exercising at #LakeMurray & there are copters making some type of rescue high atop #CowlesMountain. Fire crews also involved. #SanDiego


–High of 75 today in #SanDiego. Overnight low will be 69. #AwesomenessNeverEndsInMyBelovedHometown

–About to move my vacation base to Murrieta, CA for next three days. If you’re near that vicinity or LA, this is your time to meet up with me.

–So are they waiting for Huston Street to come into game to acknowledge Tony Gwynn? And if Street doesn’t come in, then … *crickets* …

#Fox swings and misses on All-Star Game telecast by failing to tribute Tony Gwynn  via @wordpressdotcom #MLB


–This is when a #SoCal vacation reaches its zenith — a visit to #InNOutBurger. Sooooooooo delicious.


–Just saw the infamous #Murrieta border patrol protest site. All of three protestors there. #NothingToSeeHere


–Qualcomm Stadium in #SanDiego, where I attended a ton of sporting events as a kid & covered games as a sportswriter.

–Here is my view from #PetcoPark for #Padres vs #Mets. Free, of course. Always good to go to ballpark in my hometown.

–I’m at Petco Park & am told by reliable #Padres source that Huston Street has been traded to #Angels.

–Just witnessed the #Padres score four runs in a single inning. The #SanDiego Padres. Of 2014. #ThisCantBeRealLife

–Maybe I will address this on my website on Saturday but I will kind of miss Huston Street not being on #Padres. Outstanding 2 1/2 seasons.

–My sister told some random gal on the trolley that I moved from San Diego to #Boise & the predictably silly response happened: “Potatoes!”

–Random trolley gal plans to move back to CA after seven years in Minnesota because it gets “too cold.” Um, pretty sure that wasn’t a secret.


–It is 73 right now in #SanDiego … The high will be 74 … Overnight low will be 68 … #MightBeTimeToMoveBack

–Dealing Huston Street another reminder that #Padres remain on road to nowhere  via @wordpressdotcom

–For those keeping track, June 18, 2010 is last time #Padres won with me inside Petco Park. So you know what’s coming. …

–OK, here is my Petco Park view on Saturday per #Padres vs #Mets. Yes, of course, free again. #StillOwnSanDiego #LOL

–People to my right — and 15 seconds later to my left — we’re shown on #PetcoPark scoreboard & I think it was the highlight of their lives.

–Some miserable people are trying to get the wave going. Over & over. Apparently baseball is boring when the #Padres score runs.

–Seth Smith homers & dude is back to trying to start wave. He also announced loudly: “I don’t even like baseball!” Really now — who knew?

–Here is the statue of Jerry Coleman at Petco Park.

#Padres defeat #Mets 6-0 — first time they’ve won with me inside #PetcoPark since June 18, 2010 when they beat the #Orioles.


–Why yes, I did attend mass at the legendary Mission San Diego de Alcala, founded in 1769 by Junipero Serra. #Vacation

–Take that as a reminder why nobody takes a #Padres no-hit attempt seriously until game reaches ninth. #SanDiegoDoesntDoNoHitters

–Hard to believe #VacationSanDiego ends tomorrow. Why does time fly so fast when you’re on vacation? #NotFairAtAll


–This can’t be real — @AlaskaAir sends email NOW that flight will depart 3 1/2 HOURS LATE. When confirming, it lists my scheduled (cont)

–flight of 2:55 still. My flight number (3483) is not listed ANYWHERE on @AlaskaAir website. Do they have nobody who updates website? (cont)

–Knowing when your flight departs is kind of important @AlaskaAir … or did Russell Wilson need the plane for himself?

–I avoided #Southwest & picked a nonstop flight on #Alaska to avoid travel issues and what do I get — travel issues! … #VacationSanDiego

–End result — I have 3 1/2 hours of extra time to spend in #SanDiego … better than an airport delay in Boston, Washington or Jacksonville.

–My view of downtown #SanDiego from Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma.

–The last of five outstanding pieces of halibut at Point Loma Seafoods. Scrumptious. #VacationSanDiego

–Have reached the airport — way early so my mom doesn’t have to drive in 5 o’clock traffic. #VacationSanDiegoNearsAnEnd

–Finally landed in #Boise — 3 hours, 43 minutes later than scheduled. #VacationSanDiegoOver

–So the robber didn’t break in & turn on my air conditioner after all — 82 degrees and like a sauna in my place. #VacationOver #BackInBoise


–It must be noted that Customer Care at has given me a $100 travel voucher due to Monday’s travel nightmare.


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