Urine for a reputation hit Joe Southwick even if it truly was non-Saint Patti waggin’ it

Posted: 12/23/2013 in college football
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There’s a major scandal in the fine town of Boise as the holiday season reaches its zenith and former Boise State quarterback Joe Southwick doesn’t find the situation so merry.

Southwick, a fifth-year senior, was sent home from 75-degree Honolulu last Friday to the frigid 20-degree temperatures of Boise, complete with five inches of snow waiting. The school didn’t announce Southwick’s transgressions but he decided to release it to Boise television station KTVB on Sunday.

Southwick was happy to reveal that it wasn’t him that peed off a hotel balcony on the team’s first night in Honolulu after the squad arrived to prepare for Tuesday’s Hawaii Bowl against Oregon State. Southwick said he knows the identity of the culprit and repeatedly asserted it wasn’t himself – and did nearly everything but sing George Thorogood’s “It Wasn’t Me” to prove his innocence.

Oh yeah, Southwick even went and took a lie detector test. Yes, really. Can’t make up stuff like that.

Third-string quarterback Nick Patti was also briefly suspended by the university before being reinstated so it hardly ranks as a mystery whom Southwick is probably referring to as the real supplier of the yellow stream that made the unannounced journey from hotel balcony to the surface below.

Southwick was confronted the following day and denied it was him. Interim coach Bob Gregory sent him home a short time later.

“It just turned to finger pointing, and it ended up being three people against one person saying something,” Southwick told KTVB. “And I guess the temper tantrum of one person didn’t look good and there was no investigation. This was an absolute rushed decision, probably made it about 20 minutes.”

According to Southwick, alcohol was involved and there were four people in the room when the incident occurred. So do the math – three people said it was Southwick and one person (Joe himself) is saying it wasn’t.

That’s typically not good odds.

No matter how Southwick or anybody else wants to spin the situation, nobody looks good.

So basically the incident involved five percent of Boise State’s scholarship athletes – who are in Honolulu to represent the school and be on their best behavior – and none of the four thought it might be a bad idea for someone to take a leak from a hotel balcony?

And Southwick – who is a TEAM CAPTAIN – doesn’t have the type of respect level within the team to deter someone else from acting like that in his presence? (IF it was indeed someone else).

Southwick admits he didn’t handle his temper well when school officials confronted him so perhaps the way he acted after being asked about the incident ended up being the bigger reason why he was shipped home.

Southwick also said he doesn’t want this to turn into a case of HIM against Boise State.

Ummmm, it’s already there, Joe. It’s already there.

Boise State issued a statement Monday in response to Southwick’s comments and said the following, according to KTVB:

“We investigated the matter with university administrators, coaching staff, a law enforcement official, hotel security and student-athletes. We made the decision to send the student-athlete home, and we stand by this difficult decision.”

The situation has been nicknamed #PeeGate2013 on the social-media site Twitter and news organizations all around the country have piggy-backed off KTVB’s reporting so there’s no going back now.

Southwick expresses he wants to clear his name but the problem is it was he himself who told the world about the “Golden Showers” incident.

He might be telling the truth that it indeed wasn’t him but football coaches who want to win just don’t send players home who are behaving well and acting in the best interests of the university. So there is surely much more to the situation that hasn’t yet been divulged.

And if Southwick is indeed innocent, it sure would reveal a lot about Patti’s level of character, wouldn’t it? He would be one of the people saying it was Southwick.

It is almost like Chris Petersen left for Washington and took the school’s standards of behavior with him.

Nobody wins here – especially Joe Southwick.

This incident will long be associated with his name no matter which player it is who doesn’t have the brains to figure out where the hotel room bathroom is located.


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