How did we get to this point where “Spider 2 Y Banana” dwarfs Final Four coverage?

Posted: 03/30/2012 in college basketball, football
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The Final Four is the absolute best basketball day of the year but I think I somehow missed it.

Either that or the Final Four has gone underground in stealth mode.

Been hearing much more NFL chatter and even a sprinkling of baseball talk this week but not a whole lot of discussion about Saturday’s national semifinals.

And, um, way way too much discussion of “Spider 2 Y Banana.”

Perhaps the state of Kentucky put soundproof barriers on its borders so nobody west of the state would hear about the big clash between Kentucky and Louisville. The Bluegrass State is in euphoria over the matchup between current Kentucky coach John Calipari and Louisville’s Rick Pitino, the former Wildcats coach.

Maybe Urban Meyer has an agreement that Ohio State basketball isn’t discussed during spring football drills and that’s why there’s so much silence on the matchup between Kansas and Ohio State. Would be interesting to know what Jayhawks coach Bill Self and Buckeyes coach Thad Matta are thinking two days before tipoff.

Hey, I could be part of the reason too. I’m pretty busy with work assignments and I long ago quit listening to sports-talk radio shows unless it was the segment directly before I was a guest on a show. I also do a good job of watching agenda-based ESPN only on a limited basis.

Yet I did turn on SportsCenter for a while on Thursday night in hopes of catching up on the latest Final Four news. Instead, I saw lots of NBA and NHL highlights and even some tennis highlights.

I did see some college basketball coverage but it was footage of a college slam dunk contest held at the Final Four site in New Orleans. Undoubtedly, what little coverage they delegated to the Final Four had already been aired before I tuned in.

Either way, there sure was a lot of NFL talk as if what Donovan McNabb has to say about the Washington Redskins and Robert Griffin III matters to anyone outside of Washington D.C. or Waco, Texas. Somehow video of Tim Tebow using the word “excited” about joining the New York Jets got about a minute of time. I began to dread the possibility of a Peyton Manning segment with John Elway yelling at the press conference.

But I really became convinced the Final Four couldn’t be this weekend when the longest segment during the time I was tuned in involved Jon Gruden talking football and watching video with Andrew Luck.

Luck was asked to draw up a play called “Spider 2 Y Banana” and explain the options. Then there was chatter about “Spider 3 Y Banana.”

I heard the word spider so often during the segment that I began to look around and make sure no spiders had invaded my dwelling.

Have nothing against “Gruden’s QB Camp,” but we’re in the middle of March Madness here.

So either the Final Four has been postponed or ESPN doesn’t consider it high priority because it is televised by a rival network or perhaps Thursday was a furlough day for the network’s many college basketball analysts.

Pondering it had been approximately 25 minutes of seeing nothing about the Final Four and dreading another round of NHL highlights, I moved on to one of the news channels discussing the Trayvon Martin situation.

That proved to be a much better use of my time then listening to a former football coach yelling “Spider 2 Y Banana” over and over.

  1. Justin says:

    Obvious, ESPN is NOT broadcasting the Final 4. They do not present sports news, only that in which represents their programming.

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