San Diego State’s weird season now includes another victory over declining Boise State

Posted: 11/24/2013 in college football
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This has been a very weird San Diego State football season.

Lots of missed field goals and extra points, lots of weird decisions by coach Rocky Long and lots of occasions to laugh at how baffling the Aztecs are.

A season with a blowout loss at the hands of FCS program Eastern Illinois. A late-game collapse that prevented a victory against Oregon State of the Pac-12. Not to forget the kicking buffoonery that cost the Aztecs an upset of Fresno State, the top program in the Mountain West this season.

But San Diego State made its season on Saturday night when it went to overtime for the fourth time this season and posted a 34-31 victory over Boise State. Suddenly, the Aztecs have won seven of eight games since an 0-3 start.

That’s also back-to-back win over the Broncos, who not all that long enough were one of the better college football programs in the country.

Doesn’t matter that Boise State has declined since losing a bevy of NFL-caliber players and is now a four-loss team in 2013. San Diego State typically doesn’t beat teams like the Broncos, particularly if the game is close.

So the program dubbed “Stinkin’ San Diego State” by California quarterback Dave Barr in the mid-1990s – and then lived up to the moniker for the next 15 years – is celebrating an epic victory over Boise State for the second straight year.

Quinn Kaehler’s 10-yard pass to Colin Lockett provided the winning points but what stood out most of the game was that San Diego State was physically tougher than Boise State. As wacky as Long is sometimes with his decisions, the lack of toughness under coaches like Tom Craft and Chuck Long were huge problems.

The Aztecs are 7-4 overall and 6-1 in Mountain West play and headed to a bowl game for a fourth straight season. If you don’t understand how different that is when it comes to San Diego State football, consider this:

I covered the Aztecs football program for seven seasons from 2000-06 – and I never once covered them in a bowl game.

And, um, they never once had a winning record – and lost to teams like Idaho and Cal Poly and, well, most everybody else.

So losing to San Diego State in back-to-back seasons won’t go over well in Boise. The spoiled folks in that fine city still haven’t accepted that the Boise State program has slipped a bit and being trounced by Washington and Brigham Young didn’t quite reduce the egos of their fans to the proper level.

Losing to San Diego State in consecutive years should speed that up.

In fact, you know how I know Boise State’s period of football dominance is over?

Because the Broncos lost to San Diego State in back-to-back years.

Broncos coach Chris Petersen has been exposed a few times this season. And losing to Rocky Long again – and being out-prepared as well – isn’t one of his finest moments.

But for San Diego State, this qualifies as a very fine moment. Because the Aztecs don’t get many of those.

So yeah, weird season indeed.


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