MrSportsBlog announces change in approach to more quick-hitting posts

Posted: 07/10/2012 in Uncategorized

MrSportsBlog is going to change its approach moving into the fall.

I am so busy with paid work that I just don’t have the time to write lengthy opinions of sporting events and/or breaking sports news as it occurs.

And it really doesn’t work well to chime in a week or so after something happens just because I finally have some free time. We live in an era of instant reaction so time is of the essence.

When I count back and see I filed five posts over the past two-plus months, it tells me this change is necessary. And when a category is called “first of the month rant,” it loses its meaning when I finally write it on the sixth or seventh day of the month (or the 10th day as with June, 2012).

I had all kinds of free time when I started MrSportsBlog in the summer of 2009 but the situation is much different now. It is time to adjust and make sure the venture remains fun for me.

In retrospect, this is a change I should have considered last summer so my production in terms of football-related posts could have remained high.

So moving forward, I will write shorter posts as news is breaking or developing. I will occasionally write something lengthy but my focus will change to being more timely and filing quick-hitting posts.

I see it as a change for the better and something that makes MrSportsBlog more relevant.


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