Top 10 for July – living in Boise, Idaho

Posted: 07/21/2011 in Top 10 lists
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There are hundreds of reasons to like Boise, Idaho though some long-time residents of the area will argue and say there are thousands of solid reasons. Regardless, Boise is an easy city to like and enjoy.

My hometown of San Diego is the best city on the planet but Boise certainly ranks a close second. More and more people are relocating to the city and the Treasure Valley is growing rapidly – much to the angst of all those people on the western flank that see suburbia and housing developments encircling them in areas that were highly sparse a decade ago.

There are certainly some issues when it comes to the area’s growth plan and there are way too many poorly constructed parking lots (the area badly needs architectural experts). There are no major professional sports teams in the area – unless Boise State is paying football players – and the summer concert lineup is highly pathetic for an area of its size (opportunity awaits for an aggressive promoter with connections willing to shake things up in Boise).

Oh yeah, can’t forget this: Boise certainly needs In-N-Out to wise up and start cooking those delicious burgers in the area. Also would be nice if sports bars didn’t CLOSE before games end.

But hey, no place is perfect, even San Diego. Haven’t seen a true traffic jam in Boise – overly crowded surface streets don’t count as traffic – so all those dreadful memories of sitting in traffic up and down Interstate 15 in San Diego are fading fast.

If it takes 15 minutes to get somewhere in Boise, the drive takes 15 minutes. Period.

Looking out my balcony view, I see lots of sunlight and blue skies. That means San Diego’s weather is here in Boise today (low 80s in mid-July) so there is no time for complaints. It’s time to splash on the sun screen, grab the MP3 player and hustle out for exercise along the Boise River.

Anyway, I recently celebrated my two-year anniversary of relocating to the fine city of Boise. And here are 10 things on my mind for why I love living in the state of Idaho’s capital city:

10. Doesn’t get bitterly cold in the winter despite the picture of my frigid car from last December’s rare snow storm (

9. Tornadoes never touch down or even come near.

8. You never have to spend a week worrying about and/or preparing for a hurricane.

7. Low crime rates with very rare instances of ghastly, violent crimes.

6. The occasional 100-degree summer heat doesn’t burn through you like it does in Las Vegas or Arizona.

5. Seldom is the humidity high enough at night to where you would sweat if you didn’t have a fan or air conditioning.

4. Flathead Lake in Northwest Montana – the country’s top secret vacation spot – is just a day’s car ride away.

3. Exercising always feels fun due to the terrific and shady “Greenbelt” that runs alongside the river that flows through town.

2. Has the comfortable feel that San Diego did when I was a kid before San Diego blew up into one of the country’s most-populated cities. (Note: the entire population of the state of Idaho is less than half the current population of San Diego County).

1. The Boise foothills – the views of the mountains that semi-circle the town look distinctly different from various locations and the views are always soothing whether sun-drenched or covered with snow.

  1. Hacksaw says:

    I concur. Good night now!!

  2. dacey says:

    Yeah i agree that there are hundreds of reasons to like Boise since it is a beautiful place with lots of other facilities and these top ten of July has added 5 stars in Boise

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