John Calipari helped me win my pool so I now discard him in classic Calipari fashion

Posted: 04/07/2014 in college basketball
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I don’t like John Calipari and I don’t like one-and-dones.

But now that Kentucky has won me money, it’s time to have some fun.

Hope you lose in Monday night’s national title game, Coach Cal.

Hope Kevin Ollie outcoaches you and you get to watch Connecticut cut down the nets.

Know how you use college athletes to pad your pockets with millions and millions of dollars without a single iota of care in terms of their academics?

Well, I just prospered by it too.

And I’m a sportswriter … you know, the type of person you despise.

The one group of people on the planet that has never sucked up to you – well, except for a few national writers with no backbone.

And it is always oh-so-painful for you control freaks when someone doesn’t bow down to you.

That 3-pointer by Aaron Harrison is what I needed to win the NCAA tournament pool I was part of. And I probably needed that small dose of cash more than you need a tutor for your players.

Ahhh, what am I thinking? You have no use for a tutor.

I bet half your players have never even met any of the university’s academic advisors.

You will start five freshmen on Monday night against Connecticut … and if all five apply to the NBA Draft, you will wheel five more high school All-Americans into the program and go after it again.

The names of the players don’t matter to you. As long as they are talented at age 18 or 19, what do you care if they are in the D-League instead of improving their game as college sophomores?

You put a lot of effort into controlling the message – Spin Doctor Cal fits – and image control. Let’s see you put the same effort into actually building a program.

I’d say like you did at Massachusetts but didn’t the program get stripped of that 1996 Final Four appearance due to some funny business with Marcus Camby?

We could talk about what you did at Memphis … oh wait, that program was stripped of its 2008 Final Four appearance under your leadership too? So how exactly did Derrick Rose pass that SAT test?

So win all you want Cal but the respect for your methods is never going to be there. Even if you win Monday night, the naysayers will be around.

When you gauge the pulse of the nation, an overwhelming number of people seem to want to Connecticut to win.

That has nothing to do with Julius Randle … or Andrew Harrison … or James Young.

It has to do with you Cal.

People aren’t fond of your methods. People don’t respect you. People just flat-out don’t like you.

Most of all, people want to see you fail.

It’s a bed you made.

By the way, I know exactly what a tantrum-thrower like you said to your five freshman starters when you called that timeout one minute into the second half.

You probably said this: “None of you get to go to the NBA if we don’t win this game.”

The ultimate one-and-done putdown – ha ha.

So thanks again for the adjustments you made in the second half against Wisconsin that allowed me to pad my wallet.

I needed to take about half a dozen showers after spending two-plus hours rooting for your team to win.

I promise not to let that happen again Monday.


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