Looking for college football’s best team? It has been identified no matter who wins

Posted: 01/09/2012 in college football
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I would enjoy watching the best college football team in the nation being decided tonight.

But the game itself between LSU (13-0) and Alabama (11-1) isn’t going to determine that.

If LSU defeats Alabama a second time in the so-called national championship game, then we get reinforcement of what we already know: The Tigers are the best team in the nation.

But if the Crimson Tide wins, we just played an entire college football season to decide absolutely nothing.

Great system those BCS clowns have put together, huh?

LSU defeated Alabama 9-6 in overtime on Alabama’s home field during the regular season so a Crimson Tide victory would mean the teams went 1-1 against each other this season.

The system of buffoonery would award Alabama the national crown if the Crimson Tide win despite the fact that LSU has a superior body-of-work. The Tigers have eight wins over ranked teams, including victories over Alabama, the Rose Bowl champ (Oregon), the Cotton Bowl champ (Arkansas) and the Orange Bowl champ (West Virginia).

In other words, there’s really no reason to play tonight’s game. If the goal is to award a national champion, that has already been determined. If the regular season really means something, then LSU already is the champion.

Of course, that ridiculous notion that every college football game has meaning has long been exposed as a fallacy no matter how often BCS power brokers utter the phrase. If you’re in a non-BCS conference, only one game in the season has meaning – the game you lost.

Ask Boise State and any other recent one-loss team from the Mountain West, Western Athletic or Conference USA how that works.

So perhaps the ideal thing to do tonight is root for Nick Saban and Alabama to win the game and create more disarray and utter unhappiness with the BCS system.

You can already see the bottom wobbling per the system with the advent of social media. The BCS used to come up with spin control all the time to justify the lack of a legitimate playoff system and they aren’t so thrilled that the common-day fan now has a significant voice and can call them out for being the greedy hypocrites they’ve always been.

The pressure has become so intense that there certainly will be upcoming changes when the television contract runs out after the 2013 season. Perhaps there will even be a four-team playoff three years from now. (The BCS honchos will call it a “plus-one” since they avoid the word “playoff” at all costs.)

So if we need more chaos to get to the plus-one system, then there’s only one chant needed tonight – “Roll Tide.”

But if we are looking to identify the best college football team this season, we already have done so.

It is Les Miles-coached LSU, and it isn’t even close.


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