Chargers’ fans can rejoice because fourth-and-29 conversion equates into firing time

Posted: 11/26/2012 in football
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Sunday’s latest embarrassing collapse should be viewed as an extremely significant development by fans of the San Diego Chargers.

Blowing a 10-point fourth-quarter lead and allowing the Baltimore Ravens to convert a fourth-and-29 play – fourth-and-29! – and escape town with a 16-13 victory is infinitely better for your future football enjoyment than if the Chargers had actually tackled Ray Rice and recorded a victory.

At 4-7 and with losses in six of seven games, the Chargers are in full retreat mode and fans can feel really good about the new rally cry:

Fourth-and-29 equates into firing time.

Norv Turner was hanging by a string entering Sunday’s game only because president Dean Spanos isn’t a masterful executive. Most NFL teams would’ve kicked Turner out with the old Stickum supply after last season’s dreadful coaching performance.

But the Chargers let one of the worst head coaches in NFL history return and the organization deserves every ounce of criticism they are receiving. You figured having 13 days to prepare for the Cleveland Browns and failing to score a single offensive touchdown would represent the low point of the season, didn’t you?

Fourth-and-29 trumps anything else because I’ve seen quarterbacks take the field for the Chargers – Todd Philcox, Casey Weldon, Craig Whelihan and Ryan Leaf to rattle off a definitely not fearsome foursome – who likely couldn’t convert a fourth-and-29 against a team made up of Pop Warner players.

Doesn’t get any more pathetic than needing to make one stop to win a game – on fourth-and-29 – and your defense is unable to stop an all-but-giving-up check-down pass and allows Rice to get the first down to set up the field goal that forces overtime.

Good thing Baltimore’s Justin Tucker booted the winning kick in overtime because the Chargers didn’t deserve to escape with a victory. If they had, you would be hearing all that nonsense about the team being in the playoff race and how Turner gets his teams to play their best ball late in the season.

Hope the Chargers public relations chief kept some of his “chill pills” available because he’s going to need a full supply – for himself.

The heat is only going to increase down the stretch as San Diegans ratchet up their hatred of Turner to even higher levels. He has become more despised than either Harland Svare and Dan Henning – the two most-hated head coaches in franchise history.

The good thing for San Diego fans is spineless Spanos – somebody ought to trademark the term “Spineless Spanos” – has no choice but to let Turner go. Good ol’ Dean can’t put in his head back in the ostrich hole like he did at the end of last season.

Three straight years of missing the playoffs pretty much assures that. In addition, the failings of general manager A.J. Smith pretty much mean it will be tough for the team to win in 2013 as well.

Smith ought to be shown the door at the same moment as Turner. A once talent-laden squad is now a middling collection of players with some major underachievers thrown in.

I pointed out prior to the season how silly it was for Smith to think signing free agents Robert Meachem and Eddie Royal would adequately replace standout receiver Vincent Jackson. And those two guys have been even more inept than anyone could have thought possible.

In fact, Jackson had more yards in ONE GAME (216) this season than either Meachem (207) and Royal (134) have all season. Wonder if those players let their paychecks slip through their hands like they do with footballs.

The club announced prior to Sunday’s game that Royal would be inactive. My question: How can you tell? He’s inactive even when suited up.

Gosh, I can’t wait until Sunday for the Chargers to get back on the field. They host the Cincinnati Bengals and now there’s only one thing a loyal fan should root for – that the wheels come completely off.

That way, there’s no chance Turner – infamously known as the coach of the team that can’t defend a short pass on fourth-and-29 – can somehow save his job.

  1. Smokkee says:

    how has Dean Spanos not dropped the hammer on this shit show already. The loss to CLE after a bye was enough to tell us what kind of team the Chargers are.

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