Roger Goodell is the reason, not the players, why you pay so much to attend NFL games

Posted: 02/15/2013 in football
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Those crazy prices that NFL fans are forced to pay can now be blamed on one person – NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Next time you hear an NFL franchise raising ticket prices and citing the cost of business, laugh to yourself and know that the real reason for the increase is the cost of keeping Goodell’s pockets full of your hard-earned cash.

Sports Business Daily reported Friday that Goodell earned $29.49 million in 2011, information gleaned from the NFL’s tax return.

It is hard to decipher the commissioner making over $29 million for a year’s work despite the enormous amount of money the NFL has at its disposal. That figure dwarfs the outrageous salaries earned by the people who throw and catch footballs or make bone-crushing tackles for a living.

The 32 NFL teams pay the salary of the commissioner and those owners love to imply to the paying customers that it is the salaries of the players that prompt the ridiculous prices for tickets, parking, food and beverages and souvenirs.

Perhaps Goodell can cut his own compensation in half – I’m guessing he might find a way to live on $15 million – and order all 32 teams to cut ticket prices so the working stiffs can attend games at a reasonable price.

I know the chances of that happening are about the same as O.J. Simpson finding the real killers in coming weeks. The NFL is all about greed and excess and Goodell’s 2011 compensation reinforces that notion.

I have covered three Super Bowls and I will never forget the scene at the “NFL Commissioner’s Party” in the San Diego Convention Center two nights before Super Bowl XXXII between the Green Bay Packers and Denver Broncos.

Using the word “excess” doesn’t even come close to describing the amount of food and beverages at the function. Late in the evening, another sportswriter and I were surveying the high amount of leftover food and I remarked that there was enough food left to feed every Third World Nation for the next three years.

Apparently, the same type of excess applies to the bank account of Goodell. I’m not saying he shouldn’t be compensated nicely, but $29 million in one year is a ludicrous amount.

It is you the fans who are paying Goodell’s freight, and this revelation serves as another reminder that NFL teams have little respect for the paying customers.

All they want is your cash – and they want all of it.


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