Cable One refund still hasn’t arrived — so time to relive October fun of snarky tweets

Posted: 11/25/2013 in Uncategorized

What do you know – Cable One helped itself to some of my money today due to the fact that it currently provides me with cable, phone and Internet usage.

Funny though, my bill was the same as any other month despite the company claiming refunds were in order for the fact that they were involved in a bitter dispute with Turner during the month of October. You know, the silly quarrel that prevented millions of customers in 19 different states from seeing the National League baseball playoffs.

Cable One used one of the bare Turner channels to make it clear how they weren’t at fault and how customers would be getting a credit once the dispute was over. Well, the dispute ended right before the NBA began season in late October and a month later, there still hasn’t been a refund.

Of course, if Cable One cares so little about customers that it can’t figure out a way to keep one of the most important sporting events from being blacked out, you know how little people like you and I mean to them.

The only time any of us matter to Cable One or Turner or Major League Baseball is when they can get their greedy hands on our money.

Pretty much makes you want to laugh when you see the Cable One advertisement where the theme is “Common Sense.”

But in the social media age, normal people who were once powerless have a lot of pull. Cable One can blow you off on the phone all it wants or send stupid emails with links to – yes, a PAY site – but it also can be exposed for its practices by any customer at any time.

Companies seem to forget consumers have choices. I’m hoping to buy property when my lease next runs out.

So what should we rate Cable One’s chances at keeping my business?

Hmmmm, they weren’t able to show me the baseball playoffs that I already paid to watch via the previous month’s bill?

Strike One.

They don’t have the NFL Red Zone channel like the more-popular and more-respected DirecTV does? Doesn’t offer the MLB package either?

Strike Two.

Oh, they promised a refund for the failure to provide agreed-upon services and it still hasn’t come? Perhaps they are still figuring out a way to where I only have to pay half my bill next month, right?


We all know whatever refund eventually comes will be skimpy – because that what these greedy companies do.

So yeah, you can guess what my response will be sometime next year when a Cable One representative wants to know why they no longer have my business.

I will be telling them that they struck out.

You know, because it’s “Common Sense.”

Anyway, the month of October was a mighty fun time when snarky tweets about Cable One, Turner and MLB became the real national pastime.

You can re-live the fun below:



Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 1 Oct

Looks like @CableOne did own shutdown per #Turner@CNN & @HLNTV no longer on my TV. But worse — no @TruTV when @NCAA tourney arrives.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 1 Oct

Received email from @CableOne saying #Turner has now pulled #TNT & #TBS from the lineup. My advice: Get it sorted out before @NBA starts up.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 1 Oct

Uh oh, just realized @CableOne pissing match with #Turner means I can’t see NL wild-card game tonight. That is atrocious & very poor timing.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 1 Oct

OK, @CableOne sure makes it difficult to send complaint about #MLB playoffs not being on TV. Had to jump through hoops to issue a complaint.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 1 Oct

You better put TBS back on for baseball playoffs. RT @CNNPR Turner Broadcasting was unable to reach an agreement with Cable One for @CNN.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 1 Oct

“Common sense” is theme. RT @CollinGarner @cableONE @ErraticElle drop turner channels in the middle of the playoffs? It’s just common sense


Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 2 Oct

Looks like @CableOne is failing at “common sense.” My complaint email per baseball playoffs led to them sending link to their spin control.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 2 Oct

When you turn to #TBS today, @CableOne is displaying a “Turner Negotiations” update & saying customers will receive a credit on next bill.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 2 Oct

It also says, you DO NOT need to call. Think that means @CableOne doesn’t want to have to hear from millions of baseball fans they shafted.

Marty McFly@LaidbckinAz 2 Oct

Cable One “It’s just common sense” To me common sense is paying for cable and being able to watch MLB playoffs #tbs #cnn #tnt C’mon

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 2 Oct

Hey @MLB if you care that MILLIONS of fans aren’t watching playoffs because of childish #TBS & childish @CableOne then get this fixed NOW.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 2 Oct

Time to turn on #Rays vs #Indians … oh wait, I forgot — @TurnerSportsPR & @CableOne have decided baseball playoffs aren’t worth showing.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 2 Oct

Can’t make this up: @CableOne just now sent me an email telling me I can watch playoff games on  #MLBChargesYouIdiots

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 2 Oct

Hey @MLB_TBS you and @CableOne need to quit acting like government politician buffoons & get this baseball game on my TV set immediately.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 2 Oct

TV news just reported on @MLB_TBS & @CableOne dispute saying “no timetable” to reach agreement. Hurry up @Fox & take over baseball playoffs.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 2 Oct

What?? The #NLCS is on @MLB_TBS too? Yikes — this will be recalled as the baseball postseason a large chunk of nation never saw. @CableOne


Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 3 Oct

Was just thinking I should turn to #CNN to see what all this White House shooting stuff is about. Oooooops — no longer on @CableOne.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 3 Oct

Hey @MLB & @MLB_TBS there is an #NFL game & a good college game on tonight since you don’t want millions of us to see playoffs. @CableOne

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 3 Oct

@ROSSatACA Why can’t Turner just unblock @MLB_TBS when baseball starts & block it again when it ends? This is so small-minded loser stuff.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 3 Oct

Something called the American Cable Association has sharply criticized @MLB_TBS for shutting out millions of fans from baseball postseason.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 3 Oct

Looks like it is that time to find a #Dodgers vs #Braves stream. Thanks for nothing @MLB @MLB_TBS & @CableOne … You all are failures.


Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 4 Oct

Thank you @MLB @CableOne & @MLB_TBS for freeing up my Friday to run errands & get exercise in great weather. #BaseballAndCableProvidersFail

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 4 Oct

So @MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne don’t care if people watch the baseball playoffs? No problem. I see #SanDiegoState playing #Nevada on @ESPN.


Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 5 Oct

So @MLB_TBS @CableOne & @MLB don’t care if anyone watches baseball playoffs? Not a problem — all three TVs on college football games. #IWin

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 5 Oct

Thanks @MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne for not letting us watch baseball playoffs. This #OhioState vs #Northwestern game is awesome. #Winning


Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 6 Oct

Hey @MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne — no problem not letting us watch baseball playoffs today. It is Sunday– you can’t compete with #NFL anyway.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 6 Oct

Was just telling boss about not able to watch baseball playoffs on @MLB_TBS. He says I was shafted by Cable provider — that’s you @CableOne

J Bates@Boise_J 6 Oct

@MrSportsBlog talked to @cableONE Thursday. They were surprised more people weren’t calling. I wasn’t. Not a baseball town.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 6 Oct

@Boise_J @cableONE I didn’t call. Just emailed them. People in St. Louis sure are pissed. Pretty sad that customers don’t matter to them.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 6 Oct

A thrilling 51-48 #NFL game. Once again we all get the last laugh on @MLB_TBS @MLB for the @CableOne dispute. #NobodyWatchingBaseball

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 6 Oct

Thanks @MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne for your collective failures on baseball front. Just got hour of exercise in 75 degrees on a Sunday night.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 6 Oct

Hey, the #WNBA Finals are on my TV & the @MLB playoffs aren’t. Baseball now trails women’s pro hoops. Good work @MLB_TBS & @CableOne. LOL


Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 7 Oct

A playoff game is on @MLBNetwork?… LOL @MLB really doesn’t care if anyone sees the product. @MLB_TBS & @CableOne dispute silly enough.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 7 Oct

Baseball playoff games were easier to watch when I was a kid as they were only on major networks. Not on fifth-rate channels like @MLB_TBS

Chris Beale@Nodozz_BL 6 Oct

@cableONE When I bought my cable I said I would only purchase if I could watch playoff baseball on @MLB_TBS. You have breached this contract

Matt Morgan@MM_23 7 Oct

Hey Turner Networks and @cableONE, thanks for making me miss the @MLB Playoffs!

Josh Friesen@Friesen_Joshua 4 Oct

Shoutout to @MLB_TBS for yanking the channel off @cableONE. I didn’t want to watch postseason baseball or anything. #sarcasm #jerks

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 7 Oct

Worst EVER. None on my TV. RT @MLB Best Monday EVER. OAK-DET, 1pm ET, @MLBNetwork STL-PIT, 3, TBS BOS-TB, 6, TBS ATL-LA, 9:30, TBS Excited?

David Henry@imau2fan 7 Oct

You can’t spell TBS without BS.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 7 Oct

Somebody is pitching a no-hitter through seven innings of a baseball playoff game? Glad @MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne won’t let millions watch.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 7 Oct

Dear @CableOne — you are complete failures. Dear @MLB_TBS — you are complete failures. Dear @MLB — shame on you for not stepping in.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 7 Oct

So @MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne don’t want me to see #Braves vs #Dodgers? No problem — there is #NFL game on @ESPN. LOL #AllThreeOfULoseAgain

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 7 Oct

Lot of people on my timeline talking about great ending in #RedSox vs #Rays game. Thanks for nothing @MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne. #YouAllFail

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 7 Oct

That’s OK @MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne — seeing dramatic game-winning & series-winning HRs in the playoffs is overrated. #YouAreAllFailures


Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 8 Oct

It is time for #Athletics vs #Tigers? Not where I live due to @MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne shutting MILLIONS out of postseason. #ExerciseTime

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 8 Oct

More people watched NFL on @ESPN than all THREE baseball games on @MLB_TBS on Monday!!! But @MLB & @CableOne & @MLB_TBS won’t let me watch.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 8 Oct

@Tamara_Harumi Best part is when @cableONE told me I wasn’t shut out of postseason & sent link where @MLB wanted me to pay $4.99!! @MLB_TBS

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 8 Oct

@Tamara_Harumi So yep, @cableONE @MLB_TBS @MLB are complete failures & have no respect for customers or fans or anything but own greed.

Tamara Davis@Tamara_Harumi 8 Oct

@MrSportsBlog @CableOne @MLB_TBS @MLB shocking! MLB sucks at everything they do, and no one will do anything about it.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 8 Oct

Hey @MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne – I am watching #NBA preseason game due to you all not caring to make baseball available to millions of folks.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 8 Oct

Thanks @MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne for not wanting millions of us to see postseason baseball. Really enjoying #LeagueOfDenial on #PBS.


Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 9 Oct

#ThingsThatAnnoyMe@MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne not letting millions of people watch playoff baseball due to their ineptness as companies.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 9 Oct

Oh, is there a decisive Game 5 tonight? Too bad @MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne won’t let MILLIONS watch. #AndTheyWonderWhyRatingsAreSoAwful #LOL

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 9 Oct

Not for MILLIONS of us thanks to you two & @CableOne. RT @MLB @Cardinals @Pirates The #NLDS reaches its epic conclusion NOW on @MLB_TBS!

Van Stragliati@Stragzalicious 9 Oct

Hey @cableONE you suck! Give me back TBS!

Ryan Perreault@ndsuryan 9 Oct

Intended to watch my first MLB playoff game tonight until I remembered I have @cableONE where TBS stands for Too Bad Sucker!

B. Kempf@brkteach 9 Oct

Just want to thank @cableone @CableONEsupport for my MLB playoff experience. (Insert sarcasm) Please, bring back @MLB_TBS, thank you.

Katlyn Schaefermeier@KatSchaef 9 Oct

This is a sick joke cable one. My TBS channel better not still be black in an hour or I’m going to start freakin out!! #CardinalNation

Morgan Walker@MorganWalker731 9 Oct

Seriously Kansas!? Cable one doesn’t carry tbs so no Cardinals game in the whole town. Grrr

Brian Julian@brianjulian 9 Oct

@cableONE is less popular than Congress which has a 5% approval rating.

Bradley Schmalenberg@Bradley229doug 9 Oct

Thanks Cable One I can’t watch the Pirates!!!

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 9 Oct

I’m going to be sad 10 days from now when @MLB_TBS goes back to its irrelevant status & I won’t get to mock them, @MLB & @CableOne every day

Tamara Davis@Tamara_Harumi 9 Oct

@MrSportsBlog JERKS!!! @CableOne

T.J. Huettenmueller@Thuettenmueller 9 Oct

.@cableONE @tbsveryfunny @MLB_TBS Quit fighting like little girls and make a deal already. I can’t watch baseball.

Linh Nguyen@LinhhhNguyen 9 Oct

Cable One is not doing it for me right now….. I JUST WANT TO WATCH THE CARDINALS GAME. #GetItTogether

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 9 Oct

#Cardinals & #Dodgers in NLCS? Perhaps I’m fortunate @MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne don’t want MILLIONS to watch. I look forward to ALCS on #FOX.


Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 10 Oct

Oh, Game 5 of the #ALDS is tonight? Not for MILLIONS of folks shut out of baseball postseason by @MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne. #ThreeIneptMice

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 10 Oct

Thanks @MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne for assuring that all three of my TVs can be turned on to FOOTBALL! #2013IsTheInvisibleBaseballPostseason

Max Luesebrink@The_Lightweight 10 Oct

I would watch the Tigers Game, But cable one got rid of Tbs, Rghhh

Jeff Heyer@heyerarchy 10 Oct

.@BarackObama Turner Networks and @cableONE haven’t struck a deal yet. Mind stepping in?

Lithuanian Nightmare@jlorno 10 Oct

Sure am glad cable one got rid of TBS so I cant watch the tigers game…smh

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 10 Oct

Justin Verlander has perfect game in sixth in Game 5? Good work @MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne making sure millions in 19 states see no playoffs.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 10 Oct

Wow, just saw a @CableOne house commercial where some executive rips #Turner for not living up to the contract. No @MLB_TBS again forever.


Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 11 Oct

Is the #NLCS starting tonight? Well, I will enjoy getting paid to cover #NBA hoops since @MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne don’t want me to watch.


Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 12 Oct

Oh, the #NLCS is during day? Since @MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne don’t want us to watch, all THREE TVs on football! I will watch #ALCS on @Fox

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 12 Oct

Baseball is on my 40-inch TV! Thanks @Fox for #ALCS game as @MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne have shut out millions of people from postseason.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 12 Oct

Glad @Fox has #ALCS. Think of the millions who would miss this possibly historic @MLB game if it were on @MLB_TBS due to @CableOne dispute.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 12 Oct

Keep games off @MLB_TBS RT @MLB Classic pitching duels. No-hit drama. Two 1-0 games for 1st time in #postseason history. This is October.


Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 14 Oct

#NLCS game? Not with @MLB_TBS & @CableOne acting like preschoolers. @Colts vs @Chargers it is. NFL gets superior ratings over spineless @MLB


Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 15 Oct

I would stay in & watch #NLCS but is on @MLB_TBS & that network, @CableOne & @MLB have shut out millions of us in 19 states from watching.


Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 16 Oct

#NLCS on today? Not for millions of us in 19 states due to @MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne not finding baseball dispute important enough to solve.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 16 Oct

Will concentrate on work since @MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne don’t feel postseason baseball is must-watch TV. Will watch #ALCS on @Fox tonight.


Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 17 Oct

So @CableOne made big deal about how there would be a bill credit coming due to them not being smart enough to figure out @MLB_TBS dispute.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 17 Oct

But here I am looking at @CableOne bill for Oct. 15-Nov. 14 & it is the SAME AMOUNT as usual. No CREDIT at all. Give us @MLB_TBS then. #Ugh


Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 18 Oct

Oh, is the #NLCS on tonight? Not for MILLIONS of us in 19 states as @MLB_TBS @MLB & @CableOne feel baseball isn’t must-see TV any longer.


Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 19 Oct

Good thing @MLB put #ALCS on @Fox & not @MLB_TBS … otherwise, millions of people would be missing great series due to @CableOne dispute.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 19 Oct

@UNLVRebelNation All I know is @MLB_TBS & @NBAonTNT & everyone at Turner better start negotiating with @cableONE NOW per #NCAA tournament.

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 19 Oct

Panic thought — three-fourths of #NCAATournament games are on @MLB_TBS @NBAonTNT & @truTV … Start negotiating NOW @CableOne#DISASTER


Brooke Baldwin@BrookeBCNN 25 Oct

Big BIG day for my pal @Rachel__Nichols — her show debuts at 10:30pmET!!! #Unguarded #CNN

Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 25 Oct

@BrookeBCNN @Rachel__Nichols Millions of people in 19 states will never see it due to Turner dispute with @CableOne as @CNN no longer exists


Mike Sullivan@MrSportsBlog 10h

#NBA season opens tomorrow & there is no @NBAonTNT on my dial. Does @NBA have more pull than @MLB & will @CableOne make it happen? #HaHaHa


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