The world has officially gone wacko when you realize you are envious of Joe Flacco

Posted: 02/04/2013 in football
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Never thought there would be a day when I was envious of Joe Flacco.

A quarterback who once couldn’t beat out Tyler Palko at Pittsburgh and then transferred to Delaware is now a Super Bowl MVP and ready to hit the football jackpot.

Flacco passed for 287 yards and three touchdowns to guide the Baltimore Ravens to a 34-31 victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday to complete a spectacular postseason in which he threw 11 touchdown passes and wasn’t intercepted at all.

Legendary Joe Montana is the only other quarterback to throw 11 TDs without being picked off in a single postseason.

Flacco has won nine career NFL playoff games – the same number as Peyton Manning, by the way – and is about to become a free agent. The Ravens will certainly at least place the franchise tag on Flacco after the Super Bowl victory.

That designation would guarantee Flacco the average salary of the five highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL for the 2013 season.

When it comes to a long-term contract, the starting point is turnover-prone Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers.

Rivers has committed 47 turnovers over the past two seasons – most in the NFL during that span – and hasn’t even won a playoff game since the 2008 season.

For all those miscues and lack of key victories, Rivers is gladly cashing hefty paychecks – I bet he doesn’t fumble them – as part a six-year contract worth $93 million.

Flacco will obviously be receiving a better deal than that and could approach a $20 million annual salary.

I would have thought there was a better chance of me traveling via pogo stick from San Diego to Antarctica than Flacco ever making that kind of dough.

But that is the stratosphere in which Flacco now lives after a splendid postseason that included the late fourth-quarter rally to force overtime in the victory over the Manning-led Denver Broncos and outplaying Tom Brady of the New England Patriots in the AFC title game.

He will soon be receiving a contract worth over $100 million – one of those things that rubs it in that life isn’t fair.

Not that I am envious. Oh no, not at all … well, maybe a little. OK, a lot.

A few other Super Bowl-related thoughts …

–Glad Ray Lewis is retiring and we will never have to go through Super Bowl week hearing all the hype about him ever again. The second I heard him mentioning that he would be going to celebratory parties after the game, I cringed – hoping nobody in New Orleans will be found murdered overnight. Outstanding football player but questions will always remain about two people being stabbed to death and Lewis fleeing to his limo 13 years ago.

–Ravens coach John Harbaugh deserved to be the winning coach over younger brother Jim in the “Harbowl.” John appeared more relaxed all week leading up to the game and he did a better job than Jim during the game. I suspect it won’t be the only time John wins a Super Bowl ring. And Jim will certainly get another chance as well.

–The game will be remembered in history as the “Blackout Bowl” due to the 34-minute stoppage during the third quarter of the contest. A huge black eye for the NFL and the unexpected break changed the momentum of the contest. The 49ers were trailing 28-6 at the time and were able to get re-energized and carried the flow of play after the resumption of play. Personally, I wondered if John Harbaugh had a feeling ultracompetitive brother Jim was behind the blackout and had somebody turn off the power switch.

–Thought it was an exceptionally weak crop of Super Bowl commercials. The best one – by far – was Tide’s “Montana Miracle Stain.” A stain in the shape of Joe Montana lands on a guy’s 49ers jersey and the stain becomes a national sensation. The fun ends when his sneaky girlfriend washes the Joe Montana jersey – well played, Tide — to get rid of the stain. She was wearing a Ray Rice jersey and coyly mentions, “Go Ravens.” Runner-up was “Jack” of Jack in the Box fame being a rock star in an earlier part of his life with a blonde in the front row flashing him during a concert. Jack hits the pause button on the video and tells his son, “And that’s how I met your mom.”


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