Baseball’s All-Star game a real snoozer — proof found in my relaxing ergonomic chair

Posted: 07/10/2012 in baseball
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Those days of being a kid seem so very long ago when you tune into baseball’s All-Star Game.

Every boy in the neighborhood looked forward to baseball’s midsummer classic when I was growing up in San Diego and what happened in the game was talked about for several days afterward.

That aura no longer exists and the All-Star Game seemingly will never regain its once-glorious appeal. The downfall reached its zenith when baseball commissioner Bud Selig allowed that ridiculous 11-inning tie back in 2002.

Perhaps we can blame the National League for scoring five runs in Tuesday’s first inning but the 2012 All-Star Game was anything but a classic. There won’t be much reminiscing in days to come either.

The NL posted an 8-0 victory over the American League – marking the eighth shutout in All-Star history – and I can personally attest the game was a snoozer.

Yep, dozed off in the relaxing ergonomic chair for about 15 minutes and missed Most Valuable Player Melky Cabrera’s two-run homer in the fourth inning that boosted the NL lead to eight.

Pablo Sandoval’s three-run triple off Justin Verlander highlighted the five-run opening inning as the All-Star Game in Kansas City turned into a typical Royals’ game – a blowout loss.

Matt Cain picked up the victory with two scoreless innings. Cain got the start over R.A. Dickey in part because catcher Buster Posey apparently can’t catch a knuckleball. Good thing Posey was out of the game before Aroldis Champman began hurling 100 mile-per-hour fastballs.

The NL used 11 pitchers but the Padres’ lone representative – closer Huston Street – didn’t get into the game.

Cabrera and Ryan Braun each had two hits for the NL, which won its third straight All-Star Game. That part actually does matter in that the NL now claims homefield advantage for the World Series.

But most of what happened will be out of the memory bank by Friday. And that’s downright sad compared to those epic All-Star games of my youth.


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