By popular demand, I will write about the NBA Finals between Spurs and Heat

Posted: 06/05/2014 in basketball
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Last week, I was asked if I cover the Olympics for my company. Kind of odd and random when you figure the respective Summer and Winter Games are held four years apart.

Then today, I get asked this: Will I write about the NBA Finals on my website?

The answer I gave had to do with my paid work coming first and that makes it hard to spend time for my poor neglected website.

Then it hit me later: If I just took 10 minutes to write a quick 200 words or something, I actually could cover the NBA Finals. Just because I don’t have a spare hour to write at length doesn’t mean I can’t do something short and sweet.

Plus, if there is one person wanting to read that on my website, who am I not to deliver? Got to fulfill the needs of the people who click, right?

So I will be chiming in with some opinions before and after each game and will link the superb previews and recaps produced by Sports Direct, quickly becoming the top player in North America when it comes to that type of content. (Will be using the Thomson Reuters pick-up version per the previews since those links last on the Internet longer and a Sports Direct version per the recaps.)

See stellar Game 1 preview here —

Don’t worry, I won’t be a phony like some of these websites out there who post a dramatic headline to get you to click and all you see is somebody’s tweet. Only real content gets posted at MrSportsBlog.

Here are five thoughts leading up to Thursday’s Game 1 between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs:

–The Spurs have been pointing to the possibility of an NBA Finals rematch ever since their infamous Game 6 collapse in last year’s finals that led to Miami rallying to stay alive and winning the series in seven games. Of course, it is good for all us too as we’d all be skipping the series sweep if San Antonio had ended up meeting the Indiana Pacers.

–This could conceivably be LeBron James’ last series with the Heat as he can opt out of his contract on July 1 and he’s been keeping his intentions close to the vest. He said when he joined Miami it was because he want to win so why hasn’t he committed to remaining with the franchise after reaching the NBA Finals for the fourth time in four seasons?

–James was doing way too much gamesmanship over Tim Duncan’s comments that the Spurs will win this time around. If Duncan didn’t believe his team could win the series, that would be alarming. What did King James think Duncan should say – hope we don’t get swept?

–How healthy is Tony Parker’s ankle? I can’t see San Antonio winning the series if he is gimpy and less than full strength. Watching how he is moving on the court in Game 1 will tell us a lot as a guy like that doesn’t skip the second half of a close-out game – as he did against Oklahoma City – unless he’s severely hurting.

–The role players to watch are Chris Andersen for the Heat and Patty Mills for the Spurs. Miami needs to keep Duncan in check and the “Birdman” is a better option than Udonis Haslem or anybody else the Heat can throw in the interior. If Parker is less than full strength, San Antonio will need Mills to pick up the scoring slack as well as playing Cory Joseph more minutes to help plug the playmaking void.


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