Only Chargers’ Norv Turner can lose to the Cleveland Browns with 13 days to prepare

Posted: 10/28/2012 in football
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You’ve really got to hand it to Norv Turner – not every NFL coach can have 13 days to prepare for the awful Cleveland Browns and figure out a way to lose.

The once high-scoring San Diego Chargers couldn’t even manage a single touchdown against the Browns in suffering a humiliating 7-6 loss in Sunday’s contest on the shores of Lake Erie.

This debacle comes after blowing double-digit, second-half leads against the New Orleans Saints and Denver Broncos. The collapse against the Broncos – San Diego led 24-0 at halftime before losing by 11 points – ranks as one of the worst in NFL history.

The epic failure against Denver was followed by the Chargers public relations director ripping the team’s own fans and urging them to take “chill pills” – that qualifies as horrible public relations, by the way – and allegations that the team was using Stickum (a banned substance) during the contest.

As rough as it was to watch Drew Brees and Peyton Manning rally the Saints and Broncos to comeback wins against the Chargers, losing to Cleveland after having the benefit of a bye week defies all logic.

The Browns entered the contest with the worst record in the NFL. But somehow, Turner and his offensive assistants couldn’t figure out how to out-produce overmatched Browns rookie Brandon Weeden.

Cleveland scored a first-quarter touchdown on Trent Richardson’s 26-yard run and it held up. Part of the blame can be placed on Robert “Stone Hands” Meachem, who dropped a 51-yard touchdown pass from Philip Rivers in the third quarter.

See what happens when the Chargers lose their Stickum supply?

The bumbling effort against the woeful Browns means the Chargers (3-4) take a three-game losing streak into Thursday night’s nationally televised “lowdown” against the Kansas City Chiefs.

And yes, Turner will still be San Diego’s coach four days from now. There’s not much preparation time to begin with during a short week and the distractions of firing Turner would only be a detriment in a contest that the Chargers must win to even entertain winning the AFC West.

There will be an extended break after that contest before the Chargers visit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Nov. 11. Perhaps a loss to the Chiefs will finally prompt club president Dean Spanos to finally take action and hand Turner his pink slip now, instead of waiting two more months.

I could go on and on about what a mess the Chargers are and what a horrible coach Turner is but I don’t want to draw a reprimand from the club’s public relations guy.

Then again, I don’t think there are any chill pills left. Judging by the inept performance against the Browns, it looks like the offense took them.


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