Time for San Diego State coach Rocky Long to repeat history and find a female kicker

Posted: 10/27/2013 in college football, San Diego State low points
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Rocky Long once had a female kicker on his team at New Mexico. It is time for him to try the girl kicker route at San Diego State.

The Aztecs’ kicking situation has been a mess – continuing the longstanding school tradition of wilting when staring at uprights – and it led to a 35-28 overtime loss to No. 15 Fresno State on Saturday.

Long once allowed Katie Hnida to be part of his Lobos’ squad. In 2003, she became the first female to score points in a major-college game.

Something tells me it is time for Long to spend time observing San Diego State women’s soccer practices. There has to be somebody on campus with a strong leg who doesn’t become fearful when the job calls for kicking a football.

The kicking game has been a constant problem during Long’s three seasons as coach – so much that his decision-making has often been affected by the issue. Shouldn’t be this hard to find one kid – repeat, ONE – who can kick at the major-college level.

Since it has been such a hard task for Long, I expect to hear of campus-wide open tryouts this week. Complete with ponytails hanging out the back of the helmets.

Let them wear skirts if they are uncomfortable wearing football gear. Who cares – just find one person who can kick the ball.

Guys like Andy Trakas, Peter Holt and Tommy Kirovski received some company in the San Diego State kicker Hall of Shame on Saturday when Seamus McMorrow had a 37-yard field-goal attempt blocked on the final play of regulation.

But this isn’t all on Saturday’s kicker. Long deserves part of the blame.

The Aztecs had plenty of time to score a touchdown and Fresno State’s defense looked gassed. Yet even though Long has little confidence in his kicking game, he and offensive coordinator Bob Toledo went conservative to set up for the kick.

The decision was made at a time where you could picture every San Diego State fan yelling the same thing: “Nooooo, try to score a touchdown.”

If there was ever a time for former cheerleader Chet Carney III – the chunky guy who wore the white hard hat – to yell “point to the end zone,” this was it.

McMorrow had never made a collegiate field goal – he badly missed a 40-yarder earlier in the game – so it really wasn’t much of a stunner when Fresno State’s Marcel Jensen blocked the last-second kick.

Remember, McMorrow only ascended to starting kicker because the previous guy (Wes Feer) had digressed so badly.

You may recall McMorrow drilling one of his own linemen in the helmet with an extra-point attempt in the previous game against Air Force. Doink!

So add this latest kicking fiasco to the San Diego State lore, a dubious list that includes Trakas’ game-winning attempt against USC that landed near Tierrasanta in 1992, Holt’s 35-yard shank that allowed 0-10 UNLV to stomp out San Diego State’s bowl hopes in 1996 and Kirovski’s chip-shot 31-yarder being blocked by Fresno State for a loss in Tom Craft’s first game as coach in 2002.

So a rare victory over a nationally ranked team was missed on Saturday because the Aztecs don’t possess a bona fide college kicker.

It’s time to try something different. Long needs to let history repeat itself.

Invite a female kicker to join the football team. The results can’t be any worse.


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