My World Series prediction is in and I can hear the projected losing team rejoicing

Posted: 10/19/2011 in basketball
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I better get this on record before the World Series starts so everyone is aware I nailed this prediction:

The Texas Rangers will beat the St. Louis Cardinals in six games.

Book it. Write it down in permanent marker. Remember where you heard it.

All right – I’m curious to how my 2010 World Series prediction went last year.

So let me take a glance … hold on here, I’m doing this in real time … uh oh, I picked the Rangers over the San Francisco Giants in seven games.

If memory serves me right, the Giants won in five games.

Hmmmm – that one didn’t go so well.

I suppose St. Louis fans can tip some cold ones in anticipatory celebration if last year’s pick is to be used as a gauge. And Texas fans can fret over how that same old MrSportsBlog guy has pegged the Rangers to win.

As silly as this sounds, my prediction might not decide who wins the series. Really.

I think the Texas starting pitchers will be the most important barometer. If the Rangers’ staff struggles, the chances of the Cardinals winning improve.

Game 1 starter C.J. Wilson has been horrible this postseason and No. 3 starter Derek Holland doesn’t exactly prompt visions of big-game pitching efforts. No. 2 starter Colby Lewis has been fine the past two postseasons while fourth starter Matt Harrison is a bit of a wild-card.

Having Alexi Ogando in the bullpen has been a big plus this postseason and closer Neftali Feliz is often unhittable.

Texas certainly has a ton of productive bats and Nelson Cruz is coming off an ALCS for the ages with a record six homers. He has plenty of company around him with Adrian Beltre, Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler, Mike Napoli and Michael Young.

St. Louis has the great Albert Pujols leading its offense and prominent players like Lance Berkman and Matt Holliday. Getting another big performance from NLCS MVP David Freese would be huge for the Cardinals.

Game 1 starter Chris Carpenter is the only St. Louis pitcher with an ERA under 4.00 this postseason and his line is that low only because of his epic shutout of the Philadelphia Phillies in the finale of the NLDS. The other starters are Jaime Garcia, Kyle Lohse and Edwin Jackson.

Closer Jason Motte was been virtually unhittable in the postseason and veterans like Octavio Dotel and Arthur Rhodes are part of a strong bullpen.

The series starts in less than two hours with Wilson facing Carpenter.

Wilson is a soon-to-be free agent who needs to rise to the occasion or otherwise loses millions of dollars per upcoming contract offers. He reportedly spent some time in a cryotherapy chamber at 295 below zero in hopes of improving performance.

Meanwhile, Carpenter has been dealing with elbow soreness and manager Tony La Russa said his ace “put his hand on the Bible the other day” and is now magically healed.

With information like that available, I feel inadequate that all I did was traditional stuff in coming up with my pick. Perhaps I need to do somersaults off my third-floor balcony to come up my picks.

If I break my neck, Texas wins. If I break a hip, St. Louis wins. If I break a leg, Texas wins. If I break an arm, St. Louis wins.

Actually, that sounds just as silly as hanging out in minus-295 temperatures or thinking you are the only person on either team that might read the Bible.

I’ll stick with the pick – Rangers in six.

Book it.


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