Sports Disgrace — Titus Young, clubhouse leader for the Mims Memorial Moron Award

Posted: 05/13/2013 in football, Sports Disgrace
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It has been a long time since I filed something under the Sports Disgrace category.

But where else would an item about disgraceful Titus Young belong?

The former NFL receiver – a tag that will likely be permanent – got arrested three times in Southern California in less than a week as he seems intent on proving that he’s one of the biggest idiots of all time.

The late Chris Mims would even be shocked at Young’s stupidity. And Mims pulled off one of the dumbest stunts ever during his second stint with the San Diego Chargers.

But let’s deal with Young first. He wore out his welcome in just his second year with the Detroit Lions with a string of selfish and silly acts.

He boasted he was better than teammate Calvin Johnson, one of the top wideouts in NFL history. He sucker-punched teammate Louis Delmas in the offseason after his rookie season and got suspended during his second season when he intentionally lined up in the wrong spot in the offense.

The Lions told him to go home and not come back. They released Young after the 2012 season and the St. Louis Rams claimed him, but lost interest after a serious of conversations with Young and also cut him.

Young is now just a sexual assault charge short of completing the Criminal Grand Slam. He was arrested on DUI charges in Moreno Valley the early hours of May 5 and arrested again later that same day after he scaled the fence of an impound lot trying to retrieve his black Mustang.

Young then was arrested for the third time in the early hours of May 11 in San Clemente. Shortly after midnight, Young attempted to break into a home and officers arrived and chased him down and arrested him.

Wait, didn’t Young claim to be better than Johnson? Then how come a few measly police officers were able to chase him down AND tackle him?

Doesn’t sound like he’s in football shape but the former Boise State standout is on top of the charts when it comes to being a moron.

Which brings us back to Mims. I was covering the Chargers in 1999 when Mims was involved in an embarrassing incident that defied all logic.

The 300-pound Mims was out drinking like a fish after a Chargers’ loss and the limousine in which he was riding pulled into a downtown San Diego Del Taco around 2:30 a.m. Mims got out of the limo and began urinating.

A 23-year-old guy who weighed less than half of Mims’ weight remarked that the behavior was inappropriate and Mims threatened to beat him with his belt. And then he lived up to it, pushing the guy into the wall and whipping him with the belt.

He then stole the guy’s four tacos – a whole $2 worth of food – and ran back to the limousine and high-tailed it out of the area.

A Del Taco worker recognized Mims and that is how police officers knew who to arrest. It was one of the most surreal moments of my professional career when Mims faced the media a few days later after a Chargers practice to field questions about the incident. (Would love to post the story but I worked for a newspaper behind the times so there is no online article to post).

Remember, the Chargers also employed Ryan Leaf at the time. Leaf and Mims – Derelicts R Us at its best … er worst.

The Chargers parted ways with Mims after the 1999 season and he never played in another NFL game. Mims died in 2008 at the age of 38, forever infamous for the drunken behavior at the downtown Del Taco.

Who knows where Titus Young’s tale ends but it is clear the dude needs some major help. In fact, jail just might be the best place for the guy right now.

Anybody who scales over an impound fence to get his car isn’t thinking too clearly. Just how did he expect to get the car out of the locked compound?

And now his football career is done at age 23.

Congrats Titus Young, you are now officially a Sports Disgrace.


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