Seahawks-Broncos beat down has nothing on the stunning way Germany annihilated Brazil

Posted: 07/08/2014 in soccer
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Wasn’t sure if I would see another World Cup match this summer after the United States was eliminated from the festivities.

Figured I’d seen enough 1-0 games and I hate the fact an event of his stature has matches decided by these silly shootouts. That would be like the NFL allowing a Super Bowl to be decided via extra points?

But there I was watching the semifinal match on Tuesday and I witnessed something that I figured was pretty much impossible considering this elite level of soccer.

I saw this: Germany 7, Brazil 1.

I’m no soccer expert but I do know this – that is way more of a beat down than what the Seattle Seahawks put on the Denver Broncos in February’s Super Bowl.

I can’t figure out exactly how much more – 50 times more? Perhaps 100 times more?

Wait, this was BRAZIL getting torched like an elementary school team would if it played the Seattle Sounders.

This might be 1,000 times the beat down that Seattle put on Peyton Manning while silencing all signs of “O-MA-HA!”

Maybe the most accurate way to put it this: Germany’s stunning performance might be the best in history, regardless of sport. And Brazil’s showing – use whatever adjective for awful you prefer.

So many times, a team scores a goal 10 minutes into the game and the pressure ratchets on the other squad even though there is still nearly 80 minutes to play. You know, it is kind of hard to score in this sport.

But the goal by Thomas Muller in the 11th minute was just the beginning of a historic onslaught in which Germany scored five times in an 18-minute span.

Miroslav Klose scored in the 23rd minute, Toni Kroos tallied in both the 24th and 26th minutes and Sami Khedira made it 5-0 in the 29th minute. This was kind of like an NBA team losing by 100 early in the second quarter and you wouldn’t have been surprised if the Brazilians just walked off the pitch at halftime.

Andre Schurrle added goals for Germany in the 69th and 79th minutes to make it a 7-0 edge and you could just feel the embarrassment level soaring higher and higher. Oscar scored for Brazil in the 90th minute and that tally reminded you of the feeling of watching a match between six-year-old girls – when the losing team scores just before the end of an 11-1 loss because it was allowed to use more players than the other squad.

In other words, this one was historic flop for Brazil.

So glad I was tuned in – because this result will be recalled for ages as you just don’t see these types of shellackings in soccer. Especially at the World Cup level.

Suddenly Seahawks 43, Broncos 8 doesn’t sound so lopsided. At least not compared to Germany versus Brazil.

  1. timothy says:

    Thanks for your blogpost; I wanted to make one observation. What I find interesting in both games is that when the team has a really sound strategy and plays together well, it absolutely trounces the opposing side. Both the seahawks at the super bowl and germany today had that kind of esprit de corps that led to sublime sport on their end and total pathos for the opposing side. The more the players offer to the team the better they do overall. Like a juggernaut!

    • mrsportsblog says:

      That is an outstanding point, Timothy. We definitely did see that in both these examples. Germany would have defeated ANY team today just as the Seahawks would have beaten whichever AFC team was left standing on Super Bowl Sunday. Thanks for the solid observation.

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