Welcome to the second lifetime edition of vacation via tweets.

My recent vacation to Southern California and Las Vegas was by far the most enjoyable of the three vacations I have taken since moving from the paradise known as San Diego to another solid place to live in Boise, Idaho.

Perhaps it was because it was my first vacation in 25 months, but the trip I dubbed “Vacation, All I Ever Wanted” (yes, stolen from the former hit song by The Go-Gos) was refreshing, relaxing and quite fun.

The overwhelming highlight was attending the Padres’ game (with free tickets) at Petco Park on Saturday, July 13 when San Francisco’s Tim Lincecum threw a no-hitter against San Diego. It was my second lifetime no-hitter, the other being the one Bud Smith of the St. Louis Cardinals tossed against the Padres in 2001.

Chronicling a vacation in 140 characters or less through Twitter is certainly the 21st century way to do things. So here you go – all the highlights of “Vacation, All I Ever Wanted” are below.


–“Vacation, all I ever wanted; Vacation, had to get away.” It’s sinking in: Suitcase packed — first #vacation in 25 months about to start.

–The #Boise airport is so empty we could play a football game by Southwest boarding gates. Tile changes colors every 10 yards too. Perfect.

–Ducked into restaurant/bar at #Boise airport. Sit down, look up at TV & see the plane from the #SanFrancisco flight crashing & burning. #Umm

–Two men & two women sat at table next to me. One man is telling a woman, “It’s not a bad idea to leave newspapers.” #WowMustBiteToungeHere

–I want to yell sooooooo loud — if you have ANY talent or smarts, leave the newspaper NOW. Don’t stay in dying industry. #AirportConvos

–So apparently saving rows of seats is now a thing on #Southwest Airlines flights. So why is it called general boarding then?

–Long line of people heading from back of plane toward front looking for seats, #Southwest needs to stop saving seats stuff.

–Safe landing — always a good way to end a flight. #LasVegas sun looks like a cherry tomato. Big fire in hills west of town.


–Hey #LasVegas hooker, try disguising yourself better. No other women are saying “Hey, hey” in desperate manner as I walk by. #vacation

–It is 91 degrees at 1:20 a.m. in #LasVegas. People live here too. Really. #vacation

–Good part of bus trip across desert — I’m not driving. … Bad part — about 10 different people listening to music WITHOUT headphones.

–Hearing way too much jive talk on this bus ride. Will never understand black females referring to their man as the N-word. Lot of B-word too.


–Big Moment in vacation — about to eat first In-N-Out burger in 25 months. Been way too long.

–Hey #PetcoPark long time no see. First #Padres game in 25 months. #vacation pic.twitter.com/JauzujbBZE

–Based on loud crowd reaction on #Giants game-tying single, perhaps I went to #SanFrancisco by mistake & not #SanDiego#PadresAtHome

–Might grab a bat & see if they will let me take swings against #Padres Luke Gregerson. Don’t know if I will get a hit but will hit a liner.

–The #Padres’ loss to the #Giants was nowhere near as painful as squeezing on trolley afterwards. Um MTS, it’s OK to add cars on game nights.


–Just walked through open gate to check out re-done #UniversityOfSanDiego baseball stadium. pic.twitter.com/ThzxDiSrMD

–Just got done climbing over fence to get out of USD baseball stadium. Somebody locked gate during the 3 minutes I was inside. #TimingAlert

–It is such a joy to be driving in #California — where there is no texting while driving going on. Everybody looks at the road. #Amazing

–Actual conversation at #PetcoPark: Guy1: “Dude, that guy’s wife is here.” Guy2: “Who?” Guy1: “Alexi, the guy that just scored.” #OKStalker

–This Tony Gwynn has never cussed me out like the #SanDiegoState baseball coach version. #vacation pic.twitter.com/6W5AwVdr8R

–Amazing the thousands of people who don’t watch the game after paying crazy #PetcoPark ticket prices to get inside ballpark. #MakesZeroSense

–Wow, #Giants runner was so far out of baseline that customs at Mexican border was about to inspect him. What an awful call. #Padres

–That ol’ you never leave a baseball game early law is about to be tested. #Padres might be having position player pitch 9th if this keeps up.

–If I understand correctly, when Pablo Sandoval’s average goes up, so does his cholesterol level & weight.

–Dumb conversation of night: Guy says a kid from Rancho Bernardo HS went straight to majors & is playing 2B for #Yankees …Other guy says …

–Robinson Cano plays 2B for #Yankees … First guy says not so, this kid now does and is batting over .400 with two homers. Other dude …

–says he probably is Cano’s backup … First guy says no — kid’s mom says her son is #Yankees 2B, then he asks his wife “What’s his name?”

— I didn’t have the heart to enter convo & let them know nobody has gone directly from HS to majors since 1970s. #MoronsAtPetcoParkAlert

–OK, got the name of the kid the one guy insists supplanted Robinson Cano as #Yankees 2B immediately upon being drafted… it is Gosuke Katoh

–Katoh is playing in the Florida Gulf Coast League — the lowest affiliate of the #Yankees organization. Cano can show to ballpark Saturday.


–Hey #SanDiego is trending. Probably because I’m in town? No. Got to be the slimy mayor who won’t step down despite sexual harassment issues.

–Oh @ElPolloLoco how I have missed you. Awesome chicken on Mission Gorge Road in #SanDiego … Please come to #Boise ASAP

–Just saw guy walking down Mission Gorge Road wearing hoodie … In middle of day during summer … Kind of suspicious. #WhatWouldZimmermanDo

–Always an honor to visit my dad’s gravesite. Yep — blame him for my presence on Earth … 🙂 pic.twitter.com/Ais2tcLGcH

–Dinner at @souplantation another place that needs to get itself to #Boise … there are zero top-flight salad/soup places in #TreasureValley

–Yikes! Can we at least send Zimmerman to jail for 18 months for Buffoonery? When 911 tells you to stop & innocent kid dies you are a buffoon.

–Wow … the #Giants now call #SanDiego home. Pretty embarrassing that two-thirds of a Saturday night crowd is rooting for visitors. #PetcoPark

–Expressed my disappointment on Monday that Edinson Volquez would be pitching for #Padres tonight. He’s even more awful than I feared.

#Padres are so awful tonight that perhaps I can see my second lifetime no-hitter. Lincecum is dealing like his former self.

–Tim Lincecum has six outs to go to join Bud Smith (2001) as only pitchers to throw no-hitters with me in attendance. #Padres #Giants

–My second lifetime no-hitter … Giants 9, Padres 0 … Tim Lincecum joins Bud Smith as pitchers to throw no-hitters with me in ballpark.


–Have text from person who gave me free tickets to Lincecum no-hitter vs. #Padres saying I owe him one. So true.

–While I am ecstatic to see a no-hitter on July 13, I will also remember that George Zimmerman was acquitted on same day. RIP Trayvon Martin

–Johnny Manziel sent home from Manning camp? Hmmmm, my prediction of him becoming this decade’s Ryan Leaf gets another huge boost.

–Went to three games at #PetcoPark and #Padres were outscored 23-3 & got no-hit by Tim Lincecum. I believe I wrecked the franchise by myself.

–So I’m not at #PetcoPark & Padres have eight runs in four innings. They were outscored 23-3 the three nights I was there. #SoItWasMyFault

–Having superb time at beer tasting party at sister’s house. Just heard 7-year-old girl tell another “It’s your sister from another mister.”

–My sister throws better parties than your sister. #VacationIsAllEyeEverWanted


–My highly intelligent 6-year-old niece told me I am the best uncle ever. Day complete. #vacation

–Was stunned last week to learn Filner was mayor of #SanDiego … Now reports of him groping women & forcibly kissing them. #AndHeWontResign

–Hmmm … pizza with sister’s family & cool niece and nephew … or Home Run Derby with Chris Berman speaking … #NoContestOnWhatIWillBeDoing

–So why are there riots in Los Angeles & Oakland on the third night after the #Zimmerman verdict? That makes zero sense to me. #GoHome


–Here’s how I know I am in #SanDiego — 73, sunny & breezy in middle of day in July & I can actually go outside before 9 p.m. #Paradise

–The house I grew up in as a kid in “Allied Gardens” community of #SanDiego#vacation pic.twitter.com/zE7Bbj0P3n

–Am leaving awesome #MonaLisa — the best Italian place in #SanDiego history. Miss their awesome pizza sooooo much. #vacation

–Wow … what an all-time baseball moment … Mariano Rivera taking mound in final #AllStarGame

–NL now trying the hit the ball near Nelson Cruz strategy. #AllStarGame


–How is it that my #vacation is already on its ninth day? I simply don’t understand. Will be three-fourths over later today. Ugh. #TooMuchFun

–Can’t see Lake Hodges without thinking of Chelsea King, the HS student raped & killed in 2010 while jogging on the trails. #vacation #RIP

–So people actually watch the @ESPYS?? Yikes.


–Making way back to #LasVegas on Interstate 15. Sounds like an #InNOut burger is in my immediate future. #vacation

–Yum … second @innoutburger stop during CA #vacation … In-N-Out needs to get itself to #Boise ASAP, where it would own the burger market.

–View of pool from room at the #MonteCarlo in #LasVegas#vacation pic.twitter.com/k6G5JEWak3

–For the #NFL gambling folks — #Chargers are 3-point home underdogs vs #Texans in primetime opener Week 1. With new head coach. #Hmmmmmmm

–Wow … 101 degrees at 10:20 pm outside in Vegas. Can almost feel pavement burning through shoes. #AndPeopleLiveHere #vacation


–Struggling with the thought that I have to return to work in less than 48 hours. Why can’t I be on #vacation forever?

#LasVegas trying to sucker me into baseball betting. Well aware that #Rays P David Price owns the #BlueJays. But the PRICE isn’t right. #LOL

–Hey, #BoiseState hats on clearance at Lids hat store in #LasVegas … Didn’t see any BCS schools on the clearance shelves. #JustTheFactsHere

–Do these #LasVegas people who thrust the cards in your face every 20 feet on the sidewalk really work outside all day in 115-degree heat?

–About to eat #Hooters wings & I have six different baseball games on awesome TVs within 10 feet of me. #VacationIsAllEyeEverWanted

–It is thunder & lightening so hard that the satellite TVs have frozen. You can hear #LasVegas thunder from inside #Hooters#Vacation

–Wow, my sister & her family had water up to their knees at #LasVegas stoplight? As for me, I am stranded at #Hooters for now. #Vacation

–Have made it back to #LasVegas hotel without drowning. Crazy jagged lightning bolts in the sky. Unreal thunder that shakes ground.

–Time to put social media pressure on #LasVegas hotels — going home with more money than I came with due to slots at #NewYorkNewYork

–I stayed at #MonteCarlo & never once got a single winner on the slots. Yes, not even ONE. So do your gambling at #NewYorkNewYork.

–Very impressed with my restraint tonight. Turned $6 into $37.50, turned $5 into $25. Lose $5 another time, walk away.


–Sadly, I am about to check out of hotel. #Vacation2013 will end later today. Apparently, I need to take four-week vacations in the future.

–Got home to #Boise & sunglasses were nowhere to be found. Then I remembered I took them off outside @LASairport (McCarran Airport) to pose …

–for pictures outside @SouthwestAir & never saw them again. So called Lost & Found at @LASairport & described them & awesome woman on the …

–line said “I’m looking right at them.” So @LASairport is going to FedEx them to me!! Great work McCarran Airport Lost & Found!

–Clarify that I was posing for pictures with nephew & niece and not because I have an infatuation with @SouthwestAir airport entrances!

–Got to say #VacationAllEyeEverWanted was a great success. Great time in #SanDiego, saw 2nd lifetime no-hitter, saw good friends & family.


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