Notion that Boise State gets revenge or redemption by beating Nevada is illogical

Posted: 09/30/2011 in college football
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Heard some chatter that Saturday’s Boise State-Nevada contest is a revenge game for the Broncos.

Or one in which Boise State can gain redemption due to the Wolf Pack spoiling its BCS hopes last season.

Not sure where that line of thinking comes from but it certainly is illogical. Boise State can win 90-0 and it doesn’t avenge what happened last November.

This isn’t an NFL in-season home-and-home matchup where the players are the same. What happened last year is what happened last year and Boise State beating Nevada in 2011 has nothing to do with what occurred in 2010.

Nevada coach Chris Ault isn’t going to call the NCAA and say “Hey, strike our 2010 victory over Boise State off the ledger. We just lost to them today.”

There is no revenge to be had. Never was and never will be.

“I don’t want to call it revenge,” safety George Iloka said earlier this week. “It’s a different team. Even if we beat this team this year, it won’t change what happened last year.”


This year’s Boise State squad will want to beat Nevada badly because that’s the team they are playing this Saturday. The Broncos wouldn’t want to win the game any less if they had defeated the Wolf Pack last season. (see stellar preview here –

I don’t see star quarterback Colin Kaepernick on the Nevada roster. Nor do I find the names of running back Vai Taua or defensive star Dontay Moch.

In fact, I don’t see receivers Titus Young or Austin Pettis on the current Boise State two-deep either. And, hey, no sign of Kyle Brotzman either.

Brotzman’s two short field-goal misses are what is replayed most often whenever ESPN wants to remind everyone that Boise State lost to Nevada last season but what also needs to be remembered is the Wolf Pack outplayed the Broncos the entire second half in recovering from a 17-point deficit.

The victory was Nevada’s first-ever against a Top 10 program but it doesn’t help the Wolf Pack this Saturday at Bronco Stadium.

The biggest problem for Nevada is keeping Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore from matching his average of four touchdown passes per game.

Boise State’s biggest task is tightening up its defensive effort and shoring up its tackling. Exacting revenge isn’t part of the game plan.

Nevada’s presence might cause hard reminders of what occurred last season but the smart fans know there is no revenge to be had.

Claiming redemption for beating Nevada on Saturday would be as silly as Oklahoma defeating Boise State someday and claiming revenge for the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.

Silly, I tell you.


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