San Antonio Spurs can’t beat the Miami Heat if Kawhi Leonard continues quiet series

Posted: 06/10/2014 in basketball
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Kawhi Leonard is a silent person but being silent production-wise in the NBA Finals is not a good development.

The San Antonio Spurs need their small forward to rediscover his game as they play the pivotal Game 3 against the Miami Heat on Tuesday.

Leonard made a name for himself in last season’s NBA Finals but has been practically nonexistent in the first two games of this series. The former San Diego State standout is averaging just nine points and two rebounds and has struggled to defend LeBron James through the first two games.

Basically, only James’ own health issues have slowed him down thus far and Leonard, a second-team All-NBA defensive selection, needs to start putting down the clamps on the man known for getting leg cramps.

The Spurs can’t win this series if Leonard doesn’t up his performance. (See stellar Game 3 preview here –

Some other thoughts:

–ABC showed a graphic during Game 2 that displayed that San Antonio standout Tim Duncan has played in more playoff games than 17 different NBA franchises. That is a remarkable fact.

–Speaking of Duncan, he has two double-doubles in the series to raise his postseason count to 157 to match the record held by former Los Angeles Lakers star Magic Johnson. That is almost two regular seasons worth of double-doubles.

–We won’t know until the series is over whether or not Heat standouts James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade will opt out of their contracts and become free agents or stick with Miami. Nobody has sacrificed more than Bosh over the past four seasons and you wonder if he might be the guy that wants to go somewhere else and again be the focal point of a team.


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